Freedom and Liberty are Always! – From Boise, Idaho 2014

Protest at Idaho State Capitol – Nov 5th 2014 –
Anonymous, Boise and Housing First Participants

Ā (Video) – Protest at Idaho State Capitol – Nov 5th 2014

( Above link to Vimeo corrected: 04/10/2015. – Sorry about the delay in correcting it! )

I wish to personally thank those who attended and took part in our vocal and persistent protest on behalf of all American citizens and our rights, freedoms, and liberties. šŸ™‚

I also want to say, “WOW!” The Anonymous-folks here in Boise were quite the sight for tired and weary eyes. Your “Million-Mask March” was pretty awesome!!! – THANK YOU! šŸ™‚


My video is uploaded to Vimeo, being that YouTube was insistent on wanting my mobile phone number for “verification” before letting me do anything else on my newly-created account. So, I said SCREW-‘EM and went with Vimeo instead. However, WordPress (dot) com – on a free account apparently, will not let me embed it in my posts; apparently only from YouTube! BOOOOO! x-((


– Rev. Dragonā€™s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,



Our Children Are Our Future: How Poverty Destroys Our Society – One Child at a Time.

NoChildrenNoHumanRaceWith the increase in poverty across the United States of America (and around the world),

One must wonder, “What has happened to our culture, within our societies, that poverty, helplessness, and hopelessness be allowed to continue, and WORSEN?” To add to that, wars of desperation and wars of despotism, only but worsen all of the worst of societal ills we face evermore today. What the hell is WRONG WITH US, when we choose to side-step and even completely ignore what we are allowing to be done TO ALL OF US??? Even many of our “developed nations” are seeing unbelievable, sky-rocketing rates of poverty and homelessness that continues to expand into every facet of society, annually. The hardest sufferers: The Children, OUR Children!

I have been amazed as well as flabbergasted at the alacrity of our “leaders”, when it comes to helping our own children, in face of the facts of their involvement in various companies and for-profit organizations who benefit at our expense. Then, many of the non-profit organizations who have become nothing more than financial “black holes” while gleefully stretching out their collective hands for more, as our poor and destitute suffer worse and worse deplorable existences. When we choose to not undertake the challenges, and actually do the work needed to rectify these problems, especially for the genuine good of our children, we abdicate our responsibilities towards the continuance of our species!

I know, I know! The constant bleating of how “over-crowded” our world is, being the excuse to downplay the plight of many of our human beings, is the order of the day. Well I’M SORRY, – NOT -, but just WHO among us has the authority, and the godly-sanction to make that kind of determination on who lives and who dies??? WHO, of this human species, has the divine authority to make such hideous pronouncements that most should live in squalor, and die slowly and agonizingly, just so that the few of “them” can continue to live the life of extravagance??? So, if we are going to continue this course of events, we are being led into total destruction, a generation at a time.

I remember reading some posts, with some interesting scanned images, calling attention to the looming problem of (Americans) not having enough children to offset the mortality firgures of our population. (Interestingly, this was expressed as early as about 1902/03. – The Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 saw a huge die-off in Europe and North America, as a thought.)

The main reason for why we “seem” to not have enough resources for the world’s people is NOT, I say again: NOT due to “global over-population”. These “shortages” are due to artificially constricted/restricted supplies in the markets, all the way back to the point of production. One of the biggest headaches playing into this problem was when “bio-fuels” markets were opened up, on the promises of cheaper fuel, better efficiency in transport; etc., AND “lower costs”. – All THREE of these claims were to be outright LIES! Instead, many of our farmlands, which formerly produced our food, switched over to producing biofuels crops because of the supposed improved profitability for the farmers. – Another CROCK! – Instead, this converting of our agriculture away from food production has resulted in less of the needed foodstuffs being available for the world markets. Now, we are seeing the resultant starvation, almost everywhere. Our children suffer hardest!

If we are to improve things in our world,

We need to start off by reasserting our priorities, in the markets, and in our domestic social policies. War needs to no longer be “profitable” by ANY stretch! Funds freed up from all of the inane and destructive “warring”, can be retargeted to helping our distressed families for virtually pennies on the dollar, compared to the tens of thousands we spend on failed programs that keep, or return families to on the streets, and ever-more poor. We all should seriously reconsider how we think of our lesser-equipped folks, and interact with them.

A society is judged by how it treats the least of them.”

Out of our current homeless population:

  1. 1 in 6 of the homeless are children between the ages of 18 months and 18 years,
  2. In contrast to the claims by the bureaucrats and media: About 23% of the homeless have a substance abuse, mental, and/or behavioral problem. The leaves open the other 77%, who by lack of one or more diagnosable condition(s) forementioned, outside of the qualifications to receive other means of assistance,
  3. About 1/3 of the homeless (at least in my local community) are military veterans, most of them with discharge from service under honorable conditions (honorable discharge),
  4. Many younger homeless are from dysfunctional and/or abusive families, being the main reason for their possible behavioral problems,
  5. More than twenty times the amount of money is spent funding these phony wars, as compared to what funds the various social programs,
  6. Because of the severe trade imbalances created by all of these “free-trade agreements”, many of our college and university graduates will not be able to repay their student loans for lack of reasonable-wage-paying jobs of their chosen fields and expertise (job out-sourcing),
  7. Over two-thirds of new technology and other “STEM” job openings are going to foreign workers instead of the educated American Citizens, – resulting in more newly-homeless to the streets,
  8. Because of ALL of the above, this is resulting in a sharp increase in children living in poverty and homelessness in these United States of America.
  9. There is a growing trend to reduce, and even end funding to social programs – without even addressing the disappearance of livable-wage/salary-paying jobs!

Yet, because of the increasing poverty, and the resultant increase in crimes of desperation, the American streets are becoming far more dangerous for everyone – especially the homeless. Yet, the media’s growing chorus call for incarceration and even total, permanent removal of the homeless from our streets as the purported “solution”.




Our children need OUR help!

Our children ARE our future!

Our children ARE our promises for a brighter future!

Without our children, the “human race” is dead and gone!

” No Children, No Human Race! “

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,



Homelessness is NOT the problem of society, On Boise City Ord. 34-13

On Sep. 17th, 2013 (Constitution Day by the way),

The City of Boise, Idaho, by a significant majority ( 4-to-2 vote ) passed City Ordinance 34-13, an ordinance to deal with “aggressive panhandling” in the downtown, industrial/commercial zone. The ordinance was supposedly to address the increasing problem of “aggressive panhandling” by the city’s homeless population (even though, the homeless were not all of the problem in the first place). Tuesday, Sep. 17th, 2013 was the very day that the ordinance went through its third reading and was passed by majority vote of the city council.

What failed to be addressed, however, is HOW this ordinance, in its very generic application of the term “aggressive panhandling”, can and will adversely-affect the lives and day-to-day goings-on of the homeless population, while not effectively addressing the real problem: “What is it that is causing the problem of homelessness to get worse, in this city and in this country.” Too many times, legislation and regulation is used as the answer to combating homelessness issues by focusing the blame on the homeless citizens themselves, rather than the core problem – that which is responsible for making it too easy to become homeless, and too difficult for many to escape homelessness when it happens to them.

There are many different reasons as to why so many end up “on the streets”. There are just as many reasons (or bureaucratic excuses) as to why many of the homeless remain in their predicament, often for years at a time. Any such legislation that fails to address the main problems that are often the direct causes, if not indirect causes, of the phenomenon of homelessness, and its spiraling increase in our society – are ABJECT FAILURES of society, and aggravate the problems of homelessness even more so.

Most of the complaints on the “unsightliness of homeless” in the streets, near businesses, bus terminals, etc. come from the very businesses themselves AND the Downtown Boise Association ( or DBA ). At the same time, most of these member businesses and their political allies who make such voluminous complaints, are also the ones who often reject applications for employment and/or resumes from those who are making a bonafide effort to improve their lot, all simply because their contact address and phone number(s) are known to be those of a local homeless shelter. One such instance was when the new “Cheezecake Factory” restaurant was near completion and was looking for new hires for their grand opening. In this situation, several representatives of the company went to several of the local homeless shelters and provided job applications, by the stack. Thirty-eight such individuals had their completed applications in hand, dressed, clean, and ready-to-work as they showed up at the specific location to be interviewed. The mass-interview was being conducted in a “seminar-like” fashion where multiple applicants would sit through a briefing and introductory about the company, and then wait for their turn to be interviewed by one of the hiring agents for the company. The thirty-eight applicants who filled out their applications that were dropped off at a shelter were unceremoniously turned away at the FRONT DOOR, all on account that they were from a homeless shelter address! – Classic, textbook example of a willingness to discriminate against those who may already be homeless!


This is a very common occurrence with many of the businesses in the City of Boise. Boise’s homeless citizens are routinely denied equal opportunity and equal latitude in competing for the scarce jobs and opportunities in the Boise area. Yet, the answer to the “homeless problem” is MORE REGULATION!

Local Clergyman 9 17 13 Boise Ordinance 34 13 – YouTube

That’s right! Rather than address the REAL problems causing the heartaches of homelessness, in these UNITED STATES, our bureaucrats would rather legislate the homeless right out of sight and out of mind of the general public. What a beautiful country we live in, isn’t it???

So, here is another beat on that:

So, I guess that if you are “homeless” in any way, shape, or form, You have NO rights to Be, let alone be around the public! THIS is what is happening across these UNITED STATES, right under our very noses. Just think, a few “tweaks” in the legal interpretation of “aggressive panhandling” is all it takes. This is how the State of California and even the federal government of the UNITED STATES manages to include more so-called “guns” under the aegis of “assault weapons” by merely slightly altering the how and what can be classified under the “legal definitions” used in the various legal clauses. The very same thing can happen here with respect to the legally-defined term of “aggressive panhandling”, aggressive solicitation(s), etc.

* * *

Just a few of the sobering facts about our country, and its true state of the economy. Homelessness is increasing ever faster in our “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”, and the “government”, through its penchant of regulations and ordinances, has just the plan: Criminalize being homeless and/or indigent! The old joke and expression, “It’s the economy, stupid!” says a lot.

My question to all of the “civil-rights leaders”, the various church clergy and pastors in the local area: ” WHERE were all of you, when it is your Brothers and Sisters who are being stepped on through the onerous passage of various laws which, in effect, criminalize them for being poor? ” – WHY was I the only man, who took up the calling out of a sense of duty and love for his Brothers and Sisters, who had the nerve and the righteous indignation to spell it out to the public that this is all wrong on all levels? WHY did no other “man of the cloth” ever come to speak the truth, that hangs on God’s lips, that when a society disgraces the “least of us”, it effectively disgraces God?

There again, I am not the one trying to keep alive any preferred tax advantage ( 501 c(3) – organization ) that comes with the price of fealty to Caesar.
” Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, Render unto God what is God’s. ”

We belong to God, NOT to Caesar. But, I guess, some have given themselves over to Caesar, for a few shekels of Silver.

As Paul Harvey used to quip: ” . . . Now you know, the rest of the story! ”

– Rev. Jim “Dragon’s Eye” Smith