OMG! The “Trump-Haters” Abound, And Not a Thing To Credit The Elections.

 Oh boy! Two days after the election results are finalized, and WHOA! This mis-info, dis-info, and every type of psychological manipulation ever imaged is being played out in these united states.

I did not see this much hatred with the loss of Albert Gore’s run.

Did not see this much hatred with James E. Carter’s loss of s second-term bid.

Did not see this much hatred with George Herbert Walker Bush’s bid for a second-term.

WTF, boys and girls!!!

Have we truly lost all sense of reason and dignity, that we have folks even vowing to to work against the new President-Elect – EVEN by “Republican” members of BOTH Houses of Congress?!?!?

What’s more,

What about all the stupid, asinine death threats – all over an election result? – I even got a good look at the election results map of the united states. Ya know, the one that is color-coded as in Red for “conservative” (or Republican) and Blue for “liberal” (Democrat)? ? ? – Seems pretty clear cut-and-dried to me! A majority of America’s People (to include many African-Americans, Hispanics, and others) have voted in droves in the hopes for REAL CHANGE! The election results could be given as a sign that “America is FED-UP with the sour direction this once harmonious country has been heading, for at LEAST (28) twenty-eight years!” The past “leadership” has been leading us all down the drain, and into absolute despotism.

This election result was made possible by enough People saying, “We are SICK and TIRED of going nowhere but DOWN!”

And now,

The “other party’s” favorites (mainly, ones who have benefited most from all the hand-outs, paid for by OTHER PEOPLE’s MONEY) are fearing the absolute worst, by – behaving their worst! – Such sick, twisted, demented, and immature children, who need to grow up and start seriously thinking, WHAT it is that will help this Nation heal from the wounds of the past (and some, not-too-distant past), and HOW “WE” (together), can make this country a proud place to live in again. (George Soro’s, Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, et al – need NOT apply!)

As I said before,

I am not for counting this as a full victory yet.

Mr. Trump, You will have to prove to me, and many others, that WE, THE PEOPLE, placed our faith and confidence in the right Being, for the job as President of the United States. I would have personally trusted Dr. Jill Stein a little more, but I am sooo relieved that the Bush-Clinton Dynasty may FINALLY be done, and on the way out!

BTW, America:

Just because you voted, and your vote just happened to be one of the winning side,

Does NOT mean your (collectively “OUR”) responsibilities are over and done with! The VOTE, is only the first step, from a series of steps, to helping revitalize our great Nation. Our “collective homework” begins by making sure the reasons for our votes are honored, respected, and OBEYED. We, The People are supposed to be the guarantors of our freedoms and liberties. The “elected” are supposed to support that which We, The People have ordained, in line and thinking of the original intent of these United States of America, and the reasons of its founding!

In other words,

DO NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP AND FORGET YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES! WE, need to make damned sure that our “votes” were not in vain.

Thank you, and good day!

— Rev. Dragon’s Eye



The Dance of Jupiter and Venus.

As Venus and Jupiter dance the Night Sky,
As Mars watches jealously from His hidden corner,
For it was as His first love, Venus, that Mars made His claim.

Dastardly, as Jupiter steps in, and confounds and controls the arrangement,
That Mars grows jealous evermore.
But that BOTH Mars and Jupiter fail to grasp: Venus be forever a Virgin, and of own-kept mind!

The impossible pairing of any with Dear Venus, result being none after.

Lest, the foolhardy dances with Venus,
With prospective Heart, and hopeful intentions,
Be all for naught!

Venus struts off, all her virginity left intact,
For some other anxious Soul to ply His tricks,
And fail to win Her hand thereafter.

– Rev. Dragons Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,

A Soul’s Journey: My Interpretation of the Development of Soul.

A figured this would be a good time to write about what I have learned,

Through personal experiences, the journey of the Soul, from one Life to the next.

My particular beliefs about the Soul, Spirit, and all the other possible “bodies”, physical and non-physical, differ greatly from most of today’s known (and a few not-so-known) spiritual “systems”: I view the “spirit” and the “soul” as two different aspects that coexist from beginning to end.

One, the Spirit, is what we start off with, as human beings start off life as an infant –

With only a minimal vestige or “budding” of personality traits, characteristics, or whatever means to describe them. Everything has Spirit as its inner-dimensional existence. All Spirit(s) have a particular vibration that resonates within and without the known (and again, not-so-known) Cosmos (by “cosmos”, I mean far greater an expression than simply “universe” – IE: “everything”). The Spirit is the starting point or “template” in which to build upon the various experiences and knowledge attained through the steps (or “lives”) one travels.

The Soul, is that which becomes the uniqueness and “personality” (for lack of a better descriptor) worn by the particular Spirit.

The Soul becomes the vast accumulation of experiences, feelings, knowledge, and general other individualistic characteristics that identify this Spirit as an individual reflection of what we may think of as “God”. Just as each star, sun, grain of sand on a beach, can be as unique to one another – so can the various “reflections of God” we call “Soul”. The Spirit accumulates this make up of a “personality” as in “building a Soul”. The Soul is the individualized aspect of that singular piece of Spirit. The Soul becomes, as its own unique Cosmic Vibration.


I can hear the various chorus calls of how I am “wrong” and there is “no degree of separation” of Spirit. This is the usual “establishment-oriented” religious dogma that plagues humanity with this “there is no such thing as individuality” mode. Well, I say they are not truly exploring that realm of individuality to experience it for themselves. Most of them will never venture into that “unknown territory”, because they are constantly gerded against such thoughts by their dogmatic teachers! Yes, we are all from the same origin, but like the proverbial “child”, we eventually must mature, and begin the journey towards individualizing and exploring the realms of the Spiritual unknown, IE: Individuality. The child eventually leaves “home” when it grows up and matures, to start a new life of its own – and start a new family. That newly-“emancipated” adult becomes responsible for its own actions, reaction from those actions, and recreating new realities.

The idea of “reincarnation” and “schooling through multiple lives”.

One late night radio program had a very interesting guest on it.

Though I have long forgotten his name, he said a very catchy and startling phrase that rang loudly within me: “Schoolhouse Earth“! It made a lot of sense to me in that “life” is all about learning. One of the greatest teachers one has (and, I am pretty sure that every “living thing” has this as a teacher) in Life is experience. Experience, each and every instance, event, and reaction, has a lot to teach us about our travels in “life”. No other teaching or education “system” can compare, let alone parallel what experience can teach us, and to such great depths of knowledge. Experience is they only teacher of a thing called: “Wisdom”. No other teacher can “give” wisdom. Only the individual learning through hard-earned experience. Other teachers can give tools, methods, and basic examples, but experience is gained by actually learning to use them well (That’s Wisdom).


Those who acknowledge reincarnation as part of “life” and pure existence,

See the purpose behind multiple, different lives, and how each “life” adds to the ever-growing collection of “lifetime experiences” of the Soul. The Spirit passes through everything, and beyond anything including “time”. The Soul, gets progressively more-defined, and more individualistic in its Cosmic Vibration(s). Each and every interation (life) is simply another stage the Soul, and ultimately, the “richness of the Spirit”, grow and become more “God-like”. (We ARE considered to be born in the image of our Creator, aren’t we?)

Being that the Spirit (and its developing Soul-Personality) is transcendant over everything and anything (especially over the physical),

Then would it not make complete sense that the Spirit (and Soul) are not limited to inhabiting one specific, singular physical (or other) form??? The form one takes in a specific life, is purely to allow that Soul to gain the experience that is most common through the experiences in that form. Each particular form (species, especially) experiences different aspects and qualities of life. The world appears differently to them through own eyes, ears, and all other senses that are common and integral with that form. Ever experience the world as an ant, or as a bird, or even as a fish??? Such cases of interesting memories have been recorded during the hypnosis sessions, as told by the many researched human subjects of those sessions. Some have even recalled, through deep hypnosis, astonishing details that were later found to be relevent and actual happenings in a part of history!

This then brings us to the subject of, . . .


Many of today’s religious “systems” and “churches” (to include most of the “new-age” belief “systems”) turn rather sour on discussions about “otherkin” and “otherkinsim”. (My, how ‘tolerant’ some of these religions claim to be!!!) They believe it is all impossible, and think that folks who follow the line of thinking about otherkinism being real and demonstrable are a bunch of kooks, phonies, and mentally ill. (My, how ‘tolerant’ some of these religions claim to be, again!!!) They may also consider this subject as being purely from the “gamers’ groups” and rpg’ers. Well, the ancient peoples also had different ideas – and considered trans-species Soul incarnations to be quite real. The reason why many practicing Buddhists and Hindus (and many variations and “sects” of the old Vedic Ways) are purely vegetarian (or nowadays, more like “vegan”) cited, is that the animals around them may be the reincarnations of their departed loved ones and family members (especially those who were considered “rewarded” for their pious living in one or more past-lives). They truly believe that killing and eating of any of the animals could possibly end up in their killing off a being with the Soul of their departed. (Sounds a bit like otherkinism reversed, doesn’t it?) So, much of today’s Buddhism and Hinduism centers around a form of “otherkinism”! So what’s the difference towards those who claim to have lived past-lives in non-human form???

In closing this article,

I want to stress the fact that there are some in the world who whole-heartedly believe in otherkinism, and the ability of the Soul to transcend ANY form it feels is necessary from life to life, to gain a fuller experience of its own existence. “Otherkins” may not be very well known, nor may there be very many who have the courage to claim they are non-human Souls (even though, the “Soul” is far more capable than just being “human”). To agree with one of Jafira Dragon’s modes of thinking: “It is not necessarily an easy thing to reconcile with, that one is an otherworldly Soul, or may have existed in a different form in a past life.” There is even an “e-book” on the subject of otherkinism! The first kind of “manual” of its kind, and a very detailed, well-developed piece of writing that continues to evolve as more experiences and personal testimonies come to the surface. It is called “Jafira’s Draconity Guide” (tailored mainly towards those who consider themselves “Dragon-Souls”).

As to also speak of the several well-practiced psychics I knew,

I was said, repeatedly, that I myself am an “ancient Soul” (meaning, I apparently have been around in different incarnations for a very long time). There are probably many who are also “Ancient Souls”, and perhaps some, who do not even remember it yet! Such is the aspect of a Soul; Ageless, timeless, and ever-present in any reality, and every reality. A practicing shaman, often one who tries to incorporate the “old ways” of shamanism, would see this an ineffable truth. The Soul journeys onward and outward, regardless of its present form. The form a Soul takes in its present life, does not necessarily define its state of being (other than through the basis of experiencing life through the eyes of that form). In the simplest way to express it: “The body, does NOT define the Being.

Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,


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The “Brain As A Computer”- Why Modern Psychiatry Has It All Wrong! – Part II

How Our Present Reality may be defined or at least shaped by Our Past.

Many of our personal “isms” that we may express or act upon today, are often supported or induced by memories of our past.

Some of the things we may dislike, or altogether avoid, that we are likely to encounter later in our lives, usually come from some past experiences in them. These kinds of experiences tend to be unfavorable or even very tragic ones. This commonplace with folks who have suffered some form of personal trauma due to experiencing an event that may have traumatized them to the point of eliciting nightmares as an after-effect. Some of the more common cases arising from folks who have grown up in especially violent environments, 1) were victims of a violent or non-violent but traumatizing crime committed by another, 2) wartime soldiers’ and veterans’ experiences on the battlefields (in what used to be called “shell-shock” in the old times, and now is called “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” [PTSD]), 3) those who experienced abuse in childhood years at home, 4) social problems with others – especially from being bullied by others, 5) and various other “forgotten”, but unresolved experiences. There is a very long list of the types of past events and experiences that may affect how one sees the world, and interacts with it, today.

The Nature of Some of our Phobias:

Many personal phobias may arise from something, or a multiple of things, that have been experienced in the past. Such memories of those events may be foggy at best, and not so visible in the here and now, but their effects can still be felt, although subtly. A common coping mechanism to “get past” a particular event is often by denying it. Such a denial of its occurrence does not necessarily “make it go away”, nor may it lend itself to a simple healing solution. Such an experience can easily lead to life-long effects, and even interfere with the individual’s potential abilities at interacting with society, if not dealt with in a timely manner and in a way that opens the doors to some workable, effective solutions. Most of these phobias will have a strong emotional element to them, relating directly to the emotional response of the experience which may have resulted in them.

Some cases of particular phobias, and/or other specific “nervous ticks” may be expressed, even without a direct recollection of the past experience that triggered them. Some adverse experiences may even have some folks become more socially withdrawn, as they become distrustful of others around them. This is one major area where modern psychiatry has failed miserably in its pursuits for “treatments”, especially when utilizing such methods as aversion-therapy, prescribed medications (petro-chemical drugs), and other “prosthetic bandage” methods which do very little to address the root causes and problems. Such treatment options are usually graded on how much profit can result from the treatment plans. Medicating such patients is especially inefficient, usually unhelpful, but profitable to the doctors AND the manufacturers of those products, even at the expense of the patient – and possibly society, later.

The Unseen Scars.

Many of the so-called “psychological” problems that result from unfortunate past experiences, are often referred to as the “Unseen Scars”, where such injuries were not so physically evident, but the emotional pain remains, hidden from public view. Such emotional “scars” can remain for many years, up until the last of a being’s life. Medications, aversion therapies, and especially “electroshock therapy” (which WAS outlawed years ago, but seems to be reintroduced as a “viable treatment” in recent years) DO NOT and HAVE NOT BEEN EVIDENCED TO resolve nor even efficiently “treat” emotional scars, nor emotionally-rooted behaviors and behavioral problems. This because they do absolutely NOTHING to address the root causes, but simply mask over the symptomatic behaviors with a prosthetic effect! Yet, the immense pressure from the American Medical Association, American Psychological Association, National Institutes of Mental Health, and the many different organizations (to include a few NGO’s) is what helps to keep these unworkable, ineffective treatment options in place as the “standards of medical treatment”.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, volume 5 (DSM-V) and all previous editions came out as the “bible of human psychology”, and the favorite “go-to” book for psychologists and psychiatrists. Every “diagnosis” is attributed to “mental conditions” and “abnormalities” that are identifiable by behavioral characteristics, rather than any reproducible pathology or lab results. What’s even more disheartening: Most of the “syndromes” and conditions are more rooted in emotional scars from past traumatic events and/or other current, ongoing events. As any commonsense-minded individual could find, when one does not address the root problems, but merely masks them with some form of “treatment” or therapy that deals only with the behavioral symptoms, these are problems that are very likely to resurface! Chemical drugs are often only able to be “safely” taken for so long, before they build up to toxic levels in the body, and/or the body becomes resistant to them over time (through tolerance). Most of these drugs ARE toxic to the normal-functioning body. The body will try to do what it does best: Detoxify, and then eliminate these substances from the body altogether. Some of these medical drugs may, themselves, leave behind certain scars, be they physical and/or “psychological” as well.

Where the Failures of the Current Treatment Orthodoxy fail.

What many folks are not asking about, because they may not be seeing the real hidden-in-plain-view problem: “If our psychological medicine is supposedly superior to competing methods and orthodoxies, then why do we see so many examples of where the treated (former, but life-long) patients fall into relapses?” I thought the business of medicine and healing, was about actually healing (and even curing) conditions so that the patients can go on to lead healthy, self-sufficient lives??? – And THERE is the rub, and a prime example, yet again, that today’s “medicine” is not about curing or healing anything. The average psychologist/psychiatrist would want you “mentally ill” and dependent upon their care and advice for life! This is guaranteed profits for the long haul.

Just as much as there are severe conflicts of interest in physical medicine and where it is practiced, so the same can easily be said of “mental health” programs and their clinics. Many individuals who still carry around emotional scars, deeply buried within, are taught to rely on the various drugs and other treatment regimens as their relief. Yet, many still suffer the silence of their own memories, the pains of past experiences they have never been taught to work through and release from. To them, life does not seem to be the way it “should be”. To some, life has become more and more of a history of disappointments and many insurmountable hurdles. The current orthodoxy for treatment options is failing them worst of all.

So what kinds of alternative options are there available to those who are still dealing with “past baggage” and emotional traumas in their lives? That is a question I will do my best to answer in a later post in this series. What needs to be remembered here is: With the appearance of increased acts of spontaneous violence and mass-murders, and the fact that an unworkable system of treatments and therapies seems to always be championed as “The Answer” to everyone’s problems, is it any wonder why some folks would start to see that this treatment orthodoxy is NOT WORKING AS PROMISED?!? The MORE psychological intervention that the state invests in, the MORE we are seeing results that do little to justify the continued orthodoxy for treatment, as we have it now!

IN THE NEXT ARTICLE: “Brain As A Computer”- Why Modern Psychiatry Has It All Wrong! – Part III

I want to explore a little bit of the surfacing of repressed memories, and some of the acts that often result from reliving those memories. I would like to relate some of my personal experiences with folks whom I have known for a number of years. Some of them drink. Some of them, quite a bit. There is fertile discussion on the subject of whether alcohol “makes” anyone do anything they normally would not say or do when they are perfectly sober. I seek to dispel this meme from plain examples as observed, and understood.

Until then,

– “Be Blessed, Always.”

Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,




The “Brain As A Computer”- Why Modern Psychiatry Has It All Wrong! – Part I

What really drives us as sentient beings?

After serious thought and contemplation, AND after a series of tragic events (real or “scripted”),

I decided that I was going to tackle a central issue, and debunk a meme that even most of the “alternative media” and other blogs are missing the point on! I am absolutely amazed that even “educated” folks on BOTH sides of the issues are missing this important fact: Drugs and/or any other intoxicating substance, lacking Consciousness and Will of their own, simply CAN NOT “make” anyone do or say anything! They simply are tools and “pathways” that ease the possibility of someone doing or saying what he/she intended to do (usually something that was deeply buried within mind, and inhibited by the being’s own “consciousness filters”).

In this mini-series,

I am going to take all of you on a journey into the realm of Mind, and the magnificent organ in which it inhabits during this life: The Brain. This is a journey that many millions upon millions of Shamanic practitioners and their clients have taken for a great many thousands (if not millions) of years that our kind has been upon this Earth. This is not from any classes nor any universities. I state, emphatically, here and now, that I have NO college degree and no certificates that “qualify” my statements as “scientific fact” or otherwise. These are simply from my own observations of real-life events and happenings, as well as from my own personal experiences and dealings with other people. In essence, the “establishment” has NOT vetted anything I am about to say, and NO ONE ELSE (on this green and blue Earth) has taught me any of this. This is all from my own learning and experience, as well as from a keen observation.


You are free to judge this mini-series and what in it I present to you, as factual, theoretical, or completely bogus as you may see fit. All I ask of you, is that you at least keep an open mind when reading this mini-series, and withholding your judgments until you have read and understood, what I have presented, how I based my conclusions and observations, and what I have demonstrated as the basis of these writings. These articles DO related to spirituality, medicine, and YES – some politics. This issue is most important to me, and it should also be very important to you, the readers of this blog. IF we are to actually fix what is wrong in this world, humanity’s place within it, and truly regain our personal power from those who lord over us (to our own “shepherded” self-destruction) with it, then we need to re-examine the basis of Mind.

Mind is the seat of consciousness.

When I say this, I literally mean it: Mind IS the seat of consciousness. It is where all things begin. It is where all things are decided well before being done. It is the realm of thought, dreams, images, wishes, desires, and any visualizations of what is to become. It is that “place” which engage ourselves and our surroundings, and also interact with others, to form ideas, goals, and ambitions based upon what we experience, and what we wish to do. The Mind is like the seed, and the fertile plain in which to start its journey of beginnings, growth, fruition, and results.

The Mind is also the “vault”, as in an experiencial “library”, a trove of memories, it is that “place” where we can “store” what we experienced, for later recall and use (such as, in problem-solving). We have the ability to store far more “data” than any advanced computer, even when we may seem to “forget” due to advanced age, deteriorating health, stress, or whatever malady that may interfere with our ability to recall. We do not actually forget. We tend to have trouble recalling something when we say we “forget”. The Mind only “forgets”, when it is intent on doing so, but merely by happenstance. This also takes a conscious effort from a conscious Mind. We have to actually forcibly “erase” that particular thought, and sometimes, this does not work as well!

 The “Layers” of Mind and Consciousness.

I have come to understand that there are several “layers” to the Mind, or more appropriately – Consciousness. These correlate to the various “mind-states” or states-of-mind that are recognized in modern “medicine” and modern “science”. These different mind-states even have names and are recognized by measuring devices’ (Electro-Encephalographs – or E.E.G.’s) readings of brain activity through the various different wavelengths (or Brainwave Frequencies). What much of today’s science has documented as fact, many of our ancestral shamanic peoples already knew for thousands upon thousands of years: The Mind operates at different “states”, as through different levels of consciousness. In other words, this was already ancient knowledge!

The different “mind-states” have different properties and effects, as well as varying degrees of sharpness or “lucidity” of their images and visualizations. These different states can also have their own varying degrees of emotional actions/reactions to the various images and/or recalled experiences that may have actually happened, or are imagined to happen (like, in dreams, and especially “nightmares”). The rest of the body will often (and usually should) respond, even within the different mind-states, to the various imagery being played within the brain, especially if there is are strong emotional aspects or qualities to them. The level of physical activity (that is, many of the “involuntary” functions) of the body, should also operate on a similar level to the level of consciousness in the brain.

The Brain and Mind should not be confused with being the same!

The Mind is that aspect of being where consciousness is to be found and resides.

I do not consider it to be physical at all. I consider it to be an intangible characteristic of the state of Being. That is, it can not be objectively measured by test instruments, standard curricula, or any mathematical formulae. It exists outside of the limiting definition of “physicality”. Just as it exists outside of space and time. Mind can be thought of as an abstract “etheric body” that is parallel to our other “bodies” (like the Physical, Emotional, “Akashic”, etc.), with its own capabilities and “properties”.

The Brain, on the other hand,

Is that physical organ, which is like a very complex “computer”, that is inhabited by Mind. It truly is a marvel in how it was created, and how it functions on so many different levels and complexities! The Brain truly, is a computing device that is beyond anything that could ever possibly be created, with man’s technology or in any laboratory. It is where the Mind is able to interact with this physical existence, through a physical body, and serve as a “link” between this world, and other worlds (or, if you will, from this “ordinary reality”, in and among the “non-ordinary realities”). The Brain serves well as a “bridge” between and among the other worlds, mainly through the realm of Mind.

Fully-Conscious State, or “wide-awake” mind-state:

In this mind-state, one is fully awake and alert to things around him/her. This where the perception-filters and judgment are constantly in use. It is where we do a lot of our active learning, assimilating, judging, measuring, and various other proactive motions and thoughts. We constantly respond to a lot of our external stimuli, sometimes almost instantly, and to those happenings around us. We are aware of the physicality of our existence, and may be aware of a few of the more-subliminal elements in our environment, but not necessarily so. We may even be easily distracted by our surroundings, as opposed to being introspective of our inner state of being. This is the state in which we interact most with the world around us. Everything in this state can be observable and quantified.

The Sub-Conscious State, or otherwise known Semi-Trance State, or “Hypnogogic State”:

It is in this mind-state, that one is not fully cognizant of the physical details of the physical world, but is not exclusively ignorant of it. In this mind-state, one is very relaxed, but still alert to the sounds around him/her, alert to physical stimuli and sensations, smells, and may or may not be acutely discerning of the quality of sounds and stimuli, etc. This is thought to be like a “bridge” between consciousness and the total sub-consciousness. This is a common mind-state, brought about by meditation, prayer, and chants (or mantras) that helps the percipient to relax into this mind-state. The physical body’s various activities may also relax or decrease in “beat” if the percipient is able to truly relax the mind and thought processes. This is also where one can effectively “reprogram” him/herself, and also commence self-healing. One in this mind-state can instill a certain amount of control over body functions, thoughts, images, and emotions, but still be aware of their effects. Many Theraveda and Ayurveda techniques make full use of this mind-state, to bring about desired changes within the individual percipient.

This is also the level of consciousness where beings are very receptive to suggestion, and “programmable” (to a certain extent) by an outside “influencer”, like a hypnotist, psychiatrist, or any other knowledgeable therapist. One in this mind-state should be very much be on his/her guard to the possibility of an externality having undue influence upon him/her. This level is often the preferred level in which to “program” because the judgment and perception filters are partially “submerged”, and therefore not as available as one’s “watchdogs”, like they would be in the fully-awake mind-state! Being that judgment is less apparent, this serves as almost a direct gateway to the subconscious mind-state.

Here’s a neat little table of Brainwave Frequencies I have found on-line from Infinite Minds website:

Between 0.5 and 90Hz are the states and frequencies that comprise the vast majority of our day to day experiences. The table below, breaks these core frequencies down further and shows some frequencies outside of this range that correspond to some more rare and unusual states of consciousness.
Name Frequency Characteristics
Lambda ~200Hz Self awareness, higher levels of insight and information. Tibetan monks that walk barely clothed for days through the snow have exhibited high levels of these. They are difficult to measure and little is known about them. They are carried on the very slow moving Epsilon Waves (<0.5Hz).
Hyper Gamma ~100Hz
Gamma 38 – 90Hz Important in harmonizing and unifying thoughts processed in different parts of the brain. Combines different perceptions. Essential for complex motor processes. Suppressed totally by anaesthetic. Found in all parts of the brain.
Beta (High) 18 – 38Hz Wide awake, alert, focused, analyses and assimilates new information rapidly, complex mental processing, peak physical and mental performance, cannot be sustained indefinitely otherwise exhaustion, anxiety, and tension result.
 Beta (Mid range) 15Hz-18Hz Wide awake and alert behaviour.
 Beta (Low) 12 – 15Hz Also known as Sensory Motor Rhythm (SMR) – vigilance, reduced mobility, shallow breathing, less blinking, fixed attention and eye focus, enhancing through neuro-feedback has a calming effect.
Beta-Alpha 12Hz Hyper-efficient in processing single tasks as the brain can focus on the details as well as the overall task at the same time
Alpha 7.5 – 12Hz Mental coordination and resourcefulness, relaxation, alert but not mentally processing anything, inward focus, calmness, at ease, deep breathing and closed eyes can amplify alpha wave production, peaks around 10Hz.
Alpha-Theta 7.48Hz Schumann frequency. Stimulates retrieval of memories from the subconscious. This is the natural vibrational frequency of the ionosphere in the earth’s atmosphere.
Theta 4 – 7.5Hz Associated with memory access, learning, deep meditation, sensations, emotions, the threshold of the subconscious, dreaming.
6.2 – 6.7Hz Cognitive activity, sustained attention, low anxiety
4.5Hz Associated with many altered consciousness states.  Shamanic trances, Tibetan mantras and Buddhist chants use this frequency to access trance states
Theta-Delta ~3.5Hz Long term memory access
Delta 0.5 – 4Hz Deep sleep, human growth hormone release, low blood pressure, low respiration, low body temperature. No muscle movement – Reticular Activating System (RAS) shuts this down.
Epsilon <0.5Hz As with Lambda and HyperGamma waves, less is known about these states due to the rarity of observing them. They have reportedly been associated with when state Yogi’s go into when they achieve “suspended animation” where no heart beat, respiration or pulse are noticeable.

So, as we can see, the brain IS a very complex system, and the Mind represents an ever-changing program, “firmware”, interface, and everything else that defines who and what we are – beyond the physical body, in which the Brain is a part of the physical side of being. The individual Mind can exert influence and BE influenced upon and from, within and without. Our “nature” is defined by the perceptions we have built up from our own life’s experiences, and what we have learned (or have been “programmed”).

Once we understand the basics of Mind and Consciousness, we understand that any action or active “doings” require a conscious thought in order for that action to take place. Inanimate objects and/or substances, by virtue of them being “inanimate” and lacking any real “proactive” ability (or lacking the expression of a “proactive” ability), can NOT be the source of an action. In other words, they can NOT “make” or “do” anything on their own. They require a conscious user, as is the case of any “tool”, in order to affect any changes.

In the next article: The “Brain As A Computer”- Why Modern Psychiatry Has It All Wrong! – Part II,

I will delve some into past memories. That is, memories of the past in THIS life, and the subject of repressed memories. Many of our pains, anguishes, and other lingering injuries (both physical-effects and non-physical, emotional) are often the result of or from repressed memories, especially of tragic events and other negative happenings in our lives. Many times, do we see these memories resurface in unexpected times and places, and sometimes in unexpected situations. In some cases, these “flashbacks” can have very dangerous and disastrous results if not dealt with in a manner that safely disempowers them.

Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,




Do we have another “Witch-hunt” in the making???

Excerpted From: Pope Francis praises exorcists for combating ‘the Devil’s works’

Catholic Church warns of a rise in Satanism and the occult as Pope Francis sends message to Rome convention of international exorcists.

The Telegraph, By , Rome 5:55PM GMT 28 Oct 2014


Pope Francis has told a convention of exorcists from around the world that they are doing sterling service in combating “the Devil’s works”, as the Catholic Church warned of a rise in Satanism and the occult.
The Pope, who frequently cites the fight against Satan in his sermons, said that exorcists needed to show “the love and welcome of the Church for those possessed by evil”. By treating people who were possessed, priests could demonstrate that “the Church welcomes those suffering from the Devil’s works,” he said in a message to a conference organised in Rome by the International Association of Exorcists.
The organisation, which brings together Catholic clergy and psychiatrists, was founded in 1990 by two Catholic priests and was given formal recognition by the Vatican in June.
At the conference, 300 priests and experts from around 30 countries discussed the perils of the occult and Satanism, which many in the Catholic Church believe is on the increase.
“The struggle against evil and the Devil is becoming more and more of an emergency,” Walter Cascioli, a psychiatrist and the spokesman for the association, told Vatican Radio.

So, what we have here is the Catholic Church of Rome stirring up the pot of fear and paranoia, over what it perceives as a “Rise in Satanism and the Occult”. This, even to the point of overseeing the creation of an international organization whose responsibility is to oversee and conduct mass exorcisms (removal of “evil spirits and possessions”). And to top it all off, we even have PSYCHOLOGISTS involved in their efforts!!! – So, being interested in the “occult”, is a problem and THEY feel the need to do something about it? – Look out, fellow pagans and alternative spiritualists, they are coming our way!

Dabbling in the occult “opens the way to extraordinary demonic activity,” said Dr Cascioli.
He blamed books, television series and horror films for tempting people towards the dark side.
“Certainly, the number of people who are turning to these practices, which are damaging psychologically, spiritually and morally, is constantly growing. This worries us a great deal because we have seen an increase in extraordinary demonic activity, in particular diabolical possessions.”

Well now,

Many of us into the occult do not “dabble”! We take our studies, research, and practices seriously! There is much to be learned from the ancient occult mysteries, rather than from the dribble that originates from their church doctrines. Freedom to think, freedom to learn whatever we wish to explore, and the freedom to come to our own conclusions about life based on our personal experiences. Much of the ancient occult holds many of the hidden answers that mankind knew for many thousands of years. And to have “Doctor” Walter Cascioli, an obviously self-described “expert” in such matters of the occult, wagging the proverbial finger at all of us, should we dare to entertain any curiosity into the occult.

Whereas belief in Satan was common among Christians centuries ago, fewer people now believe in the concept of outright evil.
That was the Devil’s sly intention – to fool people into believing that he does not really exist, said Dr Cascioli.
“His trickery is to make us believe that he does not exist. But the point is the same – to deaden people’s faith.”

Methinks it was the CHURCH who was filled with the biggest fools! The church has done nothing more than keep its followers held hostage to the fear and loathing that its original doctrines (???) forbade. The church has overseen some of the worst events of mass-genocide among the peaceful Pagans of those times. The “Christianized” Roman Empire became even more aggressive and more oppressive towards others to include the Celts, other Germanic Peoples, and most of Europe – all for “The Glory of God”! Please, oh please – NOT AGAIN! The people are losing faith in the church BECAUSE OF – “the church”.

The risks of dabbling with the dark arts were often underestimated, he said.
“People whose faith is lukewarm don’t pay enough attention to demonic activity, and the temptation to engage in it.”

There are “risks” in everything. There are risks in drinking a glass of water. Should water be banned on the face of that risk? There are constant risks of walking downtown or elsewhere. Should we be forbidden to be pedestrians because it is too risky outdoors? There are risks in meeting other people. Should we all become hermits and have no social life, because there surely are very bad people out there who may hurt us? These “dark arts” always seem to get the bad rap based on the onus of the bad actors! So again, we are blaming the tools and the knowledge, rather than the miscreants themselves.

The association urged “much greater vigilance” against evil.

Uh oh!!! By WHAT constitutes “evil”? EVERYTHING NOT TAUGHT IN THE GOOD OL’ BOOK OF THEIRS! So, it is all considered evil. We are all considered pathetically evil creatures to them, and they are worried sick.

Religious belief was being diminished, and a belief in the occult aided, by individualism in society as well as growing secularisation.

There you have, folks! The church supports totalitarian control of societies! “Individualism” in society is a big problem to them, because it means a society that upholds individual self-worth and pride is a society at odds with the Catholic Doctrines and their blind “faith”. The main reason for “secularization” of society is that the church has proven itself, by its own actions AND admissions (some of them, anyway) that it is a corrupt, heartless, and destructive organism that needs to be disengaged from the gears controlling society. A society held in control of the centralized church, as NOT a free society!

“From the very beginning, the Bible speaks to us of … Satan’s [use of] seduction to destroy – maybe out of envy,” he said during a Mass marking the Feast of the Holy Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

Yet, it was the church, and still is the church, today, who has destroyed entire nations, peoples, and EVEN archeologically-significant sites and artefacts. We, the Peoples of the world have very little clue or idea as to how advanced in the arts, knowledge, and other “mysteries” our ancestors may have been. – This because of the wanton destruction of much of their work, writings, artwork, architectures, etc. – BY THE ESTABLISHMENT CHURCH! The church has taken upon itself, its own self-possessed “authority”, to rid the world of what it sees as contradictions to “Godly-living”, under its own definition. Because of this, the peoples of the world have been denied their rights to learn what their ancestors once knew. Ignorance is bliss for the church. Ignorance is a great tool used by tyrants the world over.

* * * “Many Perish from the Want of Knowledge!” * * *

Last year there was speculation that the Pope had performed what appeared to be an exorcism in St Peter’s Square when he laid his hands on a young man’s head and recited a prayer.
Father Federico Lombardi, the Vatican’s main spokesman, denied the Pope “intended to perform an exorcism”.
Rather, as he frequently does with the sick and the suffering who come his way, he intended simply to pray for a suffering person who had been brought before him.”

Really ?!?!? – What about the current pope’s predecessor and all of those young victims of sexual exploitation at the hands of ordained, Catholic priests and other clergy??? – That, and the fact that the Catholic Church of Rome protected, condoned, and even silenced the critics for over SIXTY YEARS while young children were being sexually exploited within the confines of the church! ! ! – Yet, they BLAME Pagans and other Occultists for the same kinds of horrible behavior they themselves HAVE been caught doing! Don’t you think, even for a moment, that the people would notice? Don’t you think that the people would grow weary of the church’s lies and obfuscations? Don’t you think that many parents, Catholic and former, no longer feel safe for their children to even attend church services, let alone become involved in any church-related activity that would be out of their sight? Don’t you think that the people are getting worn out on the constant fear and paranoia that is perhaps over ninety percent of the sermons and liturgy? The church needs to begin by seriously HEALING ITSELF, before it can begin healing the world! And, that healing must be done out of genuine Love and mutual respect, before it can become effective, something the church has sorely forgotten.

Catholic Church law requires that every diocese has at least one specially-trained priest who can perform exorcisms, although the Vatican says that demonic possession is very rare and that the majority of cases that are investigated turn out to be people suffering from mental illnesses.
In past centuries, epilepsy, schizophrenia, Tourette’s syndrome and similar conditions were mistaken for demonic possession.

Well, we all make mistakes at some point. The church should not be considered any different when it is an organization made up of human beings, like us, who are prone to errors in judgment. However, this goes to further proof that such mistakes have often been deadly outcomes! A look back to about three centuries or so ago: The “Witch Hunts” took many innocent victims to their early graves, all over misunderstandings, neighbor-quarrels, jealousy, and the various other assorted human “ails”. The church has a big responsibility in “owning up” to its long, bloody history filled with human tragedies. The church needs to redefine itself and begin the process of healing itself, so that it can become the more-Godly organization that it touts itself to be. It needs to stop trying to scare people away from actively learning and/or exploring other spiritualities and other religions. If the church is to survive, it must evolve! In Nature, all things that are too rigid and static, eventually decay and die. Nature is all about change as everything is in a constant state of flux and movement. The church must recognize this and evolve or perish.

A large portion of the church’s own liturgy, ritual and ceremony, and general culture came from the Pagans it conquered. Most of its “pantheon” of Saints, were once regarded as deities, heroes, and great teachers by their early Pagan worshippers.

The church needs to recognize that “God” instilled “free-will” in all of us for a reason: “Power under Will” is that which allows is to express the divinity within ourselves, as gifted to us by our Gods/Goddesses. We are all children of the same original God, and from the same Primal Seas were we created from. We were all to be given the ability to learn all arts, skills, and crafts that we choose to learn. We were all given the ability to understand and gain Wisdom from that understanding through experience. Experience can only be gained by doing, and learning from what we have done. Experience is key to gain Wisdom. The church’s outdated doctrines and constant fear-mongering have simply become less important to people who are still starving for spiritual expression and spiritual gnosis. The church only represents a bygone fad of the tyrants to which the people are steadily outgrowing its limited confines. If the church is so worried about its survival, then it needs to embrace the fact that human beings are all children of God, and are endowed with those certain Unalienable Rights, to include the right to one’s own conscience, and one’s own spiritual conviction of truth.

Just because we have different ways of seeing our Gods, does not make us less honorable and less worthy of God’s(s’) Love. It just makes things more interesting for conversation at the “supper table”! 😉

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,


Shadow-Gates II – Recognizing our fears and how to deal with them.

The first step towards a solution: Identifying the problem.

Every problem, somewhere, has a solution that works best. Some may have very few choices, whereas others, may have multiple, but less-effective, solutions. The only solution I have found for the very basics of “fear” (that is, fear of the unknown for the most part) is to take a proactive approach in dealing with it. Taking an excerpt from the good old Serenity Prayer, for instance, can help us start off on the right foot (paraphrased somewhat):

Please grant me the Courage to change the things I can,

The Grace to accept those things I can not,

And the Wisdom to know the difference. . .

”  Courage, guided by Grace, becomes with Wisdom. ” (My own little “proverb”.)

If we were to think of those things that help us to feel more Confident while resolving the “fearful” issue at hand, we could take some of that positive energy and apply it to ourselves almost like a “shield”. We could also think of ourselves holding a proverbial “sword” in which to dispatch our “fear” while we travel within the shadow self. We should also consistently view ourselves as being the “owner of our personal space”. That is, we only allow that which is to be within our presence and within our personal space.

When we go through our personal “house” (that is, explore a little deeper within our Being’s mental and spiritual bodies), we go there to seek out and to deal with something we are looking to resolve. (It is always best to work on one issue at a time. Never try to do everything at once, in short order.) Be it a repressed memory, or a feeling of short-coming, we are looking to identify it for what it is, and how it continues to plague us with fear and unease.

Sometimes, it may be better to have a spiritual “friend” or guide with you on a specific journey to the inner-self. Many a shaman will not even begin a healing process without one present. So, if you have a power animal, spirit, or totem, perhaps asking it to assist you in this inner-work will be most helpful? This way, you will be reminded you are not alone in facing this particular inner fear. Instead, you have a partner to help you on your journey, as well as help you to gain some confidence when you do face that which vexes you.

If you know an inspirational song or chant that you feel empowers you, try singing or chanting it as you into that semi-meditative state. Keep chanting/singing it as you feel its effect in the flowing of energy throughout your being. When come face to face with the object of your inner fear, see if your chant or song has any effect at minimizing “fear’s” power and effect. If it does, you are in a better position to “take command” of your personal space, and take your power back from that which you gave your power over to in the first place.

Imagery is also a very powerful means to helping dispel one’s fears. We see much in the movies and general entertainment, the heavy use of symbols and imagery. However, there is much truth in the power of symbolism and imagery that pre-dates the modern church by many thousands of years. Therefore, if there is an image, symbol, or even a glyph that reminds you of your more-powerful self, then by all means – USE IT. As you bring this image or symbol with you into your deeper self, you can also use it to take your power back from that which had power over you. This is also one of the basic reasons for Talismans, Amulets, Charms, etc. Though these do not necessarily possess power of their own, they are “charged” with a certain power when they are made, and when they are prepared to be used for the purpose(s) they were intended. They key idea here is, YOU are the one with the power, not the instrument. You charge the instrument, as if breathing life into it, to help you with that you have intentioned.

Sometimes, certain fragraces and aromas are a key item to use. Some fragrances may even be a key to a past memory, as it is often used as a mental “trigger”, especially if the particular fragrance is known to the individual from a past experience. These can also be used to help recreate (or better yet, “re-play”) a memory for the purposes of re-experiencing the “event” which was the basis of the fear. Then, the work of reclaiming one’s personal power can begin. (NOTE: This may be best done under the supervision of someone who is well-versed and/or experienced in this kind of working.)

Prayer, an old mainstay for many followers and practitioners of a religion, is often one of the most practiced methods of dealing with tough issues and many personal fears. Prayer has also had some interesting supportive evidence in modern times to its healing effects. The resolution of personal fears also counts very much as a “healing”. Many church-goers are taught some prayers for various situations and reasons, but sometimes a more personal prayer is needed; One that “speaks” to the specificality of one’s own need(s). When one finds the inspiration and the “right words” and rhythm for a prayer, one finds his/her own means of a projection of personal power. Perhaps, such a prayer even helps finding one’s power to conquer one’s fear.

PART III of Shadow-Gates: Through The Darkness, and Back into the Light. – Where I talk about putting together your own system of conquering those personal fears.


Shadow-Gates I – Doorways of The Inner Being.

I thought today would be a good day to talk about the aspect of the darker side of our Inner Being.

Today seemed right as I was rather depressed at things went this week, and how I ended up not accomplishing what I set my direction to. I really felt bummed out as it seems things always fall apart for me because of the various complexities I had to endure this week, which cost me time and much of my patience. So, times seem rather dark for me right no (as seems to happen, often at the worst times).

Over the years, I have come to understand, all too well, why some folks’ creativity shines the most prominent and most effluous in their darkest moments. This is true for many blues musicians also. One who plays the most heartfelt blues, is usually one who has good reason to put his/her pained feelings into music. It is a very common way of coping and even beginning the healing process from that which fosters the pain. Music lends itself well to that healing process!

Various painters like van Gogh did much the same thing with their creativity. Earnest Hemmingway often found relief in his writings (when he was not too imbibed, physically) when feeling “down”. So, perhaps my writing about some of things that I have learned and experienced along the way, be a major part of my own healing. After all, I do have the habit of writing things that may at first seem “from out of left-field”, but are still of interest to those who read my blog(s). So, here goes:

I have talked with friends and associates, some at great length, about the mysterious things in Nature, and occult arts. A few of them made consistent references to “gateways” and portals and such. It was always talk about opening a gateway or portal here, there, or at some other specified location. I was kind of getting a bit weary of the same old song and dance about how and where such and such has opened a “portal” or something similar. Generally, location may be a part of the equation to the successful creation/opening of a gateway. Usually, some other environmental factors must weigh in also. Such things as the flows of undercurrents and “Dragon-Energies”, for example, are not to be underestimated, nor overestimated when dealing with altering aspects of the “non-ordinary” realities. Only, this just represents a physical manifestation in what would be an otherwise unstable “physical reality”. The non-ordinary realities are far more fluid than this ordinary reality. Therefore, such things would be more possible within them, than of the current physical reality we find ourselves in.

One thing that most do not comment on, let alone even realize, is that these portals and gateways mean very little to those who have no understanding of them in the first place. They are just “there” for anyone to inadvertently “happen across”.

The gateways I am more likely to be fixate on are those that we open up within our own Being, whether physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc. Usually, the individual has gotten into the habit of only thinking about ONE of the planar levels, while neglecting the rest. (Sounds like much of the lack of our healing modality too, doesn’t it?) To me, such a singular dimension gateway stands very high risk of being unstable and perhaps even unbalanced. A physicaly-located portal does not mean much of there is not a stable power source, and the strength of Will, to maintain it. Therefore, it can become erratic, unstable, and even very dangerous if left unattended. This is one of the many reasons why gateways and portals have typically been guarded and/or maintained by one or more guardians (as according to many early spiritual writings and stories). So, the more physical portals may not be the only answer to any serious undertaking. Then, who is to actually utilize one or more of these portals, and how well do they understand the basis for these portals?

The most important forms and types of gateways and portals that one would find usable for everyday practices, are those we open up from within ourselves. Those who have mastered or have very good experience in spiritual travel, are most likely ones who have mastered manipulating those inner-gateways (what I call “Shadow Gates” – because they originate within the shadow-side of one’s own Being). These Shadow Gates represent the openings into the deeper side of the shadow-self. They serve to most, a more direct access to the long-repressed memories and abilities within one’s own Being. It is within the shadow-self that often reveals the real spiritual self and its real feelings about itself and the world around it. It is also another, deeper source of inspirations, dreams, and other creative thinking and conceptualization ideas. It is where memories are stored, in the “raw”, as unedited, experiencial memories. It is also where some of our deepst fears reside – all due to them being jealously-guarded from outsiders. The old “Boogey-Man in the dark” scenario is as ancient as humanity itself. It is also the mark of where “fear” is at its greatest. The darkness is the perfect place to hide that part of ourselves from the outside world (often because we were societally-conditioned to do so) so as to keep it secret.

I can almost think of it as the greatest source of emotional problems (mis-diagnosed as “mental disorders” to this day) and turmoil. Much of our depression(s) come from the constant fear of our inner selves being discovered or “outed” by another, without our consent. The stress of keeping these things, which are very natural to us, hidden away from the daylight and worrying about it (because it is not socially acceptible to have these thoughts, dreams, etc.) only leads us further into a deeper state of depression and eventual self-detsructive behavior, all out of desperation. We basically have become a society that’s “afraid of our own shadows”. Such be the modern tragedy, and coming from what is supposed to be an “evolved society”.

The proverb on “facing our fears face-to-face” becomes even more important.

==> Part II – Shadow-Gates I – Recognizing our fears and how to deal with them.

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,



A Blessed Samhain/All-Hallows-Eve to All

That time of year again.

The time of the last harvest of the season, and last one of the year (for most). It is also a time for many avid hunters. I wanted to further extend the wish and desire to see everyone be safe in their doings and goings-on. It saddens me greatly when I hear of unnecessary and preventable “accidents”. This is the time of year to be thoughtful and introspective of life and those things we have experienced and, hopefully, gained sufficient wisdom from them.

Funny how I have seen very little of the usual fanatical negative fanfare and scare-mondering of the “horrors” of Samhain/Halloween that was becoming a regular occurence for this time of year. So, I am guessing either the “scare festival” has finally worn out due to its waning intended effects upon the public, – OR – just maybe, more folks are getting better educated and more informed about the fanatics and their fun and games, as well as the fact that it is all fear about absolutely NOTHING? There again, it is still a little early in the month. 🙂


This is a great time to think about the things and events that have happened in the past year. It is also a time to reflect upon the passing of close friends, relatives, and others whom we have liked and/or respected. What about their contributions to our own lives? What have we gained in our personal experiences by our connection(s) with them? Have those who have passed on taught us something valuable and useful? Did we really appreciate them for just being themselves, or did we hold them up on a pedestal? Perhaps, thinking of our own situation, and what these other, departed folks helped us to become aware of is where we can shine! Did they help us to become better at being ourselves? Did we realize these gifts they gave to us then, or even after they have left us?

I would very much like to hear from you, and about your contemplative thoughts on the wonderful gifts someone close to you gave you. I would like to hear if their passing meant something to you, and if you are thankful for what they gave you while they were still alive. Did their presence and their words help to make you a wiser and better YOU?

Your thoughts are very welcome!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,



A “Two’s Compliment”: Why most relationships fail.

Now is a good time for me to get on top of the proverbial “Soap Box”, being that recent months’ experiences have helped open my eyes even wider to a very common problem today. – Namely that of relationship that fall apart, whether suddenly or over time.

= = =

We, as a species, were once very much in harmony with Nature; Her cycles and multitudinous events and experiences. This was well-reflected in our societies (most of them were fairly small – by today’s standards). The “family” was all important, and was the basis and foundation of the strength and cohesiveness of the community (or “village”, if you will). We are not talking about more socialism or any other “ism” by what we may think we know of these ideals under; I am speaking of the Natural tendency of the human specie, like many other of Nature’s more-gregarious creatures, to feel in harmony with one another. Most of the very early cultures relied upon every able-bodied, well-minded community member to participate in the day-t-day goings on of the community. Their survival was dependent on it.

This Natural tendency to share what we can affordably give up to another in need or desirous of what we have to offer, is often seen in our youngest members – well before the societal conditioning sets in. – We hear many tales of the “Innocence of Babes” (even though today’s “church” may disagree otherwise) and the images of the ever-youthful looking angels or “cherubim”; The perfect symbolism of a child’s simplicity in thinking and genuineness of feeling.

We also practiced our social skills, daily, by communicating and sharing of ourselves with one another – with some over-bearing “laws”, “codes of conduct”, and regulations lorded over us by “the book”. This was very much a natural consequence of being a social creature. There was very little to be gained by being “opportunistic” over and above one another. This was also done out of love and compassion for the other, regardless what perceived “social status” one may have in his/her village.

As another important part of Natural Law, even in human societies, “Survival of the Species” required that if we, as a species, was to continue to exist in this world, there was need for partnering with another who will eventually become our partner in life, and who will be a part of the children yet to come. It took TWO parents to raise and teach healthy children, who also would be of “sound mind”, and able to care for themselves when their time came to explore the world as a “grown-up”. The parents contributed the finest of his AND her energies and life lessons so that the children may grow up fully knowledgeable and well-prepared to “take the reigns” of life into their own hands. This required a considerable amount of dedicated sharing and strengthening of the relationships in a balanced fashion.

Each parent (to be?) has different strengths and weaknesses that compliment where the other is an adequate match: The One’s weakness is complimented by the Other’s strength. Now, notwithstanding that we all have our own private desires, we still can acknowledge a balance between “self-interests” and the interests in and with the other. It is through learning this “balancing act”, based on our own experiences, that we learn to be malleable in our behaviors and interactions with others, as part of evolving ourselves into the capable and wiser being as we age. All successful relationships require a certain amount of understanding in the “give-and-take” aspect, and its optimal balance for a particular relationship to work well.

Then, there is also the commitment to keep the relationship alive, growing, evolving, and become ever more beautiful with each passing day. The rewards experienced by the participants often far outweigh the continued, genuine effort invested into said relationship. When commitment is high, the relationship most-usually prospers and remains strong, against many external pressures and resistances.

Much of what I see, today, (to include what I have recently experienced) is where there is more being given by one side, and taken by the other. When the commitment of even only one of the participants begins to quiver and shift towards more self-interest, the strength of the relationship is highly in question. Oftentimes, where acute self-interest becomes the “invader”, the stronger commitment to “self” – at the expense of love of the other – becomes the destroyer. What often follows, the secrecy, lies, and other forms and means of hiding the true reality of the nature of the relationship: “On weak ground, and possibly doomed to failure.” Much of today’s “household problems” come from problems in the equality and quality of the relationship: Much of the obvious – materialism, consumerism, institutionalized obsolesence, “easy money”, and a plethora of modern societal ills.

I guess I can say that my former relationship was a classic example.

If we are to ever regain our individual and societal strengths, as what was experienced by our ancestors, we need to take a good look at what we are willing to commit to, and what ideas and goals mean more to us – in the longer term. Relationship take time to establish, and more time to strengthen. They also take constant effort, and reassessment of our priorities concerning the on-going relationship. Many of today’s distractions (as they should be apropriately referred to) are constant attacks on our own state of being and upon our chances of maintaining healthy, thriving relationships. Is there any reason, other than what I have illustrated, for there being a commonness of single-parent households? Is there any other rational explanation for the high divorce rates across the great land of ours? It also comes as no surprise, that in the flurry of legislation that virtually outlaws in-the-work-place romances and relationships, there are many more pressures against forming viable relationships and perhaps the chances of future families. Many a marriage and resulting families started with forming relationships, between two consenting adults, at the place most convenient for meeting such a perspective partner.

However, the “hyper-consumerism” beat goes on and on. The flow of “easy money” and easy credit all but add to the problems. If we are to regain our former stability and strength as a society (and as a “nation”), we seriously need to reevaluate our condition! If we are unwilling, in mass numbers, to commit to the basic principles that successful, enduring relationships need, we simply become nothing more “self-isolationists”, guided by the “needs and wants” of now: Ever-changing in character, and never enduring. The so-called experts’ demogoguery: “The Family is an outdated idea of man’s prehistoric, barbaric days” becomes a reality, because we helped make it a reality.

So, what about the children ? ? ?

If the children continue to be reared in such “altered states of households”, where do they, then, learn about the finest that humanity, and human society, can offer? Where do they learn to become “Human”, and successful humans at that ? ? ? Where and when will they learn what it takes to form successful, natural bonds with one another; Bonds that may become new families, and the “Promises of Tomorrow” for mankind ? ? ?


– Rev. Dragon’s Eye
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon,