Danger!: Compromising towards Nothing.

As of a bit earlier this afternoon,

Heard one fellow citizen reading an article from our local newspaper. It was the “planned step-by-step re-opening of our local community”. It seemed that everyone was very open, and even gladly accepting the fact that we were finally going to “re-open”, BUT – NO ONE seemed the least bit sensitive to the idea that this was all going to be “conditional”, “step-by-step”, and filled with “compromises”! I am venturing a wild guess that this will also put an end to all protests as well? Being that most people will feel that the reins have been loosened enough, to provide some comfort of “fresh air” – AND – perhaps even feel “victorious” for “surviving” the many inconveniences, while during the IMPOSED lock-downs and mass-quarantines? Is THIS how such “wars”, both declared and “not-so-loudly declared”, are fought and won? ? ? Are they still considered victories, even though the oft-ignored casualties, the Truth; Natural Rights; Freedoms; Liberty; and Self-Determination – are weakened, or altogether lost upon the “altar of public safety”? ? ?

It is already (or should be) common knowledge that Human Nature seeks the benefit of comfort and perceived safety. This is a common attribute that is most commonly evident with the social (or “gregarious”) species known in this world. It is that “wanting to fit in and be part of the group” mentality, that defines virtually any social species. It can be a great strength in times of need and peril, but it can also be a huge vulnerability and (when “weaponized”) wield a powerful influence upon the society which is “governed” as such. The “strong-willed”, naturally seek to greaten this degree of power and control over the “herd”, and all members within it. Whereas in the wilds, this was necessary to ensure the survival of the species, by the strong-willed asserting their dominance (and even battling for dominance) so as to become the most procreative of their kind. – This supported the Natural Law of “Survival of the Fittest”, which not only applied to physical strength, but in some species – it was more of a mental-strength, through cunning, cleverness, and strength of will. These traits served their purpose well in the Natural world, under the various “Laws of Tooth and Claw”.

So, what makes the Human species any different, from any other non-Human species?


To the observant and sentient of Mind, as well as logical in thinking, The Human (aka: Homo sapiens) came to prominence, and rose to the state of Mind and Being by progression of skills, understanding, and deeply-ingrained and intricate “problem-solving” abilities. He became a more sentient Being, by becoming more aware of his abilities, and how he could change various aspects of his environment. He could learn to plan, organize, resolve what were once perplexing problems, and change the way certain solutions could be more efficiently and effectively applied to differing situations. He became more methodical, and more adaptable to whatever environment and/or other situations he may find himself. Humans became a more calculating, creative, and versatile species, as individuals and as loose-knit groups, which changed much of how human beings survive, flourish, and even prosper, and do it all well.

With the advent of farming (believe it or not, “farm” and “farming” are derived from “pharma” and “pharmacopoeia” – as being derived from plants, etc – the first such living things being cultivated/domesticated by humans), many things about the human social condition (and the invisible “social contract”) changed.  Now, survival was more targeted to the individual’s (and their families’) own labors and efforts. If a village was mostly of households who raised their own food, then there was actually less need of strong-willed leadership to ensure the survival of the society. Plus, with farming and early agriculture in general, this also meant that food supplies and basic needs, were a bit more predictable and manageable, through prior planning and successful methodology. This also meant a certain amount of time to be dedicated to tending the farm, and the familial division of labor. (This is also why “farm-families” were traditionally fairly large, and may have even housed multiple generations of the family on the same land.) So the social hierarchy in these settings, was often based on age of seniority (because the older members were thought to be experienced enough to have accumulated much wisdom and knowledge).

So what does this have to do with Our Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties now?

For the impatient,

We can “cut to the meat and potatoes” of the matter, fairly easily, by reference of where our basic Western Traditions and Culture originated from. The basic premise of “Individualism” has strong roots to the early Northern European customs and traditions, as per before the expansion of the various empires (like Rome, and later Byzantine), and the later Christianization of the European Peoples.

Because most of the villages and very small “townships” and such, were primarily farming and agricultural type societies, they were also very insular in their social fabric. Whereas families from different households may meet on several specific occasions, perhaps even to barter and trade excesses of produce, for those items or produce that the household(s) were needing more of. This was all done face to face, rather than through a mercantile or “middle-man”, because the parties to the exchange agreed upon the “acceptable value” of the goods upon the act of trade. There was no need to mention anything about “money”, or any other system of valuation.

As to dealing with injurious acts, whether be they from deceit, or basic negligence, the towns people would gather around the eldest members of their community, would be considered to act as “judges” or arbiters to any disagreement or situation similar. Generally, it was these elders, by virtue of great age and the consistent evidence of wisdom in problem-solving, who were empowered to solve disputes. Usually, such disputes and disagreements were calmly discussed and resolved, with nary a drop of blood ever being shed. This was very important to maintain the peaceful coexistence of all members of the community, as ALL able-bodied members were also part of the defense and protection of the village as a whole. You might think of this a form of “pure democracy”, even though individual rights and freedoms were actually the most basic part of these communities. After all, in these early times, the village elders were not looked upon so much as “leaders” of everyday decision-making, but leaders-in-wisdom and quite knowledgeable and experienced. The early system of justice that was put in place for the newly-formed American Colonies (and later, The “United States”), was based very much from the early Norse, Viking, Nordic systems – because it was considered to be the most fair, and most equitable system of righting wrongs and other problems, without the need for excessive use of force by those charged with arbitration and pronouncement of resolutions. – It was also a system based on “Innocence, until Guilt is Proven – Beyond all reasonable doubt“.

Another very important aspect of the early village (very simple and limited government), was the fact that whereas the able-bodied (usually men, because of their physical strength and agility) cooperated to the defense of the entire community when in times of need, or threatened by an external enemy or adversary, the role of personal, individual safety was an individual’s own responsibility – because the able-bodied were capable and expected to defend their own families and homes, unless additional help was obviously needed or wanted. Again, the choice was left up to the individual, as only the individual knew what was best for himself and all he was responsible for. This was also a partial “spin-off” from the idea of the “insular nature” of existence in those times. The peoples’ loyalties were first – for their families, and THEN – for others in their community.

This may also explain why the West has only seen a few existing empires, only after much bloodshed and cost to BOTH sides of those wars. It also may help to explain why it took literally many centuries, to finally conquer the “Spirit of Individualism” in much of the West, as was not so common a resistance in much elsewhere in the world. Many other regions of the world have seen dynasties after dynasties, kingdoms after kingdoms, and/or some form of authoritarianism – giving way to yet another form of authoritarianism. A people who have not or never known of nor practiced freedom and individuality’s part in freedom and liberty, would be expected to not have any historical frame of reference, to the ideals of individuality and freedom. Most from those “serially-occupied” areas have no clue nor idea what those concepts are!

Now, anyone understanding his/her knowledge of human history (and the history of great human tragedies),

And this be assumed that they have learned from good, accurate sources and early texts and books (before the great changes in our public education systems, that is) – would provide a basic understanding on the “rise and fall of the great civilizations“, and WHY they happened the way they happened, and what effects those events have upon today’s events.

– “For those who would trade a little liberty,
  For a little security,
  Deserve and soon will have neither!

Benjamin Franklin, Early Statesman and Author

In understanding the rise and fall of civilizations (as our Nations Original Founders understood from their knowledge of human history), one must understand how those civilizations started. Many of them started as “free societies”, or something very similar in characteristics therefrom. The “march to despotism and tyranny” usually did not happen overnight, for it did – the people would rise up and challenge the authority of those despotic systems of government, and the rule of the tyrant(s) would be very short-lived. So, the “slow and easy approach” was more commonly employed. This was a factor in the eventual downfall of the early Greek Republics or “city-states”, before eventually being absorbed into the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire also started originally as loosely “confederated” group of “city-states”, where the arts and creative expression rose to their peak (much the same as in Ancient Greece). The earlier, freer mode of government was least restrictive and least intrusive upon individuals’ lives. Naturally, the finest and greatest of the arts, innovation, and industry (as well as advanced higher-learning) rose to their greatest levels during these times. There was also very little need for militarism (except to fill the need to protect the communities from known external threats).

As there became more pressure (both political, and perhaps economic) evident to these cultures, there were growing calls for more governmental decision-making. Naturally, these calls for more power entailed “selling” the idea to the people as “necessary” and “beneficial” to all. Of course, these calls for more centralized authority, would be championed and pushed by those who stood to benefit in some way, be it economically, politically, or even out of a base, personal “desire” for more power. Times of crises and any other “national cause for concern”, routinely fit the bill as a “means to an end”. Hence the Latin phrase, “Qui Bono” – “WHO BENEFITS?”.

The creativity of a cunning and intelligent despot may know of NO end or limits, as to what he/she will try, and employ in order to “scare” the general public into accepting his/her “solutions” to address the crisis. This may (and often does) entail the rewriting of the current laws (or “codes”) to further empower the despotic regime. These “emergency measures”, over time, become more palatable to the people, and therefore more acceptable in day to day life. All the tyrant needs to, is constantly and consistently keep the threat of dire consequences of the existing threat alive and well, to justify the permanency of the emergency measures.

Sometimes, external threats, which may be real or imagined, are successfully used to further terrorize the people into accepting more controls and more authority being vested in the governing officials. Many other, lesser officials may be “bought” into following along, and plied with a certain amount of “greater authority” and/or financial rewards for their assistance in the power-grabbing. There may even be the need to hire foreign mercenaries or “agents”, to act as an impending threat to the people, by providing the pretext (excuse) for enlarging the domestic and national “security forces (military power)” to “protect the nation from these (hired) threats“. Remember: For these kinds of predatory systems to become successful, and long lasting enough – They must slowly progress, so as to raise as little alarm to the people as possible.

This is what some can rightly call: “Slow-poisoning” of the government system. I think of it more as a “growing cancer”, myself – as this is a very accurate analogy, to describe its slow-moving process. If there is evidence of some resistance among the people to this growing authoritarian rule, the tyrant may employ distractionary “non-events” to keep the peoples’ attention focused on the distraction itself. Even “targeted blaming” of resistant individuals would be employed as responsible for the current problems and woes of society. The resistance movements may even be proclaimed to be a danger to the security and well-being of the country and its inhabitants. Such behaviors and acts may even include blaming the resistance as being aligned with the country’s enemies, and even traitors. It is all part of the “big game”, wherefore the tyrant(s) use these devices, based on fear and panic, to rally the masses to their causes.

“Fear” is indeed a most powerful “tool” in the hands of a tyrant, and fear is also capable of the greatest destruction in its wake!

So, HOW do we identify when there are moves towards greater power for the rulers?

Identifying a trend towards the growth of tyranny and despotism, requires a very solid understanding of human history, and past examples of the destruction of civilizations – at the hands of tyrants. It also requires the rational, critical thinking skills of a calm mind, because a fearful, panicky mind is kept distracted and too “preoccupied” to think clearly and rationally. If one is observant, and has good enough memory to recall “how things were” in his/her earlier days, then one already has a major foundation of experience and knowledge of what is currently happening, that greatly changes the government’s relationship to the governed. It also requires one to be bold and courageous enough to stand up for the truth, even when lies, deceit, and trickery (in all their forms) become the most popular. Understanding the “Human condition” becomes most important, and most revealing as to how the people can be viewed through the eyes of a tyrant, AND what particular “weaknesses” can be exploited for the purposes of the tyrant. Simply “being a Human”, of self-reliance and a free-thinker, generally qualifies well enough (even though, “professionals” and academic scholars may claim that degrees and accreditation, are what it takes to be an “authority” on the subject) to be at least partially knowledgeable of “the human personality-weaknesses”.

“Fear plays havoc with reason, and clouds the mind of clear, critical thinking.”

One easy to identify way that tyrants use to accrue more political/social power, is by insisting that “We” need to sacrifice some of our “liberty” or freedom, in order to feel safer (and the tyrant always seems to have a solution, dependent on “Our” compliance). This especially includes various devices of “national crisis” (and lately, a “global crisis”) to continue to elicit the feelings of fear and angst among the people. Their process is even “scientifically-designed” for effect, based on past “social-experiments” and their results! So, the successful tyrant will also be very knowledgeable of human history too (while denying the availability of such knowledge to the masses).

“He who forgets history, is doomed to repeat it!”

Benjamin Franklin, Early Statesman and Author

Tyrants usually will have a (useful) crisis develop at a specific time or date, which calls for extreme measure that are used to impose limits on the rights and freedoms of the people. Then, when the crisis or exigency is supposedly lessened or resolved (which is usually never completely), some of the curtailment of rights and freedoms may be eased, but usually never totally repealed! This is akin to “jump forward three feet, then back off by one foot”. This is the gradual step-by-step advancement approach. It is proven to be a very effective means of increasing the political power of authority, for the rulers (be they “elected”, appointed, or other – more occult personalities [“Wizard of Oz“-type leadership] in the shadows). Usually, this method also involves “conditions” and “compromises” to those loosening of “restrictions” on individuality and individual activity. Some of the measures of the newly-assigned/designated/asserted authority are NEVER repealed, but remain hidden within the illusion of the “new normal”, that is constantly asserted as a “must-have” necessity. This is a most devious form of “compromise”, that does eventually lead to a vast reduction in the respect for individual rights, freedoms, and liberties. It is also the most insidious because these still-existent measures are often forgotten by the people, as they may not hear about them again – that is – until the next “public emergency”, when such measures have been made more acceptable to the people. This is very much apropos to: “The Frog in the Pan of Water: Slow boil, to its death!


Today, Apr 28th, 2020,

In these United States of America,

We are facing EXACTLY this scenario, and political posturing for greater centralized political power, not unheard of from scholars of accurate human history! This “pandemic” has provided all the features of a successful political power-grab to the likes unseen or heard of in the Common Era of humanity. (This by MY opinion. Others’ may differ.) The main difference from what I learned from my early history studies: THIS program is GLOBAL, and pits the Natural Rights, Freedoms, Liberties, and the whole of American and Western Culture and Values into the cross-hairs of the growing global tyranny. It was only until February of this year (2020), that our way of life, and the security of individualism seemed unfazed, and Life seemed to look bright and hopeful. NOW, look where we are at.

After only about two-to-two-and-a-half months (mid-Feb to nearly May – 2020) of imposed lock-downs, “social-distancing”, and mass-quarantines (of even the healthy, not just the sick and vulnerable), together with the constant fever-pitch fear and panic – doom-and-gloom political mind-games, have we progressed any further towards a freer society? OR – are we now even more vulnerable, in a huge number of ways, than we were before?

Just as in past, long-since-now-defunct civilizations (more exactly, “empires”), we are seeing the advancement of tyranny – through increased political power and authoritarianism – masquerading under the guise of an “emergency” (pandemic, or “PLAN-demic” as some refer to it), by seeking to retain more social-control measures on the books (for future emergencies, of course!), while SLOOOOOWWWLY rolling back only some of the new control measures that were exercised by the national and STATE governments during this “crisis”. The problem is, the damage has already been done!

What blows my mind, beyond all comprehension, is that my attempts to educate fellow citizens to the absolute fraud, that has been so cruelly inflicted on much of the world’s people, was all based on exaggerations and outright LIES and deceit – has been met with anger, hostility, and total enmity towards me, and my message of truth. Just from my own local area, it seems that nine of out ten people were totally un-receptive to the message of truth. Many claiming that I am “being all negative”, with some even yelling for me to “SHUT-UP!” – Hmmm! So forget about my “Freedom of speech”, if they don’t like the message, but it’s all normal and okay to be practically, psychologically bludgeoned, daily, with news of fear, panic, and “you must accept this, that, or . . . whatever”, “all for your safety“.

I hate to admit it, I hate to state it, I hate the very thought of it – but . . .

“I sincerely believe that our cherished nation of Individual Rights, Freedom, Liberty, and The American Way are soon to be gone, and altogether forgotten – as of the year 2020!”

For the Dragon-Gods which I stand before, and so greatly weep and pine – in Their presence,

I HOPE and PRAY that I am wrong on this assessment! – I really do! – It would NOT be the “Dragon-Thing” to do. I served my (adopted) country with all the zeal and all the Love to (for what I genuinely thought to be) stand in defense of, against ALL enemies – foreign AND domestic! My Oath to protect the Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties this Great Nation was founded upon, NEVER HAD AN EXPIRATION DATE, NOR A “SUNSET” CLAUSE!

Please, see, sign, and share my petition on the US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES’ website with everyone you know, network with, follow, and in any other fashion associate with

– for the future of Our Nation: The United States of America, “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

If we don’t do the right things right NOW, we may NEVER get another chance to rescue and heal our great nation again! This is a NOW-OR-NEVER Moment. Do or Die, your choice!


Still “Kicking”, and still breathing!

Though it has been quite a while since I was last active on this and a few other blogs,

One of those things about not having internet at home (DAMNED internet market needs MORE competition, not more meddlesome regulation!), it makes things a bit more difficult to keep on top of things online (especially concerning my own websites). There is absolutely NO REASON, whatsoever, that internet service should be so damned expensive (AND – with bandwidth caps too???).

So, it does take me a bit longer to get around to things online (because I also have a very busy “outside life” too).

At least my self-hosted blog site seems to be well-secured and “hardened”. It took me many months of researching, testing, and implementing good, solid security protocols that would work well with WordPress (and hopefully with the soon-to-be installed WooCommerce too). Once I can get my other websites restored AND equally secured, I want to start selling some of my own hand-crafted items online.


For those who may have an interest,

Because I have had a registered organization within my home state for quite some time (BTW: called “TEMPLE OF THE ANCIENT DRAGONS Shamanic Ministries”), I was seriously considering converting it to an LLC (Limited-Liability Company) or perhaps a full-blown S-type Corporation (using the “INC” tag at the end of the name, if you will) – so that it can become a fully-fledged “religious” institution. (By “religious”, I do not mean anything doctrinal nor dogmatic, like the usual established “religions”, but a place of spiritual worship and reverence – as well as a place of “Higher-Learning”.) Therefore, I am in the process of designing and writing a full Seminary Course on Dragon-Spirituality and Dragon-Shamanism. I hope to create a fairly substantive and thoughtful course, for those who wish to learn as I have learned: By actually Experiencing the presence of the Great Dragons, as well as working as partners with them. I want to realize the dream of sharing the relationship with the many varied and very Ancient and Wise Dragons, so that others who are genuinely interested, can find and further build upon their own relationships with the Ancient Dragons. This is to become the center-point of where others discover their own personal “religion”, and how it can become a great and wonderful avenue of personal empowerment and enlightenment – with the Dragons’ help and guidance. — So, this may sound like a tall order for me to accomplish. However, being that I no longer have the external interferences that plagued my personal mission for years (bad relationships have a habit of doing these kinds of disruptions, often to be felt for years afterward), there should be NO BARRIERS to my accomplishing this “Labor of Love” any longer.

So, the “Temple of The Ancient Dragons” (as a Shamanic Ministry, and then some),

Is to be the starting point of this personal mission, and that in which to build upon the successes, and upon more successes. As I have seen it for many a year, the great Wisdom of the Ancient Dragons is now needed more than ever, if we, as a species and kind, are to make it through these troubling times of this age. Our Ancient, Earthly Ancestors had the power and the wisdom in their times, to see themselves through the troubles of their day. So there is no reason why We can not rediscover those same principles and wisdoms, and apply them to our own daily lives for the better.

So, until we Meet again,

– Ne’Shae Daasha! ! !

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,
Temple of The Ancient Dragons