A Soul’s Journey: My Interpretation of the Development of Soul.

A figured this would be a good time to write about what I have learned,

Through personal experiences, the journey of the Soul, from one Life to the next.

My particular beliefs about the Soul, Spirit, and all the other possible “bodies”, physical and non-physical, differ greatly from most of today’s known (and a few not-so-known) spiritual “systems”: I view the “spirit” and the “soul” as two different aspects that coexist from beginning to end.

One, the Spirit, is what we start off with, as human beings start off life as an infant –

With only a minimal vestige or “budding” of personality traits, characteristics, or whatever means to describe them. Everything has Spirit as its inner-dimensional existence. All Spirit(s) have a particular vibration that resonates within and without the known (and again, not-so-known) Cosmos (by “cosmos”, I mean far greater an expression than simply “universe” – IE: “everything”). The Spirit is the starting point or “template” in which to build upon the various experiences and knowledge attained through the steps (or “lives”) one travels.

The Soul, is that which becomes the uniqueness and “personality” (for lack of a better descriptor) worn by the particular Spirit.

The Soul becomes the vast accumulation of experiences, feelings, knowledge, and general other individualistic characteristics that identify this Spirit as an individual reflection of what we may think of as “God”. Just as each star, sun, grain of sand on a beach, can be as unique to one another – so can the various “reflections of God” we call “Soul”. The Spirit accumulates this make up of a “personality” as in “building a Soul”. The Soul is the individualized aspect of that singular piece of Spirit. The Soul becomes, as its own unique Cosmic Vibration.


I can hear the various chorus calls of how I am “wrong” and there is “no degree of separation” of Spirit. This is the usual “establishment-oriented” religious dogma that plagues humanity with this “there is no such thing as individuality” mode. Well, I say they are not truly exploring that realm of individuality to experience it for themselves. Most of them will never venture into that “unknown territory”, because they are constantly gerded against such thoughts by their dogmatic teachers! Yes, we are all from the same origin, but like the proverbial “child”, we eventually must mature, and begin the journey towards individualizing and exploring the realms of the Spiritual unknown, IE: Individuality. The child eventually leaves “home” when it grows up and matures, to start a new life of its own – and start a new family. That newly-“emancipated” adult becomes responsible for its own actions, reaction from those actions, and recreating new realities.

The idea of “reincarnation” and “schooling through multiple lives”.

One late night radio program had a very interesting guest on it.

Though I have long forgotten his name, he said a very catchy and startling phrase that rang loudly within me: “Schoolhouse Earth“! It made a lot of sense to me in that “life” is all about learning. One of the greatest teachers one has (and, I am pretty sure that every “living thing” has this as a teacher) in Life is experience. Experience, each and every instance, event, and reaction, has a lot to teach us about our travels in “life”. No other teaching or education “system” can compare, let alone parallel what experience can teach us, and to such great depths of knowledge. Experience is they only teacher of a thing called: “Wisdom”. No other teacher can “give” wisdom. Only the individual learning through hard-earned experience. Other teachers can give tools, methods, and basic examples, but experience is gained by actually learning to use them well (That’s Wisdom).


Those who acknowledge reincarnation as part of “life” and pure existence,

See the purpose behind multiple, different lives, and how each “life” adds to the ever-growing collection of “lifetime experiences” of the Soul. The Spirit passes through everything, and beyond anything including “time”. The Soul, gets progressively more-defined, and more individualistic in its Cosmic Vibration(s). Each and every interation (life) is simply another stage the Soul, and ultimately, the “richness of the Spirit”, grow and become more “God-like”. (We ARE considered to be born in the image of our Creator, aren’t we?)

Being that the Spirit (and its developing Soul-Personality) is transcendant over everything and anything (especially over the physical),

Then would it not make complete sense that the Spirit (and Soul) are not limited to inhabiting one specific, singular physical (or other) form??? The form one takes in a specific life, is purely to allow that Soul to gain the experience that is most common through the experiences in that form. Each particular form (species, especially) experiences different aspects and qualities of life. The world appears differently to them through own eyes, ears, and all other senses that are common and integral with that form. Ever experience the world as an ant, or as a bird, or even as a fish??? Such cases of interesting memories have been recorded during the hypnosis sessions, as told by the many researched human subjects of those sessions. Some have even recalled, through deep hypnosis, astonishing details that were later found to be relevent and actual happenings in a part of history!

This then brings us to the subject of, . . .


Many of today’s religious “systems” and “churches” (to include most of the “new-age” belief “systems”) turn rather sour on discussions about “otherkin” and “otherkinsim”. (My, how ‘tolerant’ some of these religions claim to be!!!) They believe it is all impossible, and think that folks who follow the line of thinking about otherkinism being real and demonstrable are a bunch of kooks, phonies, and mentally ill. (My, how ‘tolerant’ some of these religions claim to be, again!!!) They may also consider this subject as being purely from the “gamers’ groups” and rpg’ers. Well, the ancient peoples also had different ideas – and considered trans-species Soul incarnations to be quite real. The reason why many practicing Buddhists and Hindus (and many variations and “sects” of the old Vedic Ways) are purely vegetarian (or nowadays, more like “vegan”) cited, is that the animals around them may be the reincarnations of their departed loved ones and family members (especially those who were considered “rewarded” for their pious living in one or more past-lives). They truly believe that killing and eating of any of the animals could possibly end up in their killing off a being with the Soul of their departed. (Sounds a bit like otherkinism reversed, doesn’t it?) So, much of today’s Buddhism and Hinduism centers around a form of “otherkinism”! So what’s the difference towards those who claim to have lived past-lives in non-human form???

In closing this article,

I want to stress the fact that there are some in the world who whole-heartedly believe in otherkinism, and the ability of the Soul to transcend ANY form it feels is necessary from life to life, to gain a fuller experience of its own existence. “Otherkins” may not be very well known, nor may there be very many who have the courage to claim they are non-human Souls (even though, the “Soul” is far more capable than just being “human”). To agree with one of Jafira Dragon’s modes of thinking: “It is not necessarily an easy thing to reconcile with, that one is an otherworldly Soul, or may have existed in a different form in a past life.” There is even an “e-book” on the subject of otherkinism! The first kind of “manual” of its kind, and a very detailed, well-developed piece of writing that continues to evolve as more experiences and personal testimonies come to the surface. It is called “Jafira’s Draconity Guide” (tailored mainly towards those who consider themselves “Dragon-Souls”).

As to also speak of the several well-practiced psychics I knew,

I was said, repeatedly, that I myself am an “ancient Soul” (meaning, I apparently have been around in different incarnations for a very long time). There are probably many who are also “Ancient Souls”, and perhaps some, who do not even remember it yet! Such is the aspect of a Soul; Ageless, timeless, and ever-present in any reality, and every reality. A practicing shaman, often one who tries to incorporate the “old ways” of shamanism, would see this an ineffable truth. The Soul journeys onward and outward, regardless of its present form. The form a Soul takes in its present life, does not necessarily define its state of being (other than through the basis of experiencing life through the eyes of that form). In the simplest way to express it: “The body, does NOT define the Being.

Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,


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Were You Ever Lost in Da’ath?

When one is lost in on his/her spiritual journey,

One may think of being at something like a crossroads in his/her path. One may not necessarily be “stuck” in the barrenness of nowhere. It may be more likely that one has come across that point where a decision is to made, and being aware of those multiple choices available. Such indecisiveness is common and not necessarily a bad thing. A choice or decision made in haste often results one becoming even more hopelessly lost.

When exploring the vast unknowns of the mind and of the spiritual realm,

It does much better a service for one to contemplate each step that presents itself, and sometimes not so straightforwardly at that, BEFORE plunging right in. It also helps a great deal to examine the path behind us. Without knowing where we have been, before proceeding forward, often results in our losing our direction and orientation. Such as is the case when exploring anywhere we are unfamiliar with. Such be like the case of Da’ath in the venerable “Tree of Life” of the Kabbalistic Path.

The bright side of the spiritual journey is that if you get lost or misdirected while traveling your path, all one needs to do is pause for the time being, and relax the mind. Panic has never accomplished anything positive or beneficial to the experiencer! So do NOT panic! Just pause and contemplate. Those who would foolhardily attempt to travel into the depths of Da’ath, without references and without guidance, are the ones who end up becoming hopelessly lost.

Let the God(s) and/or Goddess(es) help you in their particular way, and regain your footing on your travels when the answers become much clearer to you. The Realm of Da’ath holds many mysteries and great knowledge. That is why it aligns so well with the Throat Chakra and the darkness side of Being.

In a future post,

I would like to delve a little bit deeper into a few of the mysteries of Da’ath (and life in general) as was given to me. Many of the “White-Light-Only” religions would rather you bypass and forget about traveling into the darker realms in search of knowledge. I am all for exploring the darker realms, but to make sure we are adequately prepared for our journeys, beforehand. I would like to show you how it is that Da’ath is not really a Sephiroth at all, but akin to that of a shadow of one. It tells us of the relationships of discrete and occult knowledge, with the shadow worlds and our shadow selves. It is also a place and a realm where our greatest powers to understanding lie.

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the temple,



Shadow-Gates I – Doorways of The Inner Being.

I thought today would be a good day to talk about the aspect of the darker side of our Inner Being.

Today seemed right as I was rather depressed at things went this week, and how I ended up not accomplishing what I set my direction to. I really felt bummed out as it seems things always fall apart for me because of the various complexities I had to endure this week, which cost me time and much of my patience. So, times seem rather dark for me right no (as seems to happen, often at the worst times).

Over the years, I have come to understand, all too well, why some folks’ creativity shines the most prominent and most effluous in their darkest moments. This is true for many blues musicians also. One who plays the most heartfelt blues, is usually one who has good reason to put his/her pained feelings into music. It is a very common way of coping and even beginning the healing process from that which fosters the pain. Music lends itself well to that healing process!

Various painters like van Gogh did much the same thing with their creativity. Earnest Hemmingway often found relief in his writings (when he was not too imbibed, physically) when feeling “down”. So, perhaps my writing about some of things that I have learned and experienced along the way, be a major part of my own healing. After all, I do have the habit of writing things that may at first seem “from out of left-field”, but are still of interest to those who read my blog(s). So, here goes:

I have talked with friends and associates, some at great length, about the mysterious things in Nature, and occult arts. A few of them made consistent references to “gateways” and portals and such. It was always talk about opening a gateway or portal here, there, or at some other specified location. I was kind of getting a bit weary of the same old song and dance about how and where such and such has opened a “portal” or something similar. Generally, location may be a part of the equation to the successful creation/opening of a gateway. Usually, some other environmental factors must weigh in also. Such things as the flows of undercurrents and “Dragon-Energies”, for example, are not to be underestimated, nor overestimated when dealing with altering aspects of the “non-ordinary” realities. Only, this just represents a physical manifestation in what would be an otherwise unstable “physical reality”. The non-ordinary realities are far more fluid than this ordinary reality. Therefore, such things would be more possible within them, than of the current physical reality we find ourselves in.

One thing that most do not comment on, let alone even realize, is that these portals and gateways mean very little to those who have no understanding of them in the first place. They are just “there” for anyone to inadvertently “happen across”.

The gateways I am more likely to be fixate on are those that we open up within our own Being, whether physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc. Usually, the individual has gotten into the habit of only thinking about ONE of the planar levels, while neglecting the rest. (Sounds like much of the lack of our healing modality too, doesn’t it?) To me, such a singular dimension gateway stands very high risk of being unstable and perhaps even unbalanced. A physicaly-located portal does not mean much of there is not a stable power source, and the strength of Will, to maintain it. Therefore, it can become erratic, unstable, and even very dangerous if left unattended. This is one of the many reasons why gateways and portals have typically been guarded and/or maintained by one or more guardians (as according to many early spiritual writings and stories). So, the more physical portals may not be the only answer to any serious undertaking. Then, who is to actually utilize one or more of these portals, and how well do they understand the basis for these portals?

The most important forms and types of gateways and portals that one would find usable for everyday practices, are those we open up from within ourselves. Those who have mastered or have very good experience in spiritual travel, are most likely ones who have mastered manipulating those inner-gateways (what I call “Shadow Gates” – because they originate within the shadow-side of one’s own Being). These Shadow Gates represent the openings into the deeper side of the shadow-self. They serve to most, a more direct access to the long-repressed memories and abilities within one’s own Being. It is within the shadow-self that often reveals the real spiritual self and its real feelings about itself and the world around it. It is also another, deeper source of inspirations, dreams, and other creative thinking and conceptualization ideas. It is where memories are stored, in the “raw”, as unedited, experiencial memories. It is also where some of our deepst fears reside – all due to them being jealously-guarded from outsiders. The old “Boogey-Man in the dark” scenario is as ancient as humanity itself. It is also the mark of where “fear” is at its greatest. The darkness is the perfect place to hide that part of ourselves from the outside world (often because we were societally-conditioned to do so) so as to keep it secret.

I can almost think of it as the greatest source of emotional problems (mis-diagnosed as “mental disorders” to this day) and turmoil. Much of our depression(s) come from the constant fear of our inner selves being discovered or “outed” by another, without our consent. The stress of keeping these things, which are very natural to us, hidden away from the daylight and worrying about it (because it is not socially acceptible to have these thoughts, dreams, etc.) only leads us further into a deeper state of depression and eventual self-detsructive behavior, all out of desperation. We basically have become a society that’s “afraid of our own shadows”. Such be the modern tragedy, and coming from what is supposed to be an “evolved society”.

The proverb on “facing our fears face-to-face” becomes even more important.

==> Part II – Shadow-Gates I – Recognizing our fears and how to deal with them.

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,