After a weekend of deep thought and reflection,

I had to wake up and realize, once again, that I too, felt as if I also had a personal stake in the “election” of 2016. Though, I took a “wait-and-see” approach to the whole scene, I still felt pulled in to the festive look and feel of the moment. Then the proverbial “hang-over”, after the party, finally wears off, and the truth once again, shows THE reality.

To make things fairly simple and easy to comprehend: The election process, in MOST of the world’s governments and regimes, still falls firmly into place, under the control of those who have decided “election outcomes” long before the People become aware of WHO will become the next contenders. All our hopes, dreams, and many other desires, are well-known to those who are firmly in control of the world’s systems. These great and cunning wielders of power have had many years to perfect the art of illusion.

One thing that serves me very well when doing an “after-analysis” (or an “after-action review”, as the more military-minded may refer to it) of the whole process, and such things like “hotly-contested” events, like “elections”, and that is memory of past events, and how they played out. The “elections” of 2016 in the United States of America being NO EXCEPTION. When one can take a detached, dispassionate view of neutrality, towards such events, one often sees the sheer cunning and amazing amount of effort that went into crafting so convincing an illusion.

It should be plain as day to some, by now, that these “elections” are pure fantasy and only give the appearance, illution if you will, of any real choice. What is most amazing to me: Much of the “alternative media”, and other small “journalism” sites and organizations, have also fallen into the well-played illusion. Some of the alternative journalists, I used to trust in very much, have begun to show some of the amount of control exerted upon them. Certain sites and blogs, once use to report and showcase the truth about the controlled system of “elections”, and the political power-plays for control over public perception. We all love the idea of the “good guys” championing over the “bad guys”, but this also distracts from the very fact that BOTH sides are usually firmly under the control of the VERY SAME SYSTEM AND ITS MANAGERS! It does one very little good to “bet on a horse in the race, that is -against- the adversary’s interests, when it is that -adversary- who owns ALL the horses in the race!”

Let’s start examining this previous “election”, by going over some of the more interesting details that many may not notice.


Our “elections” are often commonly-understood as “voting for the lesser of two evils”.

The problem with this theory is, if we are STILL voting for an evil, what are we really accomplishing? No matter what we do, “evil” still wins, whether a little, or a lot! Just as Mercury is toxic and deadly, whether given at the rate of 10uG (micro-grams) per day, or up to 10mG per day, the end result is – YOU WILL STILL END UP DEAD, BECAUSE MERCURY (AT EITHER OF THOSE RATES) IS STILL LETHAL! ! ! Yet, we are expected (and encouraged) to ignore that reality, when it is the “pushers” who stand to benefit in the end. All one needed to do, prior to some crafty changes in election-financing laws, was look at how each candidate’s campaign was either financed or supported.

An interesting observation here:

One candidate was already worth billions of U.S. dollars when he ran for office. The other chose to use many hidden sources of political funding, most of it outright illegal, to fund the campaign. The “billionaire” even played well, the idea of waving off the President’s normal salary schedule (a brilliant “hero” move for the gullible masses!) to look even more like he was “for the little guy”! Yet, no one thinks to question in HOW it was he was able to attain, and even maintain such levels of wealth and power, in a grossly corrupt and unbalanced world economy as we have now. There are many other innovative and entrepreneurial souls out there in the human side of the world, but so very few ever get to realize such status and wealth (usually, only after he/she has also sold out on principles and ethics). PLUS, if such wealth is based solely upon the value of a controlled currency, or based solely on “paper”, then such wealth is unstable and can soon be worthless overnight, if deemed so by those who control the world economy and its basis of value! This has been the sheer weakness behind debt-based economies, and “monetized debt” (to use the bankers’ own parlance) for as many centuries that such economic models have been practiced. So, would you STILL trust such an individual to stand against a system, in which his own wealth is dependent upon? One who is worth so much in “paper”, is not likely to challenge the power of those who control the value of his “paper”. – Sounds like the perfect puppet, to install into a position of power, and “public trust”!

Now, an old adage that should be resurfacing on account of this well-played illusion-of-choice, called the “Election of 2016”:

The most believable lies, always incorporate large amounts of the truth. ”

Could this also be said of a well-crafted illusion, like the “illusion of choice”? If Candidate “A” was a devout Communist, and Candidate “B” was lesser a Communist, but more of a “light Socialist”, yet NEITHER truly supported the Individual’s right of choice, have we really gained anything by voting for “the lesser of two evils” when in what is supposed to be a “Representative Republic”? If Candidate “A” was for MORE government intervention and involvement in personal matters, while Candidate “B” was for MORE rights for big-business and more decision-making BY the executives of big-business, yet – the “little guy” is STILL left without any choice in the matter as to he/she would live, and what rights he/she can expect to enjoy? – Do the People still win in some way, or is that simply another illusion of “choice”, crafted by a convincing “second-hand reality” we call “elections”?

Now, let’s get to the bottom of this scheme, and how it has worked so well, year after year after year.

The globalists know very well how angry the world’s People are, with the disintegrating quality of life, the unfairness of the “system” and its players’ treatment of the People, the constant state of warfare and endless destruction of life and of the People’s lands. The globalists know that the People are getting combative, because they are becoming much better informed as to what is going on, and how corrupt and CRIMINAL this “world system” is. The globalists know that their power is being openly challenged by an ever-increasing number of very unhappy People. They know that the “world wide web” has become an exceptional tool and learning resource for up-to-the-minute updated info on what is happening around the world. The globalists know that they are having to change tactics, and become more innovative in exerting their power over the People of this world. They are also having to devise new ways of hiding the mechanisms of their control. – I very seriously doubt that these globalists are really in any state of panic (another well-performed public image) over their control system being actively challenged. They have usually been several steps ahead of the rest of humanity. With the incredible rise in surveillance technologies, and how to more-discreetly employ them, they are constantly knowledgeable on the latest trends in human behavior, and the general attitudes of the human population.


Having “elections” step up the excitement, create the “hopeful” atmosphere, and various other cunning forms of emotional-manipulations, these globalists have once again shown how masterful they are, at controlling the human population through constant manipulation. This being very much the part in the Grand Illusion, that very aware folks like Jon Rappoport, Dr. Ron Paul, and a few others have thought of as “The Matrix”. (This, in reference to the movie mini-series by that name.) – The problem is, if you partook of this shameful, illusion-of-choice “election” of 2016 (or many previous ones) without realizing the falsehoods behind them, did you REALLY take the “Red Pill”??? – Is taking any of these proverbial “Pills”, doing any good?

Do any of you even remember, let alone KNOW, that Dr. Ron Paul ran for President of the United States, three times, and THREE TIMES, the “media” did not even acknowledge his candidacy until late in the game? The media even refused to acknowledge Dr. Paul’s stunning victories in the various “straw-polls”, leading up to the primaries. Yet, Mr. Donald Trump was supposedly so hated for his “anti-establishment” talking-points and rhetoric, that the media spent countless hours on negative publicity of him and his campaign (think: “FREE-PUBLICITY”)!?!? – What’s more, the “seismic shift” of the “election” exit polls? ? ? – Something fishy here, perhaps? ? ?


The usual public reaction upon “reporting” the final exit poll results! – That was the masterpiece of this wonderful illusion-of-choice, we call “elections”. What’s more, EVEN much of the “alternative media” got behind the wheel in helping to steer public opinion towards “the underdog candidate”! ! ! – PURE BRILLIANCE of executing a well-played, well-scripted illusion-of-choice, we call “elections”! – Does this not smell of something funny to you? ? ? Does this not have a familiar ring, from events of past “elections”? ? ? Do you not feel like you were played for fools, as I did for even a short time? ? ?

Dr. Ron Paul nailed it on the head, on his website several months ago: “America may be in for a big disappointment come election day.” – NICE, Dr. Paul! I’d say YOU nailed it right on the head!

From my taking a “wait-and-see” attitude, and “giving the Donald a chance”, has served me well to cause me to “back up, and regroup”, and really SEE the Big Game as it has been played upon America AND the world. Just seeing some of the earliest choices for cabinet-level positions, has had me very concerned at what these united states of America face after Inauguration Day of 2017! This Nationalists’ “Dream Team”, also looks more like a “War-Hawks’ Dream Team”, a “Corporatists’ Dream Team”, a “Privatizationists’ Dream Team”, and “More Corporate-Welfare Dream Team”, an “Israel-Firster Dream Team”, and a “Facists’ Dream Team”! – Each and every future “appointment”, has some serious history behind him/her, and none of it very good for this “Land of The Free, Home of The Brave”!

Think about it for a moment. Where does John Bolton fit in, when it comes to the grand game? How about Frank Gaffney? What about William Kristol? So far, ALL THREE of these folks are part of the list of authors of the dreaded “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: A Project for the New American Century”, published on the AMERICAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE’s (A.E.I.) website! ! ! – These three are pro-war, neo-con, neo-feudalists! – Is THAT the sort of people we, as a Nation, want deciding policy for the next four or even eight years? ? ? Then, we have Senator Jeff Sessions, a definite pro-war, neo-con, neo-feudalist type! Then, *** GASP!!! ***, we have Ingrid Newkirk as a ‘possible’ cabinet-level pick? I seriously hope not! She is one of those who wishes to get government to outlaw any and all forms of human interaction with ANY non-human animals! This EVEN GOES FOR COMPANION ANIMALS AND ANY THERAPY WHICH INVOLVES HUMAN AND ANIMAL INTERACTION! Nevermind that some of today’s brighter areas of modern medicine, has seen animal-based human therapy as exceptionally beneficial and healing (we are talking physical, emotional, and social therapies, where (non-human) animals play a very big part in the healing process). Yet, the folks like Ms. Newkirk, many members of P.E.T.A., and EVEN the infamously corrupt A.S.P.C.A. see ANY human-and-animal interaction as detrimental to the (non-human) animals, and a violation of the (non-human) animals’ rights! As to Ret. Lt.Gen. Michael Flynn, being billed as “anti-ISIS”, I have major concerns of him also being very pro-war, with some neo-con slant. Call me paranoid, but the fact does not change that we are STILL talking “Washington insiders” making up a considerable portion of what is shaping up to be the next administration. As to Mike Pompeo, I am very troubled on his continued support of the high-tech surveillance “police-state” that we are having to endure now. It was already bad enough that the Obama Administration saw to it, that the “surveillance state” continued to grow, far beyond any reasonable boundary necessary for “national security”. So, Mr. Pompeo’s stance on this issue has me seriously concerned if the United States of America will ever get to enjoy the right of privacy again. I am still out looking for more info on Mr. Steve Bannon. I have not been too impressed with Breitbart “News”, over the years, and especially with its subtle, but noticeable “neo-con” slanted view of the issues. It seems that when Andrew Breitbart (the site’s founder) was murdered (as I see it), his legacy “news” organization greatly changed in its way of reporting. Either way, it looks like another set-up upon America in the making!

I’d hate to be the one to say it, folks but . . .


It makes NO DIFFERENCE to simply trade in one globalist puppet for another! Something that I really wish the “alternative media” would rather have not forgotten, in this frenzied “cult-of-personality” that occurred this last “election” season (as has been the case in many previous “election” seasons). No matter which direction the exit-poll results were swayed, the “Matrix” is still the ultimate winner, NOT the People! Time to wake up, People. If your “vote” really meant anything, if your desire for changes for the better was a real passion, if your heart really was set on making life better, not only here in America, but the around the world in general, YOU would be an active player in that process of change! Our “officials”, in their present capacity, and in the fact that they are still “human”, and prone to those very same human tendencies of being corruptible, should NOT be the ones to be held responsible for those changes YOU seek. YOU, ME, and all individual human beings should be an active part of the process of those changes. So long as we continue to trust others to do FOR us, that which WE should be doing on our own, we will continue to be betrayed by those who have expertly USED our feelings and emotions against us, and used our political processes as a distraction from our REAL responsibilities.

When one begins to fully understand the concept of “controlled-opposition”, and one begins to see controlled “elections” (and the media-controlled selection of ‘candidates’ to parade before the people), one can finally come to realize how PHONY the whole “election” process really is! ! ! – This is also a world-wide program. When we have the proverbial “left” on the one side, and the proverbial “right” (or, supposed “alt-right” by the controlled leftists) on the other, and we have the master “string-pullers” controlling BOTH (as IF there was really any substantive difference whatsoever) parties, sides, or factions (whichever term works best, here), does it REALLY make much difference when the program of “GLOBALISM” still proceeds ahead, as planned, regardless how fast or how slow its progress? This is very much like being presented with the choice of what color chains shall you willingly accept? There is NEVER any mention of, “WHY are ANY chains necessary nor warranted”? TRUE Freedom is NOT for sale, at ANY price!

We, The People are supposed to be the guarantors of our liberties and freedoms.

Our Nation’s Original Founders had those thoughts and beliefs, centuries ago. They communicated those beliefs and rationales through their various memoirs, speeches, and through the various charters they formed. They perfectly understood the absolute need for an informed and very involved public, when it came to safeguarding the very rights, freedoms, and liberties they themselves held so dear and inviolate. They understood the historic fact that governments, of every stripe, color, and type could easily devolve into tyranny and despotism, if left to their own devices, because of a disinterested, uninvolved People. Why “vote” for more slavery, more taxes, less freedom, fewer choices, more war, and more death? ? ? Why even vote at all, if you are not even going to accept that “voting” is only A PART OF YOUR “CIVIC DUTY”? The rest of these “civic duties” should also include; constantly keeping your officials accountable to the Rule of Law (that is, the “Common Law”, NOT fiat law), reminding them of their duties towards their fellow countrymen in favor over their own personal interests, honor and keep their solemn oaths – even “campaign promises”, to foster the enshrined principles of “Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness” that helped to make this Nation great, and guard against tyranny in even the smallest crevices of society. – If WE are NOT actively doing these things, as we go about our daily lives, then we are giving our consent to being controlled (“governed”) by the whims of those in power.

Thus, this past “election” season should be as a reminder to us all, to not let ourselves be distracted from our TRUE responsibilities: “Guaranteeing our own freedoms and liberties, as well as those of others, by keeping constant vigil, even when things get chaotic. These are NOT responsibilities to be so easily handed over to those in
positions of authority and public trust!

That includes toward the future President of our Nation, and beyond.

Be smart, America! Be wise, be wary, be vigilant, and be ever watchful, in safeguarding our own freedoms and liberties, because the tyrants ever labor, through day and night, to devise new ways, to enslave us all, and keep us ignorant of the fact! – PLEASE, don’t go back to sleep, now! Just because the “elections” are over, and “the game” is on the T.V., does NOT mean it is time to relax, and let the “system” do its thing! Too many times, do our “elections” end up being like “beauty pageants” and “who can out swing whom” trials, instead of really getting down to actual solutions and reforming or abolishing bad policy. This political pendulum swinging of “left-and-right-and-back-again” has done much to confuse and distract from the most pressing issues: Our National Pride, Our economic viability, The alienation of Our Individual AND Collective Natural Rights, and most of all – Getting the U.S.A. OUT of the business of being the “world’s policeman”. These are just a few areas to start the changes for the better, but we really need to start somewhere. Those changes need to be because of all of us, and our commitment to BEING that change. We can not trust our destinies to those in office, without our being ever-so-watchful of them.

WE need to stay alert, in order to stay alive, or we WILL lose everything, and not even know it happened!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye

Oh No! Don’t do it, Mr. Trump!

It seems to me that,

The manipulators of political-control in this country, are trying their best to influence the future political make up of the next administration. Now, with the possible appointments of past pro-war “neo-cons”, to the heart of the possible Trump Presidential Cabinet, leaves me and many other TRUE Liberty-Lovers very highly concerned. Time for the Great People of this Great Land to take a stand now, and champion true liberty and freedom by decrying the personages being seriously considered for appointments to positions of political power. OUR very future is at stake (still, and ever more so).

“Trust is slowly earned, and easily lost.”

Part of my initial reasoning for taking a “wait-and-see” approach, before placing any considerable trust within President-Elect Donald J Trump:

Was in remembering his visits with Henry Kissinger (the former Secretary of State who got us involved in the quagmire of the Vietnam War), Newt Gingrich (who has been consistently pro-war in his desire for further meddling into the affairs of the Middle East, especially when he was still the Speaker of the House). These two figures have been involved in many shady dealings and pro-war policies that have helped to cost the united states of America, untold billions of dollars, and many tens- (if not, hundreds-) of thousands of American and allied lives. The “united states” is STILL feeling the economic back-spin from these egregious wars!

More bothersome still,

It seems he is also considering appointing  John Bolton (who fully supported and championed the big lie of “Saddam’s possession of weapons of mass-destruction” claim, and its attendant excuse for the devastation of the countries of Afghanistan and Iraq [let alone, their miserable conditions after all that!] ), as well as William Kristol (one of several pro-war neo-cons who drafted the infamous document (excuse) for war with Afghanistan and Iraq: “Project For The New American Century“, out of: The “American Enterprise Institute”, Along with Bolton, Frank Gaffney (of “The National Center for Security Policy”- another pro-war neo-con “think tank”) – as another possible appointee.

It seems the more things “change”, the MORE they remain the same!

“Have we NOT been down this road BEFORE? ? ?”

What does it take (besides a massive conversation with The People) to get the point across that: It is THESE kinds of people who get us all into more “hot water”, and into more expensive outlays (also in terms of great tragic loss of human life). We have had ENOUGH of these pecuniary, expensive, unnecessary “wars”, and definitely had enough of the over-policing of our (usually) peaceful Peoples of these united states (all under the excuse of “national security”)!

Please, Oh Dear God(dess), PLEASE – NO MORE of these Washington Insiders! ! !

Get them ALL out of the way, and out of places for them to do us all harm! If you do not show us how serious you are about “cleaning house”, when it comes to dealing with the venomous “lobbyists” and “global-loyalists” (starting with some of your “appointments”), you have all but betrayed the trust that MANY of America’s voters have placed within you, Mr. Trump. It is past time to start ditching many of the “professional politicians” who have been gleefully feeding from the public trough, all the while we have more and more American People, left upon the streets to starve – and with no real future of opportunities left to them!

It is past time, to make some serious, realistic, and ethical changes, in HOW our Representative-Republic does the People’s Business.

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye


Hmmm. Is this a “Mirror-Day”? Time to Remove Obstacles, Negativisms, etc.

Let all numerologists (and witches) take an interesting notice,

Today, you guessed it, is another Friday the 13th. Now WHAT is so special about THIS particular day, you ask?


Let’s take a look at the date, shall we? – (in US-notation) – 03 / 13 / 15.

If we went fully out on the date: – 03 / 13 / 2015.

Friday is considered the 6th day of the week, for those who use the modern Gregorian Calendar.

Then, we have a little bit of math we can do: 03 + 13 + 15 = 31. (Also interesting is that March has 31-days in it!) – OR – we could do it, this way: 0 + 3 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 15 ( 1 + 5 = 6 )*

Without reducing, we have an interesting “coincidence”: 13 | 31 – (See the “Mirror”?) ( – OR – we could use the fact that Friday is the 6th day of the week: 6 | 6*. )

So, what does this tell me? – It tells me that results, effects, etc. should run in “doubles”, today.

Now, are we worried about potential “bad luck”? Well, perhaps taking a good strong start on removing our misfortunes, should start today. It is also convenient that we are currently in the Waning-Phase of the Moon. Therefore, perhaps this be the right day to begin the process of eliminating the effects of the causal issues of our misfortunes.

I like to think of a chant by thinking about the particular problem I wish to reduce, and eventually eliminate. Then, put into a phrase (which would be my chant) that effectively “disempowers” the problem. On this night (because it is a waning-moon on this Friday the 13th), repeat this chant 13-times towards the darkened sky, intoning your intention so as to reverberate with the channeled energies.

And, as many folks do so, you can reaffirm and “seal” your intention with: “And so it is done!”

Now whether you do this in a detail retual, meditation, or just set aside some peaceful time outdoors, this chant – with the full intention and desire to accomplish – should be some great help to you. From then on, remind yourself of this chant, when or if the problem you are trying to shed threatens to resurface. (Being that the Day of Saturn follows, Saturday is good day to reaffirm and reinforce your intention to remove this problem from your life for good.

And there you have it. Sweet and simple!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,



The Wonders of Lapis: A Super Healing Stone.

Lapis Lazuli
A piece of Lapis Lazuli

Talk about an interesting self-discovery.

I was at a local coffee shop this morning after taking a fairly lengthy walk. I was on the way to my bank, and the coffee shop was on the way there. Being that it is mid-January and as is the typical in the Northwest (United States) this time of year, the temperatures were rather cold (about 33F and perhaps a little colder) with a light breeze. This combination can make it seem much colder than it may be (wind-chill figured in and all). Anyway, I just happen to be one of the unfortunate to experience arthritis from time to time. The cold winters can sometimes be unbearable towards those of us who have arthritis. This particular morning had me experiencing a severe enough arthritic joint pain in the lower knuckle-joint of my right thumb. Even though I wore gloves this morning, it was cold enough to have my hands feel a little cold-weather-related pain, most definitely felt where I was experiencing the joint pain.

I tried, repeatedly, to gently massage and caress the affected area, but to no sense of relief. Now when one experiences an arthritic pain in one or more areas of either hand, it can become more difficult to grasp and/or hold an object, in this case – a coffee cup. So, when I sat down to enjoy my purchase, I remembered the few stones I was given as a gift by a dear friend of mine a couple of months ago. I “instinctively” went to retrieve the beautiful piece of Lapis Lazuli from my pocket, that I held on to since first receiving it. I warmed it up by gently exhaling several, slow breaths upon it, and placed it on the affected area with my other hand on top of it. Then, I slowly and gently blew my breath upon the back of the covering hand as if to blow away any dust, negative energy, etc. I did this for a few minutes, and then blew on the bare stone a few more gentle breaths and repeated the preceeding steps. While doing this, I imagined a beautiful light blue light entering my being from the top of my head, as if coming down from the Heavens, and from my feet as if also welling up from the Earth. This light was to flow from both direction through my Being and towards the painful area where I placed the Lapis over.

In only a few minutes, I felt the pain begin to gently subside and minimize. By the time five minutes had passed, the joint pain went away completely! All of this and NO DRUGS involved. What was interesting, is that this did not require a lengthy nor complicated ritual or ceremony, just a few minutes of very simple meditation and the use of this beautiful stone. So, this experience has me recommending that maybe one should seriously consider this wonder little stone to become part of his/her healing stones “kit”. Lapis Lazuli is a wonderful stone for many different uses, and has a beautiful color to it like the color of the deep blue seas. This is why some consider it a very good stone of Water and Water Energies. Perhaps, that is why it is also such a great healing stone?

This was a very useful and surprising experience. After all, being a shamanism student, and learning how to become an effective healer – requires one to first be able to heal him/herself before being capable at healing others. So, I call this one experience worthy of being entered into my own personal shamanism journal – AND – worthy of sharing this great, (for me) new-found knowledge and technique with this stone to all of my dear readers and “followers”.

So, Lapis can be very useful for dealing with painful sites and joints due to arthritis. However, do NOT take this as actual medical advice, as I am not qualified to offer any kind of “legal” medical advice. I offer up my own personal experience and revelation as to what I discovered that worked for me. Your results may vary, or not happen at all. That all depends upon the individual and his/her knowledge and application of any kind of “alternative” modalities. It is, however, worth experimenting with, and experiencing whatever results may manifest themselves.

– Rev. Dragon’ Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the temple,


Natural Immunity: 8 Plus Natural Antibiotics to Replace Toxic Drugs.

Christina Sarich
November 11, 2013

spices assortment1 263x164 Natural Immunity: 8+ Natural Antibiotics to Replace the Pharmaceuticals for Good
The overuse of antibiotics has become a modern-day epidemic. These drugs have depleted our natural immunity by killing the good bacteria in our guts and also creating super-bugs that have become resistant to almost any form of prescribed drug around. Instead of making yourself weaker, and depleting your body’s natural ability to cure itself from any number of ailments, try utilizing natural foods and herbs to ditch the Big Pharma meds for good.

Here are 8+ foods which harness natural antibiotic properties:

1. Astragalus – An adaptogen, meaning it is an overall tonic for the body, astragalus has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicinal practices to boost the immune system and counteract physical, mental, and emotional stress. Research has shown that it can be very effective at treating colds, protecting the liver, and keeping viruses at bay.

2. Onions – This great tasting food is both antibacterial and antiseptic. If a person were to suck on a raw onion, it is thought that the healing components of the food could suck the disease right out of them. You can even place some cut up onions in your kitchen to protect against unwanted bacteria to keep your whole house healthy.  When mixed with lime juice and a few other natural constituents, onions were even shown to eradicate antibiotic resistant Escherichia coli. Check out some other health benefits of onions here.

3. Cabbage – One of the cruciferous vegetables, cabbage has anti-microbial properties which can kill all kinds of diseases naturally. The antibiotic properties of cabbage are increased once it has been fermented as well. So eat your sauerkraut, or better yet, make your own.

4. Honey – Although honey has always been used to fight off infection, scientists have just recently identified one secret ingredient in honey that makes it a natural antibiotic because it kills unwanted bacteria. It’s a protein called defensin-1 which bees add to honey when they make it. It does what it sounds like too – makes your immune system a full defense against disease.

5. Fermented Vegetables – Reseeding your gut with good microbes, which can be found in just about all fermented vegetables, can keep your immune system on full-tilt. If you haven’t already heard, your gut health accounts for about 80% of your overall immunity to disease, so putting the good bacteria back in is essential.

6. Cinnamon – Sometimes called a ‘lethal’ natural antibiotic, cinnamon has been used medicinally for ages. Pure, real Ceylon cinnamon can even stop E.Coli in its tracks, a stubborn bacteria that causes many diseases. Experts at Kansas City State University found that not only does cinnamon act as a natural antibiotic, it is so full of antioxidants that it helps to boost the immune system in numerous ways.

7. Sage – This herb is a wonderful natural solution for upper respiratory system issues. It can also help with stomach ailments, reduce fever naturally, and help with the common cold and flu.

8. Thyme – Both thyme leaf and thyme oil are very effective natural antibiotics. A compound in thyme oil called thymol is also anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-protozoal properties.

There are other natural antibiotics out there too. They include:

  • Rosemary
  • Coriander
  • Dill, mustard seed
  • Anise
  • Basil
  • Lemon balm
  • Wild Indigo
  • Echinacea
  • Olive leaf
  • Turmeric
  • Pau D’ Arco
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Colloidal silver
  • Grapefruit seed extract
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Oregano oil

With such a large offering from mother nature to treat ailments naturally, with all of their vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to boot, why would we ever choose pharmaceuticals? These natural remedies also cost pennies per day to either grow or purchase and take as preventative medicine.

Rev. Dragon’s Eye:

Time to seriously contemplate what we are going to do with the coming “End of The Age of Antibiotics”. As Hippocrates once stated:
Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine,
And Thy Medicine Be Thy Food.
Over 98% of all health problems, illnesses, and “dis-eases” are DIETARY-RELATED. This is just plain commonsense!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder of the Temple,

Shadow-Gates II – Recognizing our fears and how to deal with them.

The first step towards a solution: Identifying the problem.

Every problem, somewhere, has a solution that works best. Some may have very few choices, whereas others, may have multiple, but less-effective, solutions. The only solution I have found for the very basics of “fear” (that is, fear of the unknown for the most part) is to take a proactive approach in dealing with it. Taking an excerpt from the good old Serenity Prayer, for instance, can help us start off on the right foot (paraphrased somewhat):

Please grant me the Courage to change the things I can,

The Grace to accept those things I can not,

And the Wisdom to know the difference. . .

”  Courage, guided by Grace, becomes with Wisdom. ” (My own little “proverb”.)

If we were to think of those things that help us to feel more Confident while resolving the “fearful” issue at hand, we could take some of that positive energy and apply it to ourselves almost like a “shield”. We could also think of ourselves holding a proverbial “sword” in which to dispatch our “fear” while we travel within the shadow self. We should also consistently view ourselves as being the “owner of our personal space”. That is, we only allow that which is to be within our presence and within our personal space.

When we go through our personal “house” (that is, explore a little deeper within our Being’s mental and spiritual bodies), we go there to seek out and to deal with something we are looking to resolve. (It is always best to work on one issue at a time. Never try to do everything at once, in short order.) Be it a repressed memory, or a feeling of short-coming, we are looking to identify it for what it is, and how it continues to plague us with fear and unease.

Sometimes, it may be better to have a spiritual “friend” or guide with you on a specific journey to the inner-self. Many a shaman will not even begin a healing process without one present. So, if you have a power animal, spirit, or totem, perhaps asking it to assist you in this inner-work will be most helpful? This way, you will be reminded you are not alone in facing this particular inner fear. Instead, you have a partner to help you on your journey, as well as help you to gain some confidence when you do face that which vexes you.

If you know an inspirational song or chant that you feel empowers you, try singing or chanting it as you into that semi-meditative state. Keep chanting/singing it as you feel its effect in the flowing of energy throughout your being. When come face to face with the object of your inner fear, see if your chant or song has any effect at minimizing “fear’s” power and effect. If it does, you are in a better position to “take command” of your personal space, and take your power back from that which you gave your power over to in the first place.

Imagery is also a very powerful means to helping dispel one’s fears. We see much in the movies and general entertainment, the heavy use of symbols and imagery. However, there is much truth in the power of symbolism and imagery that pre-dates the modern church by many thousands of years. Therefore, if there is an image, symbol, or even a glyph that reminds you of your more-powerful self, then by all means – USE IT. As you bring this image or symbol with you into your deeper self, you can also use it to take your power back from that which had power over you. This is also one of the basic reasons for Talismans, Amulets, Charms, etc. Though these do not necessarily possess power of their own, they are “charged” with a certain power when they are made, and when they are prepared to be used for the purpose(s) they were intended. They key idea here is, YOU are the one with the power, not the instrument. You charge the instrument, as if breathing life into it, to help you with that you have intentioned.

Sometimes, certain fragraces and aromas are a key item to use. Some fragrances may even be a key to a past memory, as it is often used as a mental “trigger”, especially if the particular fragrance is known to the individual from a past experience. These can also be used to help recreate (or better yet, “re-play”) a memory for the purposes of re-experiencing the “event” which was the basis of the fear. Then, the work of reclaiming one’s personal power can begin. (NOTE: This may be best done under the supervision of someone who is well-versed and/or experienced in this kind of working.)

Prayer, an old mainstay for many followers and practitioners of a religion, is often one of the most practiced methods of dealing with tough issues and many personal fears. Prayer has also had some interesting supportive evidence in modern times to its healing effects. The resolution of personal fears also counts very much as a “healing”. Many church-goers are taught some prayers for various situations and reasons, but sometimes a more personal prayer is needed; One that “speaks” to the specificality of one’s own need(s). When one finds the inspiration and the “right words” and rhythm for a prayer, one finds his/her own means of a projection of personal power. Perhaps, such a prayer even helps finding one’s power to conquer one’s fear.

PART III of Shadow-Gates: Through The Darkness, and Back into the Light. – Where I talk about putting together your own system of conquering those personal fears.


On Total Healing: Why not heal ALL the bodies?

In continuing my own voyage into Shamanism and Shamanic Healing,

A constant theme is reminded to me, over and over again. I was once told something very similar but did not, then, realize the gravity and importance of it, until many years later. This was because I had not built up the level of knowingness of the subject until my travels had me delve deeper into the ancient mysteries of shamanism. For this, I was able to image the physical body as being of the element of Earth, the Mind of Air/Wind, The Heart of that of Water, and the Spirit (or “Soul”) as similar to Fire. (I know this is quite different from the Chinese “Five Element” System of medicine, but I am more familiar with the Western (and Hindu) System.)


The “Primal Three” Elements I am familiar with are, Fire, Water, and Air. I wrote an article a while ago about these three primals. They were considered to be the first of the Elemental Powers of “Heaven”, or “The Three Mothers”. “Earth” came later in the scheme of Creation. Fire is the Power of Spirit – the Divine Will. Water is that of the Primal Seas of Chaos – The very “Womb” of all things created. Air is of the Divine Mind – That which drempt all things to be created. – Also was referred to as “The Mediator between the Heavens and the Seas” in the Rig Veda and Bhagavad Gita. This was before the physical manifestation of the “Earth”, and its representation of the physical existence.

Our own existence is also owed to the Powers of these important Elements, as they are “housed” in a physical (of Earth) body. They interact in the capacities and domains of the Powers. Some would say these elements are as “other bodies” or “planes” of our Being (Like the Mental (Mind), Spiritual (Fire/Will), Emotional (Heart), Physical (Body), and sometimes, the Soul itself as the “Akashic Body”). Each of these areas (or “planes”) require themselves to be in Cosmic (or Natural) Balance. Any severe degree of imbalance results in a “dis-ease” of some type.

Usually, an “illness” or “dis-ease” in one plane or body, can manifest symptoms or additional illness in one or more of the other “bodies”. An Emotional “illness” (prolonged stress, anxiety, depression, etc.) can very easily manifest illness in the other planes; often most notably, the physical body. Prolonged emotional stresses can also be responsible for the clouding and confusing effects upon the Mind Plane. So, our total wellness of health is adversly-affected so long as even just one of the “planar bodies” is ill. How many times has it been commonplace that one gets (often temporary) relief of physical afflictions, only to have them return some time later? Chances are, the illness he/she was suffering from, is either more deeply rooted in another plane, OR the entirety of the illness was manifested and rooted in one or more of the other planar bodies. Any healing system that neglects the health of the other planar bodies, is a healing system that is not as efficient nor as effective as it should be. Today’s “modern medicine” is a prime example.

Whereas more attention to the particularly-weakened planar body is called for. This does not leave out the importance in healing and clearing the other planar bodies of any dis-eased or unbalanced energies. All the planar bodies need attention to affectuate a more-total healing effect. Once one has successfully achieved regaining balance in all of the planar bodies, one can expect to realize a renewed sense of good health and well-being.

So let’s start thinking more about how we, as healers, can become better healers and also heal ourselves the same way.

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon,


An Eye-Opening Prayer: Open Up to The Light of Truth, and Set Yourself Free.

I bring to you, this prayer to help me and others to open the eyes of the World’s Peoples through our words of power, and our Loving hearts.


To The Great Father,
Whose Shining Light Begins the Day,
And Illuminates All Within and Without,
To The Great Mother,
Whose Calmness in Manner,
Brings Peace to Us by Night,
To The Great Circle of Dragons,
Whose Powers of Discernment and Judgment,
Bring out the Truth into Full Light,
So That All Things will know,
The Gifts of Peace, Love, and Light.

= = =

All Ye Great Dragons, One and All,
Please Hear My Plea for Sanity, Justice, and Harmony,
Let the Peoples of the World, Our Fellow Beings,
And All Nature’s Children,
Chant the Blessings of Peace, Love, and Light.
Let Us not be cowed into Silence,
In the Face of Evil.
Let Us not be conquered by the Lies, Omissions, and Half-Truths,
That plague Our World and Our Fellow Beings.
Let Our Strengths, Be Greater than Our Weaknesses.
Let Our Fears, Be Transformed into Resolve.
Let Our Adversaries Beware, For Their Lies Shall Harm Us Not!
Let Our Will, Be the Way to Peace and Harmony.
Let Your Powers be Our Power, The Power to Right that which is Wrong.
Let Your Blessings Course Through Us, So We May Bless Those Less Fortunate.
Let Doers of Evil Beware, For We Stand With and fore The Gods.
Oh, Ye Great Dragons of Ancient Times,
Let the Universe Know of Our Resolve,
To Bring the Peace, Love, and Light as given by You,
To This hurting World, and Comfort its Child Beings.
– Ne’Shae Daasha!


And, . . .

Let This prayer be intoned and breathed throughout your whole being. Let it resonate with your Will and the Divine Will. For this, we must do, if we are to survive to another Great Age!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye


Why 9-11 Should also be considered a Spiritual War: OUR Duties.

Why I write these things.

To keep in line with the primary purpose of this personal blog-site, Spiritual Teachings and Writings, AND to put into to perspective the current goings-on in today’s society (this one being particularly the problems we face today – and – its reasoning from thirteen years ago-today), I feel I must speak of the spiritual significance of WHY we, as spiritual folks, must also weigh in on the battle for the hearts and minds of the People.

“Evil” knows no bounds, and all spirit knows about Evil.

First off,

Though there be many different personifications and personal definitions of “evil”, I think a basic understanding on what constitutes an act evil is simply: “Any selfish act that unnecessarily brings harm upon another, purely for the service and benefit of the self.” – The tyrants’ favorite expression matches this simplistic definition with: “You need to break a few eggs to make an omelet.” – This is as if WE were no better than “eggs” or any other “useful tool” to them, never considering that we ARE talking about human (and even non-human) lives here!

The other part of the problem,

Is when WE continue to allow evil acts, especially of such destructive natures and results, and choose to say nothing against them, or actually do NOTHING to stop them, WE become guilty, as partners to those acts, ourselves! The Natural tendency to feel guilt from deep within for merely allowing such acts to continue is a natural feeling of revulsion for a reason: “We know (or knew) it is WRONG!” There are many ancient spiritual texts (especially from before the age of empires) that speak specifically of this natural “sense” of right and wrong. – We do not need someone else to constantly tells what is right and what is wrong. (Though, usually “their” specific samples and definitions may be way off from reality too!  => The problem of the “church” subjectively-dictating to us these things.)

The quest for the truth, is a quest for Spiritual Truth.

We, as spiritual-minded folks, should take heed of the Divine Powers of Peace, Love, and Light. It is through these things that one may find the strength and “conviction” to stand before his/her God(s) and/or Goddess(es) to profess his/her deeds truthfully. This also means accounting for those things he/she may not have done, but should have. The aftermath of 9-11, even thirteen years later, should call upon all of us to account for our actions and inactions. This includes the inner-strength and conviction to demand the truth from those who say they represent us. If those who claim to be representative of the public’s Will refuse, then they do NOT at all represent us! Then it is within our power and DUTY, by our Gods’ and Goddesses’, to carry out our responsibilities to our Brothers and Sisters: First and foremost – to educate, guide, and BE the examples of walking in Peace, Love, and Light toward our fellow Beings. The Truth should be our very FIRST weapon, to be employed in defense of our Rights, our Ways (by our Gods and Goddesses), and of our love toward one another. – Those who choose to do nothing, are those who refuse to do their spiritual duty, as well as their natural civic duty.

Why has the “church” remained inert and ineffective?

Because of the fact that most (99.8%, estimated) “churches” have taken up the allegiance with the “state” (through “incorporation”, and then “501(c)(3) – Tax-Exempt Status”-filings) and they “system” in general, they no longer serve the true spiritual duties that was supposedly ordained of them. When the “church” becomes moribund from its true obligations, it is no longer truly a “Church Of God (Goddess)”, nor in service of the People. The “church” should be one of the FIRST places where the truth is preached, supported, and DEMANDED of those who say they “govern by consent of the governed”. The “church” should be where the spiritual strength of a community is combined and spoken of, loudly, in defense of that which is truthful and honest. Any “church” which shirks its duties in this regard, shall it become widely known, and shall it become festered with the sores of its treasures, in which it falsely be-labored itself at great cost to its fellow Beings. Even as of now, most clergy and ministerial staff of these “churches” have accepted the “training” and coaching of the state’s security apparatus, in which to become helpers and enablers of the evil state power. – “The truth be damned in their eyes!” That is why the “church” has become nothing more than a business, in which to collect the people’s treasures, and their allegiances, but without acknowledgement of the truth (and without allegiance to their Gods).

The reason our nation was ONCE great, and why it is now – NOT.

Was NOT because of one particular religion or another. It was great and a beacon of freedom and liberty because of the Natural Law which knows of no, singular religion, but of its own: The Truth, as It is! Not someone else’s warped definition of a “personal truth”, but the Truth that IS, and ALWAYS was, and always belonged with Nature, and Nature’s Gods and Goddesses. These we also belong to, not to some over-sized egos who plot, daily, on how to control everything and everyone. One who walks in the Light of Spirit and the Divine, is one who comes to know what is true from what is false, Naturally. One who truly walks in The Spirit, is one who will see through all lies; One who will not be conquered by lies. Our Nation, and Our World have been conquered for far too long in lies. NOW, WE as Spiritual Beings, from every walk of life, have a duty, a Spiritual Duty, as well as a civic duty – to return Our Nation(s), and Our World to ones bathed in the Light of Truth.

If Thou be a Minister unto Thy People, as Ordained by God,

Then WHY hast Thou let Thy Brother become lost, and fallen before Thee, whilst Thou succor me in the hopes of good favor ???

Though this may not be an exact quoting of any particular scripture, it is nonetheless a very poignant view on the common failing of many a “minister”. To me, a minister of or from his/her God(s) and/or Goddess(es) has the responsibility to teach and guide his/her fellow Beings, and even inspire them to take up the cause of Truth, and defend it against those who would defile it and try to destroy it (an impossible task!). So WHY do all these “ministers” of the great many “churches”, temples, synogogues, parishes, and whatever names have you, continue to allow evil acts upon manind and the rest of Nature’s world to be done – with impunity, and without remorse ? ? ?


Even this day, thirteen years after one of the most recent, memorable tragedies of humankind began, we STILL have not yet been told the Truth! WHERE are the “holy men/women” in all of this ? ? ? WHERE is the spiritual indignation on all of these egregious acts that are being done to all of us, all on the pretexts of “keeping us all safe”, when we are NOT SAFE from those who claim to be “keeping us safe” ? ? ? 9-11 should have been a very great awakening call to America, and to the world (to some which it has)! WHY are our “churches” STILL serving those who seek to enslave us under the false paradigm of “keeping us safe”, all the while this “War on Terror” is really about destroying what is left of our cherished natural ways of life (of individual respect, freedom, and liberty) ? ? ? 9-11-2001 should have been the very day we took up the fight for honor, freedom, liberty – sustained by the quest for the Truth – against those who did this to us (foreign AND domestic agents and powers) – and continue to abuse us to this day! Let this day, on this 13th Anniversary of September 11th, be our day to finally stop being full of fear, and start being full of Love, and demand the Truth be spoken, and our people, around the world, be set free and left to be free! This, as a minister, I speak of, in full conviction, witnessed by Tiamat, the one I call my Great Mother.

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon,


The Coming 13th Anniversary: How long can the lies stand?

September 11, 2001 is a day that shall forever be in the hearts and minds of many Americans.

So what are YOU going to do, to further the truth that is hidden behind the veil of lies that has become the biggest excuse for a permanent state of war (against freedom and liberty) called “The War on Terror” ? ? ? The biggest excuse for astounding expenditures in defense technologies. The biggest excuse for more foreign interventionism. The biggest excuse for the murders of millions of innocent peoples around the world. The biggest excuse for toppling and overthrowing democratically elected governments around the world. The biggest excuse for declaring freedom and liberty lovers as the state’s biggest enemies. The biggest excuse for most invasive spy-state humanity has ever known. The biggest excuse for “laws”, regulations, and policies to be passed that render the average man or woman as total vassals of the state.

How much longer must we endure the lies that help to maintain the current, deteriorating state of affairs of the world ? ? ?

What will YOU, the people – my Brothers and Sisters – one and all – DO to resolve, for once and for all, the coming destruction of humanity and all of its finer institutions – all under the pretexts of lies and excuses – and keep the promises we made to our Gods and/or Goddesses – to keep and pass on the treasures of our collective experiences to our future generations?

Mark this day, Sep 10th, 2014 – as the preparation and commitment to do that which is right and proper, by and for your fellow Brothers and Sisters! – We MUST expose the lies, liars, and all the falsehoods that were dared to be foisted upon us: The Big Lie of WHY a 9/11, and WHY the continuance of the lies and treachery by our representative governments and institutions.

THIS we MUST do, individually AND collectively, if we as a species and kind are to survive to continue the promises of our Gods.

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon,