OMG! The “Trump-Haters” Abound, And Not a Thing To Credit The Elections.

 Oh boy! Two days after the election results are finalized, and WHOA! This mis-info, dis-info, and every type of psychological manipulation ever imaged is being played out in these united states.

I did not see this much hatred with the loss of Albert Gore’s run.

Did not see this much hatred with James E. Carter’s loss of s second-term bid.

Did not see this much hatred with George Herbert Walker Bush’s bid for a second-term.

WTF, boys and girls!!!

Have we truly lost all sense of reason and dignity, that we have folks even vowing to to work against the new President-Elect – EVEN by “Republican” members of BOTH Houses of Congress?!?!?

What’s more,

What about all the stupid, asinine death threats – all over an election result? – I even got a good look at the election results map of the united states. Ya know, the one that is color-coded as in Red for “conservative” (or Republican) and Blue for “liberal” (Democrat)? ? ? – Seems pretty clear cut-and-dried to me! A majority of America’s People (to include many African-Americans, Hispanics, and others) have voted in droves in the hopes for REAL CHANGE! The election results could be given as a sign that “America is FED-UP with the sour direction this once harmonious country has been heading, for at LEAST (28) twenty-eight years!” The past “leadership” has been leading us all down the drain, and into absolute despotism.

This election result was made possible by enough People saying, “We are SICK and TIRED of going nowhere but DOWN!”

And now,

The “other party’s” favorites (mainly, ones who have benefited most from all the hand-outs, paid for by OTHER PEOPLE’s MONEY) are fearing the absolute worst, by – behaving their worst! – Such sick, twisted, demented, and immature children, who need to grow up and start seriously thinking, WHAT it is that will help this Nation heal from the wounds of the past (and some, not-too-distant past), and HOW “WE” (together), can make this country a proud place to live in again. (George Soro’s, Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, et al – need NOT apply!)

As I said before,

I am not for counting this as a full victory yet.

Mr. Trump, You will have to prove to me, and many others, that WE, THE PEOPLE, placed our faith and confidence in the right Being, for the job as President of the United States. I would have personally trusted Dr. Jill Stein a little more, but I am sooo relieved that the Bush-Clinton Dynasty may FINALLY be done, and on the way out!

BTW, America:

Just because you voted, and your vote just happened to be one of the winning side,

Does NOT mean your (collectively “OUR”) responsibilities are over and done with! The VOTE, is only the first step, from a series of steps, to helping revitalize our great Nation. Our “collective homework” begins by making sure the reasons for our votes are honored, respected, and OBEYED. We, The People are supposed to be the guarantors of our freedoms and liberties. The “elected” are supposed to support that which We, The People have ordained, in line and thinking of the original intent of these United States of America, and the reasons of its founding!

In other words,

DO NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP AND FORGET YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES! WE, need to make damned sure that our “votes” were not in vain.

Thank you, and good day!

— Rev. Dragon’s Eye



Freedom and Liberty are Always! – From Boise, Idaho 2014

Protest at Idaho State Capitol – Nov 5th 2014 –
Anonymous, Boise and Housing First Participants

 (Video) – Protest at Idaho State Capitol – Nov 5th 2014

( Above link to Vimeo corrected: 04/10/2015. – Sorry about the delay in correcting it! )

I wish to personally thank those who attended and took part in our vocal and persistent protest on behalf of all American citizens and our rights, freedoms, and liberties. 🙂

I also want to say, “WOW!” The Anonymous-folks here in Boise were quite the sight for tired and weary eyes. Your “Million-Mask March” was pretty awesome!!! – THANK YOU! 🙂


My video is uploaded to Vimeo, being that YouTube was insistent on wanting my mobile phone number for “verification” before letting me do anything else on my newly-created account. So, I said SCREW-‘EM and went with Vimeo instead. However, WordPress (dot) com – on a free account apparently, will not let me embed it in my posts; apparently only from YouTube! BOOOOO! x-((


– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,



Our Children Are Our Future: How Poverty Destroys Our Society – One Child at a Time.

NoChildrenNoHumanRaceWith the increase in poverty across the United States of America (and around the world),

One must wonder, “What has happened to our culture, within our societies, that poverty, helplessness, and hopelessness be allowed to continue, and WORSEN?” To add to that, wars of desperation and wars of despotism, only but worsen all of the worst of societal ills we face evermore today. What the hell is WRONG WITH US, when we choose to side-step and even completely ignore what we are allowing to be done TO ALL OF US??? Even many of our “developed nations” are seeing unbelievable, sky-rocketing rates of poverty and homelessness that continues to expand into every facet of society, annually. The hardest sufferers: The Children, OUR Children!

I have been amazed as well as flabbergasted at the alacrity of our “leaders”, when it comes to helping our own children, in face of the facts of their involvement in various companies and for-profit organizations who benefit at our expense. Then, many of the non-profit organizations who have become nothing more than financial “black holes” while gleefully stretching out their collective hands for more, as our poor and destitute suffer worse and worse deplorable existences. When we choose to not undertake the challenges, and actually do the work needed to rectify these problems, especially for the genuine good of our children, we abdicate our responsibilities towards the continuance of our species!

I know, I know! The constant bleating of how “over-crowded” our world is, being the excuse to downplay the plight of many of our human beings, is the order of the day. Well I’M SORRY, – NOT -, but just WHO among us has the authority, and the godly-sanction to make that kind of determination on who lives and who dies??? WHO, of this human species, has the divine authority to make such hideous pronouncements that most should live in squalor, and die slowly and agonizingly, just so that the few of “them” can continue to live the life of extravagance??? So, if we are going to continue this course of events, we are being led into total destruction, a generation at a time.

I remember reading some posts, with some interesting scanned images, calling attention to the looming problem of (Americans) not having enough children to offset the mortality firgures of our population. (Interestingly, this was expressed as early as about 1902/03. – The Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 saw a huge die-off in Europe and North America, as a thought.)

The main reason for why we “seem” to not have enough resources for the world’s people is NOT, I say again: NOT due to “global over-population”. These “shortages” are due to artificially constricted/restricted supplies in the markets, all the way back to the point of production. One of the biggest headaches playing into this problem was when “bio-fuels” markets were opened up, on the promises of cheaper fuel, better efficiency in transport; etc., AND “lower costs”. – All THREE of these claims were to be outright LIES! Instead, many of our farmlands, which formerly produced our food, switched over to producing biofuels crops because of the supposed improved profitability for the farmers. – Another CROCK! – Instead, this converting of our agriculture away from food production has resulted in less of the needed foodstuffs being available for the world markets. Now, we are seeing the resultant starvation, almost everywhere. Our children suffer hardest!

If we are to improve things in our world,

We need to start off by reasserting our priorities, in the markets, and in our domestic social policies. War needs to no longer be “profitable” by ANY stretch! Funds freed up from all of the inane and destructive “warring”, can be retargeted to helping our distressed families for virtually pennies on the dollar, compared to the tens of thousands we spend on failed programs that keep, or return families to on the streets, and ever-more poor. We all should seriously reconsider how we think of our lesser-equipped folks, and interact with them.

A society is judged by how it treats the least of them.”

Out of our current homeless population:

  1. 1 in 6 of the homeless are children between the ages of 18 months and 18 years,
  2. In contrast to the claims by the bureaucrats and media: About 23% of the homeless have a substance abuse, mental, and/or behavioral problem. The leaves open the other 77%, who by lack of one or more diagnosable condition(s) forementioned, outside of the qualifications to receive other means of assistance,
  3. About 1/3 of the homeless (at least in my local community) are military veterans, most of them with discharge from service under honorable conditions (honorable discharge),
  4. Many younger homeless are from dysfunctional and/or abusive families, being the main reason for their possible behavioral problems,
  5. More than twenty times the amount of money is spent funding these phony wars, as compared to what funds the various social programs,
  6. Because of the severe trade imbalances created by all of these “free-trade agreements”, many of our college and university graduates will not be able to repay their student loans for lack of reasonable-wage-paying jobs of their chosen fields and expertise (job out-sourcing),
  7. Over two-thirds of new technology and other “STEM” job openings are going to foreign workers instead of the educated American Citizens, – resulting in more newly-homeless to the streets,
  8. Because of ALL of the above, this is resulting in a sharp increase in children living in poverty and homelessness in these United States of America.
  9. There is a growing trend to reduce, and even end funding to social programs – without even addressing the disappearance of livable-wage/salary-paying jobs!

Yet, because of the increasing poverty, and the resultant increase in crimes of desperation, the American streets are becoming far more dangerous for everyone – especially the homeless. Yet, the media’s growing chorus call for incarceration and even total, permanent removal of the homeless from our streets as the purported “solution”.




Our children need OUR help!

Our children ARE our future!

Our children ARE our promises for a brighter future!

Without our children, the “human race” is dead and gone!

” No Children, No Human Race! “

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,



Thirteen Reasons for Questioning Why 9-11 Official Narrative is a LIE.

And just WHY should we believe the bureaucrats when they say that 9-11-2001 went down the way it did ? ? ?


I came up with 13 reason why we should NOT believe a word they say, no matter HOW MANY TIMES they keep repeating the same, tire out, worn out lies.

  1. HOW could 19 “flunkies”, who could not even properly and safely land and take off in small Cessnas and whatever have you, be able to commandeer and pilot large commercial passenger planes, armed only with “box-cutters” – when many of the pilots in those planes may have been military-trained fighter pilots ? ? ?
  2. HOW could these large commercial aircraft have been able to pull off amazing and complex feats, turning in such a fashion as experience extreme G-forces, while the same manoevers are incredibly difficult in the smaller, more agile fighter planes – all by seriously inexperienced pilot-flunkies who have very little flight time under their belts ? ? ?
  3. HOW could any commercial aircraft be able to deeply penetrate the exterior structures of steel-reinforced concrete buildings ? ? ?
  4. HOW could any steel-reinforced concrete building be brought down by oxygen-starved, jet fuel fires when plenty of examples of “towering infernos” (from various media clips shown around the world). This must have been the very FIRST TIME in architectural history that steel and concrete buildings have EVER collapsed due to fires!
  5. HOW did Building 7 become involved and eventually collapse (let alone experience any kind of fire) when it was nearly a block away from the two towers which were “struck” AND incidentally sheltered from the fallout by two other buildings which were closer to the towers (1 and 2) ? ? ?
  6. WHY was it that ALL COMMERCIAL FILGHTS and virtually all other private flights in the U.S.A. were GROUNDED EXCEPT for the flight that allowed the Bin Laden family to leave the country ? ? ?
  7. WHY was our Southern National Border not closed off and why was immigration into the U.S.A. STILL ALLOWED, unrestricted while our airports and other means of public transit placed under the most severe security restrictions ? ? ?
  8. WHY (and HOW) was it that certain people in high levels and of privileged status given forewarning, often days in advance, not to fly (into or through New York – for instance), and/or to take the day off if their places of duty were in the World Trade Center ? ? ? -> WHY only certain people, but not everyone else ? ? ?
  9. WHY were suspicious folk,s who were filming the “events” and were at first apprehended, then let go, allowed to fly out of country – only to appear on television talk shows in their home countries to talk about their “documenting the event” ? ? ? – WHY was there no outrage from the news media and the public officials over this “finger in our eye” act ? ? ?
  10. WHY did (and still do) certain folks get away with profiting from the horrible misfortune suffered by so many that day ? ? ? – AND yet, still no public outrage ? ? ?
  11. WHY did an Israeli Prime Minister go on television to make a public speech as to how “This act is favorable to Israel” and worry more about how such a horrendous event that has happened to one of its supposed “allies”, bolsters its national image ? ? ? – WHERE is the utter outrage over this ? ? ?
  12. WHY have we STILL not seen any of the clear surveillance images from many cameras that pointed to the Pentagon when it was “hit” by an aircraft ? ? ? – WHY are we still being kept in the dark over this ? ? ?
  13. WHY was the public shut out from contacting their representatives and senators for weeks on end, following “the act” when policy was being secretly discussed – which ended up giving us the ill-named, ill-conceived U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. ACT of 2001 ? ? ? – WHY does this “act” STILL does not call for improved security of our Southern Border (which is NOW completely unguarded and unmanned – so as to facilitate the continued invasion of these united states) – if we have a “terrorism problem” ? ? ?

Are we REALLY any better secured, nationally, today than we were BEFORE 9-11-2001 ? ? ?

What lessons have we learned from this national experience ? ? ?

What lessons have we learned from human history ? ? ?

What hard lessons are we going to be forced to learn someday, that we have not learned now ? ? ?

If we do not get to the bottom of all the lies and half-truths (that our “media” are blatantly complicit in) being used as baseless excuses for the plethora of public policies and regulations being issued; – We ALL will have a very high price to pay: Our freedoms and liberties ! ! !


Get it ?!?!?

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon,


A “Two’s Compliment”: Why most relationships fail.

Now is a good time for me to get on top of the proverbial “Soap Box”, being that recent months’ experiences have helped open my eyes even wider to a very common problem today. – Namely that of relationship that fall apart, whether suddenly or over time.

= = =

We, as a species, were once very much in harmony with Nature; Her cycles and multitudinous events and experiences. This was well-reflected in our societies (most of them were fairly small – by today’s standards). The “family” was all important, and was the basis and foundation of the strength and cohesiveness of the community (or “village”, if you will). We are not talking about more socialism or any other “ism” by what we may think we know of these ideals under; I am speaking of the Natural tendency of the human specie, like many other of Nature’s more-gregarious creatures, to feel in harmony with one another. Most of the very early cultures relied upon every able-bodied, well-minded community member to participate in the day-t-day goings on of the community. Their survival was dependent on it.

This Natural tendency to share what we can affordably give up to another in need or desirous of what we have to offer, is often seen in our youngest members – well before the societal conditioning sets in. – We hear many tales of the “Innocence of Babes” (even though today’s “church” may disagree otherwise) and the images of the ever-youthful looking angels or “cherubim”; The perfect symbolism of a child’s simplicity in thinking and genuineness of feeling.

We also practiced our social skills, daily, by communicating and sharing of ourselves with one another – with some over-bearing “laws”, “codes of conduct”, and regulations lorded over us by “the book”. This was very much a natural consequence of being a social creature. There was very little to be gained by being “opportunistic” over and above one another. This was also done out of love and compassion for the other, regardless what perceived “social status” one may have in his/her village.

As another important part of Natural Law, even in human societies, “Survival of the Species” required that if we, as a species, was to continue to exist in this world, there was need for partnering with another who will eventually become our partner in life, and who will be a part of the children yet to come. It took TWO parents to raise and teach healthy children, who also would be of “sound mind”, and able to care for themselves when their time came to explore the world as a “grown-up”. The parents contributed the finest of his AND her energies and life lessons so that the children may grow up fully knowledgeable and well-prepared to “take the reigns” of life into their own hands. This required a considerable amount of dedicated sharing and strengthening of the relationships in a balanced fashion.

Each parent (to be?) has different strengths and weaknesses that compliment where the other is an adequate match: The One’s weakness is complimented by the Other’s strength. Now, notwithstanding that we all have our own private desires, we still can acknowledge a balance between “self-interests” and the interests in and with the other. It is through learning this “balancing act”, based on our own experiences, that we learn to be malleable in our behaviors and interactions with others, as part of evolving ourselves into the capable and wiser being as we age. All successful relationships require a certain amount of understanding in the “give-and-take” aspect, and its optimal balance for a particular relationship to work well.

Then, there is also the commitment to keep the relationship alive, growing, evolving, and become ever more beautiful with each passing day. The rewards experienced by the participants often far outweigh the continued, genuine effort invested into said relationship. When commitment is high, the relationship most-usually prospers and remains strong, against many external pressures and resistances.

Much of what I see, today, (to include what I have recently experienced) is where there is more being given by one side, and taken by the other. When the commitment of even only one of the participants begins to quiver and shift towards more self-interest, the strength of the relationship is highly in question. Oftentimes, where acute self-interest becomes the “invader”, the stronger commitment to “self” – at the expense of love of the other – becomes the destroyer. What often follows, the secrecy, lies, and other forms and means of hiding the true reality of the nature of the relationship: “On weak ground, and possibly doomed to failure.” Much of today’s “household problems” come from problems in the equality and quality of the relationship: Much of the obvious – materialism, consumerism, institutionalized obsolesence, “easy money”, and a plethora of modern societal ills.

I guess I can say that my former relationship was a classic example.

If we are to ever regain our individual and societal strengths, as what was experienced by our ancestors, we need to take a good look at what we are willing to commit to, and what ideas and goals mean more to us – in the longer term. Relationship take time to establish, and more time to strengthen. They also take constant effort, and reassessment of our priorities concerning the on-going relationship. Many of today’s distractions (as they should be apropriately referred to) are constant attacks on our own state of being and upon our chances of maintaining healthy, thriving relationships. Is there any reason, other than what I have illustrated, for there being a commonness of single-parent households? Is there any other rational explanation for the high divorce rates across the great land of ours? It also comes as no surprise, that in the flurry of legislation that virtually outlaws in-the-work-place romances and relationships, there are many more pressures against forming viable relationships and perhaps the chances of future families. Many a marriage and resulting families started with forming relationships, between two consenting adults, at the place most convenient for meeting such a perspective partner.

However, the “hyper-consumerism” beat goes on and on. The flow of “easy money” and easy credit all but add to the problems. If we are to regain our former stability and strength as a society (and as a “nation”), we seriously need to reevaluate our condition! If we are unwilling, in mass numbers, to commit to the basic principles that successful, enduring relationships need, we simply become nothing more “self-isolationists”, guided by the “needs and wants” of now: Ever-changing in character, and never enduring. The so-called experts’ demogoguery: “The Family is an outdated idea of man’s prehistoric, barbaric days” becomes a reality, because we helped make it a reality.

So, what about the children ? ? ?

If the children continue to be reared in such “altered states of households”, where do they, then, learn about the finest that humanity, and human society, can offer? Where do they learn to become “Human”, and successful humans at that ? ? ? Where and when will they learn what it takes to form successful, natural bonds with one another; Bonds that may become new families, and the “Promises of Tomorrow” for mankind ? ? ?


– Rev. Dragon’s Eye
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon,


“Democracy” for Sale!

The Story:

Supreme Court Strikes Down Aggregate Campaign Donation Caps

Lawrence Hurley
April 2, 2014

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday expanded how much political donors can give candidates and parties in federal elections by striking down a key pillar of campaign finance law.

On a 5-4 vote, the court struck down the overall limits on how much individuals can give to candidates, parties and political action committees in total during the federal two-year election cycle.

The ruling leaves in place base limits on how much a donor can give individual candidates and laws that require candidates, parties and political action committees to disclose information about donors.

Read more

This article was posted: Wednesday, April 2, 2014 at 10:00 am

= = =

Poster’s Note:

There you have it, folks! The “big money” wins by a landslide. Is there any more proof that your “vote” means absolutely nothing, when it is the money that talks loudest. It is the money that writes and “lobbys” the choice-legislation, not the “elected law-makers” themselves. ( Who writes our laws??? )

Also: ( As I find more links to trustworthy resources, I will add them here. )

Also interesting,

The “McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Bill” was also similarly gutted by the SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES in a similar issue of limits to financial campaign contributions. Yet, the provisions that also limited speaking and debating the issues that each candidate stood for, to a limited time-window remained INTACT! – The SCOTUS allowed the big-money contributions with virtually no limits – all of the grounds of “free speech”, but did not afford that same ruling towards the REAL free-speech concerns (like open debates about the candidates’ stances – right up to election day).

So again,

Our so-called “democracy” is for sale!!!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye
Founder, Temple of The Ancient Dragons


The Right of Choice Lives On!

Freedom to Choose

So interesting that,

So many in this country have been snowed into thinking that government-mandated individual-participation (and only SELECTIVELY applied and enforced) in a commercialized health program is such a good thing for America. This was a socialist’s “wet dream” upon the United States of America; “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”. The first thing out of the lips from many who would argue FOR it is something like, “Everyone needs to ‘take responsibility’ for their part in the ‘public’s health’.” – Funny thing, I thought the idea of a truly free nation, was that each and every member of it, takes responsibility for HIS OWN health? WHY do we need to continue this idea of a “shared burden” (shared pain), enforced by an increasingly-unaccountable “government”, in order to remain something of a “strong nation”?

Since the passage of the “Affordable Care Act”,

Insurance premiums for many more than quadrupled even BEFORE the “individual mandate” was to become active law! For many others, they saw their existing insurance program (policy) suddenly canceled, all on the guise that their policies did NOT meet the “federal minimum requirements” (whatever they are, from day-to-day). This left these folks in the direction of having to find another “acceptable” policy, often at greatly-increased rates and fees.

Further injury to the already gravely-weak economy:

The ACA has borne out, even further, that it is also very costly to the business economy. Many businesses (mainly from small-to-medium-sized businesses) were already encountering the realities of increasing expenses upon them, for simply doing business. Many businesses have gone to the point of laying off much of their workforce, and reducing the scheduled employable hours of others. This having a severe net loss of private-sector jobs in the U.S. Like our fragile economy could sustain even more costly pressures from onerous “mandates” by government.

So HOW do these folks so LOVE “Obamacare”,

When very few of them have actually taken any time to actually READ and UNDERSTAND the ACA (which was kept secret from the public until AFTER it was passed in both Houses and signed by the POTUS)??? THEN, what about the over fifty-thousand-lines of the corresponding Code of Federal Regulations (the REAL area of enforcement and application of this “law”) that came about later? Has any of these ACA-Lovers even bothered to dig into the monstrosity of the corresponding CFR (again, Code of Federal Regulations)?

I’m sorry, folks but,

It is NOT the “government’s” job to enforce some perceived “shared responsibility” upon all of us; especially when it involves significant increases in costs and onerous burdens upon all of us. This has to be one of the most monstrous wealth-redistribution schemes that has been pushed upon the American public, with very little of the public actual knowledge, let alone input, before making it “law”! What’s more, it does NOT cover many life-saving/enhancing procedures, it does NOT cover any of the “alternative therapies” (especially ones that actually WORK), but covers virtually every method and call for abortions (regardless of need), “death-with-dignity” cases (doctor-assisted human-euthanasia [more like sanctioned murder]), and various other destructive and unnecessary medical procedures that we should NOT be forced to support in the first place!


It is NOT “government’s” job to force the people’s participation in ANY economic, commercial health-system, for any perceived notion of “public welfare” (which the pseudo-legals have done well to twist in favor of their programs). It is about the individual’s choice. The dreaded ACA takes AWAY that individual choice, and replaces it with an individual MANDATE. When you have mandated participation, by “government”, you have the drastic increases in prices, costs, fees, etc. we see now! All bureaucratic regulation does is strangle the competition in such an industry, and then the cartelization of it by those with the deepest pockets. We, The People, all lose in the end!

– Rev. Athauliz “Dragon’s Eye” Firestorm,
Founder, Temple of The Ancient Dragons


Homelessness is NOT the problem of society, On Boise City Ord. 34-13

On Sep. 17th, 2013 (Constitution Day by the way),

The City of Boise, Idaho, by a significant majority ( 4-to-2 vote ) passed City Ordinance 34-13, an ordinance to deal with “aggressive panhandling” in the downtown, industrial/commercial zone. The ordinance was supposedly to address the increasing problem of “aggressive panhandling” by the city’s homeless population (even though, the homeless were not all of the problem in the first place). Tuesday, Sep. 17th, 2013 was the very day that the ordinance went through its third reading and was passed by majority vote of the city council.

What failed to be addressed, however, is HOW this ordinance, in its very generic application of the term “aggressive panhandling”, can and will adversely-affect the lives and day-to-day goings-on of the homeless population, while not effectively addressing the real problem: “What is it that is causing the problem of homelessness to get worse, in this city and in this country.” Too many times, legislation and regulation is used as the answer to combating homelessness issues by focusing the blame on the homeless citizens themselves, rather than the core problem – that which is responsible for making it too easy to become homeless, and too difficult for many to escape homelessness when it happens to them.

There are many different reasons as to why so many end up “on the streets”. There are just as many reasons (or bureaucratic excuses) as to why many of the homeless remain in their predicament, often for years at a time. Any such legislation that fails to address the main problems that are often the direct causes, if not indirect causes, of the phenomenon of homelessness, and its spiraling increase in our society – are ABJECT FAILURES of society, and aggravate the problems of homelessness even more so.

Most of the complaints on the “unsightliness of homeless” in the streets, near businesses, bus terminals, etc. come from the very businesses themselves AND the Downtown Boise Association ( or DBA ). At the same time, most of these member businesses and their political allies who make such voluminous complaints, are also the ones who often reject applications for employment and/or resumes from those who are making a bonafide effort to improve their lot, all simply because their contact address and phone number(s) are known to be those of a local homeless shelter. One such instance was when the new “Cheezecake Factory” restaurant was near completion and was looking for new hires for their grand opening. In this situation, several representatives of the company went to several of the local homeless shelters and provided job applications, by the stack. Thirty-eight such individuals had their completed applications in hand, dressed, clean, and ready-to-work as they showed up at the specific location to be interviewed. The mass-interview was being conducted in a “seminar-like” fashion where multiple applicants would sit through a briefing and introductory about the company, and then wait for their turn to be interviewed by one of the hiring agents for the company. The thirty-eight applicants who filled out their applications that were dropped off at a shelter were unceremoniously turned away at the FRONT DOOR, all on account that they were from a homeless shelter address! – Classic, textbook example of a willingness to discriminate against those who may already be homeless!


This is a very common occurrence with many of the businesses in the City of Boise. Boise’s homeless citizens are routinely denied equal opportunity and equal latitude in competing for the scarce jobs and opportunities in the Boise area. Yet, the answer to the “homeless problem” is MORE REGULATION!

Local Clergyman 9 17 13 Boise Ordinance 34 13 – YouTube

That’s right! Rather than address the REAL problems causing the heartaches of homelessness, in these UNITED STATES, our bureaucrats would rather legislate the homeless right out of sight and out of mind of the general public. What a beautiful country we live in, isn’t it???

So, here is another beat on that:

So, I guess that if you are “homeless” in any way, shape, or form, You have NO rights to Be, let alone be around the public! THIS is what is happening across these UNITED STATES, right under our very noses. Just think, a few “tweaks” in the legal interpretation of “aggressive panhandling” is all it takes. This is how the State of California and even the federal government of the UNITED STATES manages to include more so-called “guns” under the aegis of “assault weapons” by merely slightly altering the how and what can be classified under the “legal definitions” used in the various legal clauses. The very same thing can happen here with respect to the legally-defined term of “aggressive panhandling”, aggressive solicitation(s), etc.

* * *

Just a few of the sobering facts about our country, and its true state of the economy. Homelessness is increasing ever faster in our “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”, and the “government”, through its penchant of regulations and ordinances, has just the plan: Criminalize being homeless and/or indigent! The old joke and expression, “It’s the economy, stupid!” says a lot.

My question to all of the “civil-rights leaders”, the various church clergy and pastors in the local area: ” WHERE were all of you, when it is your Brothers and Sisters who are being stepped on through the onerous passage of various laws which, in effect, criminalize them for being poor? ” – WHY was I the only man, who took up the calling out of a sense of duty and love for his Brothers and Sisters, who had the nerve and the righteous indignation to spell it out to the public that this is all wrong on all levels? WHY did no other “man of the cloth” ever come to speak the truth, that hangs on God’s lips, that when a society disgraces the “least of us”, it effectively disgraces God?

There again, I am not the one trying to keep alive any preferred tax advantage ( 501 c(3) – organization ) that comes with the price of fealty to Caesar.
” Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, Render unto God what is God’s. ”

We belong to God, NOT to Caesar. But, I guess, some have given themselves over to Caesar, for a few shekels of Silver.

As Paul Harvey used to quip: ” . . . Now you know, the rest of the story! ”

– Rev. Jim “Dragon’s Eye” Smith