About This Blog.

This a blog dedicated to the subject of dragons, spirituality, and “Draconity”, in general. Though this blog has started to reach out into other spiritual areas (and with a few rants, too), it still has relevance to other spiritual matters, ideas, and beliefs – especially as they pertain to Nature Spirituality and the “commonsense factor” of living Naturally.

Draconity can be defined as the personal belief that one may be a Dragon-Soul, or was once incarnated in the form of a dragon or dragon-like being. It falls into the category of “otherkin” and otherkinism. “Otherkin” is similar in definition to draconity with the chief difference being that of what prior form or kinship to a particular type, species, spirit, etc.

There are several websites devoted to these particular beliefs. This blog intends to be counted among them in that respect.

The purpose of this blog is to take yet another different approach and perspective on the subject of otherkinism and the spiritual beliefs relating to it. As can be assumed, it is a subject that often involves and is closely associated with the belief in reincarnation.

Reincarnation is a very ancient part of mankind’s spiritual beliefs that precedes any recorded history. Many present-day cultures still view reincarnation as central to their belief systems, and equally valid. It is here where I will try to provide as much insight and explanation into the subject of otherkinism, dealing with the difficulties of facing our beliefs in such (in an often cold and uncaring world), and some ideas and means for one to effectively deal with and take a more open view of life in general. Otherkinism presents much of its own host of nuances and means of self-discovery, or even self-rediscovery as a path and a journey into spiritual understanding growth.

To all those brave souls who take the risks, daily, in “coming out into the light”, to reveal that deep, personal belief of one’s self – I SALUTE YOU! It is because of the examples you have all set on the path ahead, that more of us who remained in the shadows with our spirituality, found the comfort and the daring to also surface our beliefs in such – and see that we really were never alone in our beliefs.


This blog is specially for folks like you and me.

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
( Athauliz “Dragon’s Eye” (The) Firestorm )
Founder and Chief Elder-Dragon,
Temple of The Ancient Dragons.

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