Set Goals Not Resolutions!

Nice post!!!

This looks similar to a project I did with a meditation group years ago. Plus, I really like the idea of goal-setting rather than “resolutions” (although, some may question whether there really is a substantive difference between the two).

Goals can be, and often are, constantly evolving and growing. Some resolutions have the habit of being too finite and limiting in their projected aims.

Thank you for sharing this. >;~))====

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye

Why “Naturalistic Pagan”?

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You made some very salient, sensible points in this write-up, and I find very little reason to disagree with it.

Though my spirituality is quite different from those of most folks, I hold much of the Shamanic Wisdoms about our existence as true and valid. There is very little about atheism and humanism that I can agree with. Most of all, the entirety of the Creation is than just about “us”. It is all about everything, living and not-so-recognized-as-living that exists with us.

So thank you for this!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye

Nature is Sacred

As you know, there has recently been a kerfuffle in the blogging sphere between Naturalistic/ Humanistic Pagans and Hard Polytheist Pagans. Now I follow many bloggers both Naturalistic Pagan and Polytheist Pagan, and a Heathen blogger has recently written a blog addressed to John Halstead (and any other Naturalistic Pagans) asking why we identify as Pagans, rather than just atheists/ humanists e.t.c. This is a very valid question and so I’d like to respond with my own story and thoughts..

Why am I a Naturalistic Pagan?

Let’s start off with why I don’t call myself an atheist. I was most definitely an atheist for a while after I left fundamentalist Christianity. In the immediate aftermath of the death of a friend and the searching it led me to engage in, I was first a liberal Christian and then very soon became atheist thanks to watching many Youtube videos and reading…

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Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Killing Cecil the lion: A tipping point in exposing hunting’s rape of wildlife

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife



“The revulsion about the lion Cecil’s death is an indication of changing times.” — Thom Hartmann

Walter Palmer, Minneapolis area dentist, paid some guides to tie a carcass to their vehicle to bait a protected lion, a beloved mascot for Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. He shined a spotlight on Cecil to shoot him at night, bow-hunting. What is not widely known by non-hunters is that bow-hunting, like trapping and hounding, causes an extremely cruel and torturous death. Palmer and his guides wounded the lion, but he was left to die slowly, killed 40 hours later by rifle. It is common once an animal has been wounded with an arrow to allow him or her to bleed out slowly, to weaken that animal for an easy kill a day or more later. Baiting, killing using lights, killing a father with a pride — this is extremely sick behavior. The Wisconsin…

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The stimulus-response Empire


Please pardon me while I “reblog” this fine article! I could not think of any better a way to express what you have so eloquently stated here.

That aspect of “freedom” (and “liberty”) is becoming more and more a mystery to most. Being that it is so intangible (for lack of a better description), it is necessarily difficult for “science” to properly and conclusively define it in terms of “measurability” and even quantify it, in terms of its mathematical expressions and theories. This limited view and thinking is where we get such theories like Dr. Stephan Hawking’s own ruling out the existence of genuine “Free Will”, and instead, subscribing to the view that it is all dictated by chemical reactions in the brain. Such a minimalist view belies the very essence and complexity of Nature, and all things therein. Freedom is necessarily complex and unquatifiable precisely because it is about exploring and expanding our concepts of “reality”, as We perceive it.

It is also precisely this brand of thinking that refuses to acknowledge that we have our own realities, and then the shared reality. I know of just one specific individual, personally, who believes there is only ONE reality, and we are all in IT.

Thank you for a very well-written article, Jon. This will make a fine reference for my teaching library, as it is very succinct and to the point, without belaboring the obvious to death!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Editor,
“Through The Eyes of A Dragon”

An Australian cop has a passionate message about vaccines and babies

Hey Jon,

Consider this important article reblogged on: “Through The Eyes of A Dragon” blog. (Mine.) This needs to be said, again and again and again. Pound this message into every mind that offers up the same old resistance from the same old worn-out dogma: ALL VACCINES SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye