The Dance of Jupiter and Venus.

As Venus and Jupiter dance the Night Sky,
As Mars watches jealously from His hidden corner,
For it was as His first love, Venus, that Mars made His claim.

Dastardly, as Jupiter steps in, and confounds and controls the arrangement,
That Mars grows jealous evermore.
But that BOTH Mars and Jupiter fail to grasp: Venus be forever a Virgin, and of own-kept mind!

The impossible pairing of any with Dear Venus, result being none after.

Lest, the foolhardy dances with Venus,
With prospective Heart, and hopeful intentions,
Be all for naught!

Venus struts off, all her virginity left intact,
For some other anxious Soul to ply His tricks,
And fail to win Her hand thereafter.

– Rev. Dragons Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,

A Dragon Prayer for World Dragon Day, Oct.25th, 2014

Here is my contribution to the celebration of the world’s first actual World Dragon Day for October 25th, 2014:

On this Special Day,

Let my Mind seek out Knowingness of All in the Cosmos,

Let my Heart feel the Rythyms of the Heavenly Music,

Let my Soul reunite with Ancient Spirits I call my Family,

Let my Words, Thoughts, Feelings, and Deeds be marked and remembered,

For All Time, and All Place,

May My Dragon-Kindred always be in My Heart, Mind, and Soul,

May Our everlasting bonds of Love, Compassion, and Grace,

Be forever indelible, unbroken, and shine more than the Brightest Stars,

This World be Our School, and Our Playground,

This Moment in Time, be Our Greatest Power, Waxing,

Ye, Beloved of All Dragon-Kind, Be with Me,

As I, with You, shall we Dance together, the Dance of the Cosmos,

Shall We forever more, be reunited and nevermore lost,

Shall We, as Dragon-Kind, one and all, be rekindled of Our Souls,

That We All realize the Greatness and Grandness in All Thing,

To this Day, Let us All commune, for the sake of Family Communion,

Let Our Souls Dance together, forever!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,

The Dance to the End of Time : A Prayer to Theli.

Oh Ancient Theli,
Oh Gracious and Wise Theli,
The One of  the Primacy,
One Who Commands The Forces,
A Sacred Song, Sung to Thee,
A Sacred Prayer, Succored to Thee,
Be-eth They, From Within Thine Spirit,
To All, Shall They Be Made Known!
From the Dance of The Thirteen,
Through The Twelve Ages, Round,
And of The Two, Who Make Their Mark,
That Spells the End of Time.
– Ne’Shæ Daasha.
Rev. Athauliz “Dragon’s Eye” Firestorm

I’ll leave the guesswork of the numerology and significant meanings to your imagination. There ARE several meanings here, findable by those who are alert and have read some of my past writings. >;=))====


I do not yet have the graphic to go with this prayer, as it would be fairly illustrative.