The Dance of Jupiter and Venus.

As Venus and Jupiter dance the Night Sky,
As Mars watches jealously from His hidden corner,
For it was as His first love, Venus, that Mars made His claim.

Dastardly, as Jupiter steps in, and confounds and controls the arrangement,
That Mars grows jealous evermore.
But that BOTH Mars and Jupiter fail to grasp: Venus be forever a Virgin, and of own-kept mind!

The impossible pairing of any with Dear Venus, result being none after.

Lest, the foolhardy dances with Venus,
With prospective Heart, and hopeful intentions,
Be all for naught!

Venus struts off, all her virginity left intact,
For some other anxious Soul to ply His tricks,
And fail to win Her hand thereafter.

– Rev. Dragons Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,


National Holidays We Are In Danger of Losing: The Typical Remaking of American Culture and Traditions.

As political-correctness pressures and media propagandizing are pushing us to adopt new “norms”, what is there left to salvage of the honorable moments of the history of the United States of America?

Establishing “standards” of what it is to be “normal”.

When personal choice becomes subjectivized and rationalized away, in favor of the “new normal”, what is there left, for the individual being to celebrate as part of his citizenship (also a thing becoming of the past)? The last twenty or so years have seen some astonishing changes and transformation from what many of us held as part of our traditions and culture. Many of these changes, not so positive and “inclusive” of all. We have also seen a radical re-interpretation of many of our laws and codes. Many of these changes, resulting in more outside interference and involvement of “government”, and less room for dissent.

We are also seeing, at mind-numbing and blinding speed, the chorus calls to rewrite many important parts of our history, both collective and individual, all because “we do not like those parts”. So, what ARE we to learn of our past history, and FROM our past history? If we are to neglect and ignore those parts that are unfavorable to us, then WHAT are we to learn and HOW are we to learn to not repeat those very same mistakes and tragedies? “He who forgets history, is doomed to repeat it!” (adlibbed, of course). Are we going down a road that is altogether to familiar to the aware, and totally unknown to the oblivious?

In order to examine the current state of affairs in this fashion,

We should look at the political pressures for changing, or altogether abolishing, several of our venerated, national holidays and celebrations.

1 ) Fourth of July – as opposed to “Independence Day“:

– Independence Day is (soon to be “was”) a celebration of the United States of America’s liberation from tyrannical rule of the English Crown. The British Empire was a force to reckoned with in the old world, along with its titan commercial interests like the British East-India Trading Company. Most of the colonial exploits of the British Empire were for not only expanding imperial influence, but also for more opportunities to “trade” with other nations (as well as the resulting exploitation of those populations by the mercantilists).

The exploitation of the American Colonists, over time, became so unbearable due to increasing taxation to the benefit of the empire and its friendly businesses. This tilted form of economy made it so that most of the individualist-minded business folk were adversly affected by these increased expenses, while the more “crown-friendly” businesses benefited handsomely. It was events like these, and the furthered oppressions against the colonists (burning of “unlicensed” printing houses, intentional disarming of the general populace, etc.), as well as the unrestrained power and unchecked authority of the British military, that became the rallying cry for independence from the British Empire. Repeated attempts for treaties and agreements for parity of the colonists were ignored, and often – ruthlessly oppressed with more stringent measures against the colonists. After a long and brutal war that saw the American Colonists as victorious of Britain, our fledgling nation’s existence was assured of a fresh start, and a hard-earned self-determination.

What amazes me these days, is the quiet but growing call to celebrate “Interdependence Day”, instead. This comes from those who blindly (or even arrogantly) support the concept of a “global citizen”, and further the destruction of the idea and institution of the “nation-state”. Even the various United Nations’ charters call all of the signatories, “State-Parties”. Just as today, most of the businesses poster-child “July 4th”, or “4th of July” on there banners, instead of the proper reason WHY July 4th is the specific date celebrated: INDEPENDENCE DAY.


The subterfuge goes on.

2 ) Father’s Day (complete with all of the necessary distractions from the true purposes of honoring the “Father”).

This year, 2015, and even locally where I live, it has become plain as day just how much the concept of a “Father” having any importance in society, has been under constant attack! Most of the leverage for dismissing the role and importance of “Dad” in family matters, started with the World War II years. This was then followed, to great effect, by the 60’s “Sexual Revolution” and the resulting additional push for women’s rights (as under the auspices of Patria Ireland and Gloria Steinem, and their “National Organization for Women”).

Under the forced social currents of change, many of the men-exclusive institutions have been done away with. The “social-justice” workers have tirelessly fought with the political system for various changes, and done so with much noise and vigor in support of the causes. Among some of the feats, the removal and subsequent outlawing of men’s-only social clubs, bars, and virtually any other vestige of men-only activities and gatherings. Yet, there are plenty (if not over-represented) of women-only functions, social clubs, “sales”, publications, entertainment venues, etc.

From those times onward, the role of “Father” has been steadily chipped away and side-lined. All one has to do is pay close attention to much of passes for “entertainment” and even most of the commercials often portray the man (and sometimes as the father) as an incompetent boob, or even a totally clueless fool, while portraying the women as the ultra-smart problem-solver. This has succeeded, for several generations of young Americans, in painting “dad” as a fool and incapable of doing anything right. This has also made parenting effectively far more difficult for BOTH parents (mom and dad).

Then, let’s get to the example of what happened locally (Boise, Idaho):

It used to be, every Father’s Day – Sunday, that we would have the presence of all sorts of classic cars and hot-rods displayed along a designated, closed-off street all day. This was in the spirit of Father’s Day, and was typically a “tradition” put on by the local classic car enthusiast clubs. This year, again – 2015, the classic cars show was done the previous Saturday evening (which was too dark by that hour, for me to clearly-photograph any of the cars with my camera-phone, like I wanted too) instead! What also transpired that very same Saturday, the Gay-Pride March and Festival, the World Citizen Festival, and a few other smaller but well-promoted “festivals” – AT THE SAME TIME!!! – The Father’s Day occasion had to compete with other interests, all because it’s schedule was moved up to Saturday, instead of the traditional Sunday!

Well, I guess THAT was supposed to be a “Happy Father’s Day“? ! ? ! ?

3 ) Thanksgiving Day (even though it was originally observed on a different calendar day, it still stood for “giving thanks for all the things we have”).

Thanksgiving Day has many different counterparts throughout much of the world. The giving and expression of gratitude has been a very important part of many cultures, past and present. The Paleo-Pagans and other ancient cultures had their many different ways of expressing gratitude, and to whom and/or what they gave the praise to. One of the important effects of being grateful for those things we have, and for the ability to supply ourselves and others’ needs, is that we have a tendency of recognizing that such things are often hard-won and hard-earned. We are less-likely to waste and squander what we are grateful for!

The current political pressures seek to try to remove this part of our culture (as much of our hyper-commercialization has given us the “throw-away-society” that we have today) and have even used the divisive rhetoric that it is a “separation-of-church-and-state” issue that they do so. The current invocation of Thanksgiving Day is derived from the Christian (and earlier, Catholic) litergy and doctrines. However, not only these religions express the act of gratefulness, as many other cultures which preceded them by thousands of years have also done. It has become far too common that any holiday that does not commercialize as well (like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.), nor provide such outstanding profit potential, gets silently passed by or abdicated altogether. (This may also be part and parcel to the big push by “animal-rights” campaign groups, to “wean” Americans away from consuming meats of any animal type.)

So, enjoy your Thanksgiving Day, while you still have that fresh-baked turkey available to you!

4 ) Flag Day – Almost NO ONE even knows of the existence of this particular day!

This was the day to celebrate the adoption of our national flag, the Stars and Stripes, as begun with the first Flag of the Thirteen Colonies, as envisioned by the Nation’s Founders and sewn by Betsy Ross. This became the flag of our national identity, and symbolic of our nation’s struggle for independence.

= Some national holidays that are being systematically changed drastically from their original intents: =

5 ) Christmas/Christmas Day – This is being overshadowed by other expressions such as Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Ramadan, and other cultural holidays, exclusive of American culture.

Because “Christmas” is viewed as “exclusivist” and too “Christian” for a nation that honors separation of church and state by the political powers (usually from the more-fascististic movements), it is being quietly discarded in favor of the other cultural expressions of similar holidays. Heavy emphasis is placed on more-loudly promoting the other holidays, because the political system continues the message that “Americans have no culture“. This is a favorite ploy of theirs to further denigrate and minimize the positive contributions of the United States of America, and anything even remotely reminiscent of old European culture.

6 ) Easter/Easter Sunday – Seems to mean something only for hyper-consumerism and commercialization anymore.

* * *

Though I have lost track of a few others myself,

I think this short list is enough to convey a sense of “wow” in that these have been steady pressures, acted upon by many of the so-called civil-rights and social-justice warriors.

If there are any that I may missed, and you feel the need to include them, I am open to other comments on this subject.

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,



Hmmm. Is this a “Mirror-Day”? Time to Remove Obstacles, Negativisms, etc.

Let all numerologists (and witches) take an interesting notice,

Today, you guessed it, is another Friday the 13th. Now WHAT is so special about THIS particular day, you ask?


Let’s take a look at the date, shall we? – (in US-notation) – 03 / 13 / 15.

If we went fully out on the date: – 03 / 13 / 2015.

Friday is considered the 6th day of the week, for those who use the modern Gregorian Calendar.

Then, we have a little bit of math we can do: 03 + 13 + 15 = 31. (Also interesting is that March has 31-days in it!) – OR – we could do it, this way: 0 + 3 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 15 ( 1 + 5 = 6 )*

Without reducing, we have an interesting “coincidence”: 13 | 31 – (See the “Mirror”?) ( – OR – we could use the fact that Friday is the 6th day of the week: 6 | 6*. )

So, what does this tell me? – It tells me that results, effects, etc. should run in “doubles”, today.

Now, are we worried about potential “bad luck”? Well, perhaps taking a good strong start on removing our misfortunes, should start today. It is also convenient that we are currently in the Waning-Phase of the Moon. Therefore, perhaps this be the right day to begin the process of eliminating the effects of the causal issues of our misfortunes.

I like to think of a chant by thinking about the particular problem I wish to reduce, and eventually eliminate. Then, put into a phrase (which would be my chant) that effectively “disempowers” the problem. On this night (because it is a waning-moon on this Friday the 13th), repeat this chant 13-times towards the darkened sky, intoning your intention so as to reverberate with the channeled energies.

And, as many folks do so, you can reaffirm and “seal” your intention with: “And so it is done!”

Now whether you do this in a detail retual, meditation, or just set aside some peaceful time outdoors, this chant – with the full intention and desire to accomplish – should be some great help to you. From then on, remind yourself of this chant, when or if the problem you are trying to shed threatens to resurface. (Being that the Day of Saturn follows, Saturday is good day to reaffirm and reinforce your intention to remove this problem from your life for good.

And there you have it. Sweet and simple!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,



Blessed Imbolc/Candlemas/Michaelmas/Bridget’s Day!

Though this day goes by many names,

I will refer to today as Bridget’s Day, is it is She who I have found interest in. I have read some of the myths and legends surrounding Her following with equal interest. The “Lady of Hearth and Home” and a sweet reminder of the coming Spring. The Winter half done, and the growing power of the Sun’s light, as the Children of the Earth shall soon awaken from their long slumber.

From what I was told,

The Robins have already made their return to the valley, albeit a bit early this year. The Robin has been a steady sign of Spring which is very shortly soon to follow. I found it very interesting when I discover a few years ago, where the Robins go in the Fall when the frosts first grace the ground. I live in a mountainous area where they lie roughly due North of us. This is where most of the valley’s red-bellied residents go for the Winter months. I always wondered why they would migrate to the colder elevations of the mountains during some of the coldest parts of Winter? My guess would be that there is less competition for food and shelter up there, as many of the birds up there either hibernate or migrate further South. This leaves us Sparrows, Starlings, Crows, and an assortment of birds-of-prey to remain with us in the valley.

The Robins come at a time (at least in my area of the world) where we celebrate the Lady Bridget in such a heart-warming and endearing style and manner. The ancient temples dedicated to Her were prepared for welcoming the Spring as the villages of old prepared the way for welcome the growing warmth by cleaning out the home and barns, as well as preparing the tools and equipment that will be needed for the first plowing of the fields. In some areas of the world, the animals were turned outdoors to breathe the fresh air for their first time in the year. Some creatures, like sheep, are ready to give life new meaning with the birth of their soon-to-be new additions to the family. The temples were cleaned and prepared for honoring the sweet old Lady. When the festivities were to wind down, each in the village would take home a torch, lit from the sacred fires in the temples to Bridget. The old “Bridget’s Crosses” would be burned in the temple fires, and new ones would be ready-made to take their places, whether they be on the doors or eves of the homes, or even indoors above the hearth.

This time of year,

Winter is soon to pass. This time, is that halfway point towards the Spring.

Be Blessed, Always,

And a Beautiful Bridget’s Day to all!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,

A Blessed Samhain/All-Hallows-Eve to All

That time of year again.

The time of the last harvest of the season, and last one of the year (for most). It is also a time for many avid hunters. I wanted to further extend the wish and desire to see everyone be safe in their doings and goings-on. It saddens me greatly when I hear of unnecessary and preventable “accidents”. This is the time of year to be thoughtful and introspective of life and those things we have experienced and, hopefully, gained sufficient wisdom from them.

Funny how I have seen very little of the usual fanatical negative fanfare and scare-mondering of the “horrors” of Samhain/Halloween that was becoming a regular occurence for this time of year. So, I am guessing either the “scare festival” has finally worn out due to its waning intended effects upon the public, – OR – just maybe, more folks are getting better educated and more informed about the fanatics and their fun and games, as well as the fact that it is all fear about absolutely NOTHING? There again, it is still a little early in the month. ūüôā


This is a great time to think about the things and events that have happened in the past year. It is also a time to reflect upon the passing of close friends, relatives, and others whom we have liked and/or respected. What about their contributions to our own lives? What have we gained in our personal experiences by our connection(s) with them? Have those who have passed on taught us something valuable and useful? Did we really appreciate them for just being themselves, or did we hold them up on a pedestal? Perhaps, thinking of our own situation, and what these other, departed folks helped us to become aware of is where we can shine! Did they help us to become better at being ourselves? Did we realize these gifts they gave to us then, or even after they have left us?

I would very much like to hear from you, and about your contemplative thoughts on the wonderful gifts someone close to you gave you. I would like to hear if their passing meant something to you, and if you are thankful for what they gave you while they were still alive. Did their presence and their words help to make you a wiser and better YOU?

Your thoughts are very welcome!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,



Blessed Mabon 2014 Everyone!

To all who recognize and partake of this particular day of the season: “Blessed Mabon!”

May your harvests (most likely of the late-season fruits and vegetables) be bountiful and plenty to all.
May your fields, gardens, and wards be fulfilled of the promises kept, as you toiled throughout the season to build upon that promise.
May your households and keeps be refreshed with the plentifulness of fresh herbs and spices from which were raised with tender-loving care.
May your trees and all of your woodland splendor show themselves the true glory of Nature as the season draws to a close.
May your neighbors, friends, allies, and associates be jubilant and frenzied at the prospect of the bounty of the community, that none should ever starve.
May your Gods and Goddesses smile their plentiful graces upon you and yours, that your tireless and dutiful efforts have yet once again, paid off in vast dividends.
May your animal “peoples” see fit the calming and restorative powers of the cooling seasons, and see you as their dearest companion, that they have no worry nor fear.
May this blessed season of Mabon be as another regular reminder that the seasons of our lives are also reflected as in the seasons of Nature: Let all things be known in their time and place.

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon,

The Dance to the End of Time : A Prayer to Theli.

Oh Ancient Theli,
Oh Gracious and Wise Theli,
The One of  the Primacy,
One Who Commands The Forces,
A Sacred Song, Sung to Thee,
A Sacred Prayer, Succored to Thee,
Be-eth They, From Within Thine Spirit,
To All, Shall They Be Made Known!
From the Dance of The Thirteen,
Through The Twelve Ages, Round,
And of The Two, Who Make Their Mark,
That Spells the End of Time.
– Ne’Sh√¶ Daasha.
Rev. Athauliz “Dragon’s Eye” Firestorm

I’ll leave the guesswork of the numerology and significant meanings to your imagination. There ARE several meanings here, findable by those who are alert and have read some of my past writings. >;=))====


I do not yet have the graphic to go with this prayer, as it would be fairly illustrative.


The Ides of March.

Made famous in the William Shakespeare play, “Julius Caesar”, the Ides of March became something of an interest of mine.

The “Ides” were originally in the center of every month, in the original Roman calendar. Usually, this was the 15th in the month of March. Other months where it fell on the 15th: May, July, and October. The rest of the calendar months, it was on the 13th day. The Ides were thought to be determined by the Full Moon. It was thought that the Roman calendar started the New Year at the Ides of March on the correspondent Full Moon, as the original calendar may have been tied to the Lunar Cycle rather than the Solar Calendar which came later.

Also used on the Roman calendar were the “Nones” which were used for the 5th or 7th days of the month, depending on the length of the month, and the “Kalends”, which were the 1st of the following months. The Roman months, days were not counted sequentially as we do today, they were referenced from these fixed points in the month.

It is interesting that if were to consider the importance of the Ides of March in Roman culture, even without reference to the assassination of Caesar, it was also a day of pomp and religious ceremonies.

( Link for more info: )

and –

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The interesting thing about the play and story of “Julius Caesar”,

Was that after the assassination of Caesar, during the time of crisis in what WAS the Roman Republic, the ensuing battles. After these battles were over, Rome became more an empire, and less a free society. Not a very fitting celebration for the start of a new year!

There is also a Full Moon the following day (on the 16th of March, this year). This may be a great time to finally see the wonders of Spring coming into your life, and feeling the energies of Life and vitality stir within you. So this year’s “Ides of March” can definitely mean something special for those who wish to work with these lively energies!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye

Lunar Rituals, Not Just for The Goddess.

A subject I have thought about for a long time, since I last saw a few articles/essays on the subject from a few websites.

I also base this writing on some unflattering personal experiences I had with several different groups I was formerly a member. I also reach out to those who continue what should be “scrap-heaped” a “dogma” that really has no basis in actual, ancient history. Of course, I expect the usual flow of condemnation and condescension by those who are fearful and/or unwilling to take a different view of the matter. This has much to do with why I also decided, years ago, to leave behind most of the “New Age” groups and their idealistic but, questionable philosophies. So . . . “Let ‘er rip”, if you feel you must, but I stand by my words, and fully by my own experiences.

In order to more fully appreciate Nature, and the Powers vested within,

One simply must concede that all things in Nature, and beyond the limited understanding of mankind, that there must be two opposite sides to the entire spectrum of Creation. These polar opposites are what represent the extreme boundaries in which all things Created and/or imagined must exist. “To Everything that casts its Light, Shall also cast a Shadow in its wake.” – Dragon’s Eye

Even here on Earth, Night is just as important as Day, as they BOTH represent the necessary cycles-in-action (Dragonic: “Zhukaya”) that are required for Life to develop and grow. No one is more important than the other, as a lack of either means that Nature (again, here on Earth, anyway) is incomplete and Life would not be possible (to our understanding).

Life can not have meaning, or even know of itself, without the equal presence of Death. Nature recognizes that every Beginning, must have its End. Just as Creation will always, at some time uncertain, be followed inevitably by Destruction. They are BOTH important, and both serve the purpose of the Cycles-in-Action that Nature demands. “Life and Death, Walk Hand-in-Hand, as Brother and Sister. The one can not know itself, without the other.” – Dragon’s Eye

Our ancient Pagan (and Astro-Shamanic . . .) ancestors knew these truths intuitively, and probably instinctively.

They were aware of the forces of Nature, and of the balance between Life and Death as necessary outcomes in the whole of Creation. They also recognized the importance of respecting both as equals in the Natural Law. Many of the Pantheistic cultures even had various deities (of the Male God(s) and Female Goddess(es) type) vividly pictured in their ancient legends and lore. BOTH, in their representative sexes, were regarded as very powerful in their own particular ways, and both were to be respected and/or feared. They were often the depictions of the various powerful forces of Nature.

Some of the deities of old may have even been seen as capable of changing their “polarities” based on some hidden or unknown cause or event, or as the need arises. Most interesting of this case, would come from some of those particular deities who were thought to be equally powerful in either extreme. Some of these dual-natured deities were often thought of as “standing for balance” in Nature. Abraxis (or Abrasax) comes to mind in this example. Though we may refer to Abraxis as a “He”. Abraxis was actually known as a hermaphroditic deity (having some of characteristics of both the sexes), who could called upon for raising either energies. Abraxis depictions often show “him” holding a rod in one hand, and a circle (or hoop?) in the other. The rod may likely represent the Male Powers, and the Circle, the Female Powers. There again, leave it up to your own research, if you wish.

” The Sun belongs to the God, but the Moon belongs to the Goddess. “

This is what I saw stated, emphatically, on a website as if this were “law”, and no discussion about it needed, nor warranted. Now, everyone has the right to an opinion and a differing view of things, but when such opinionated, impassioned statements are geared towards shaming others into either “complying” with this one-sided view, or just “tuning out” altogether; We have a problem. At least I do, especially when such as stated could have been represented as the author’s own opinion, rather than to demean the differing views. Unfortunately, that website was not a blog, and no commentary would have been possible for bringing up discussion. (Some would rather have it that way anyway.)


To “debunk” this one-sided view, for the sake of scholarly discussion, all one has to research are the past cultures who developed into Pantheistic (worshiping plural deities) like the Egyptian Kemetics, some of the Northern Celtic and Celto-Germanic belief systems, the ancient Greeks (obviously), and the ancient Roman Pantheon. The answers should be rather obvious as to these cultures’ views on the importance of BOTH Gods and Goddesses, and their roles in their cultures. Just implying the basis that the Moon, for instance, relates only to the Goddess(es) and femininity in general (all because of the Moon’s “monthly cycles”), leaves out any discussion on how the Lunar Cycles may also affect men and other males of their kind. The Sun’s cyclic (seasonal) effects are also felt by BOTH males and females in the same vein.


This thinking of the “New Age” movement, that places the feminine aspect as superior to the masculine aspect, makes about as much rational and reasonable sense, as the faults of the early Sun Cults’ and later, their Abrahamic derivatives’ thinking of the “all-powerful father” minus any aspect of the feminine deities! BOTH systems refused to acknowledge the equality in Nature of the feminine and the masculine energies; BOTH which are affected by the Lunar and Solar Cycles. Very interesting that the Egyptian Pantheon, for example, incorporated the various deities from the earlier city-states as Egypt became a nation. Some of the deities played dual roles, others shared in roles with their opposite-sex counterparts (much as Isis and Thoth could both be placed as Lunar deities). Sekhmet, though being referred to as a Goddess of war and as “brilliant as the Sun”, could also be thought of as a Dark Goddess in her own right. Isis is sometimes referred to in one or both of her different forms (the “Black Isis” being the Darkness-oriented form).

Even the Earth(Nature)-deities can be male or female.

I hear much talk about “Mother Earth” in many of these circles. This is valid, in my opinion, but not exclusive of the masculine elements and energies that are also to found. Many of the femino-centric circles pay homage to any and all Earth Goddesses they know of, and even liberally use feminine terminology and “isms” to describe the various aspects of Nature, but they often leave out (rather conveniently) the various male Gods, and even the hermaphroditic Gods(?) in their discussions. So I guess Green Man, Cernunnos, Sylvan, the Oak and Holly Kings, and others must escape their attention? Or is it maybe they contrast too much with the “official new age” narratives of Nature Spirituality and Worship? This is a common sticking point with the doctrines expressed within many of these circles. This is fine as a belief standpoint, but that does not necessarily translate into “the WAY it IS” for all Nature Spirituality belief systems.

Again, I must stress that Nature always seeks a balance of energies;

Even of those of “Order”, and of those of “Chaos”. It matters not the sex (or incorrectly: “gender”) of the deities associated with certain Natural forces. It matters more that we recognize there is a necessary balance point in Nature; A balance between the extreme opposite polarities. Anything that exists, simply must exist within the balance of these opposites. Anything that exists, “feels” the exertion placed upon it by these opposite polarities, to whatever proportion.

I was also interested in a specific writing that was describing a specific practice to the that author’s “tradition”:¬† IE – The teacher and the student were always to be of the opposite sexes. It seemed that in this particular tradition, it was important to stress the importance of both sexes and gender-roles through their teachings. It was felt that a student could learn more effectively and show more interest in the Craft he/she was learning, if the teacher was of the opposite sex. (How this was conducted remains a mystery to me, but imaginations can and do wander.)

In closing:

I would like to take the opportunity to state where I stand on this subject. I view all roles as equally important, each fitted for their specific purposes. The Laws of Nature work with BOTH ends of the “spectrum” of the Cosmos. Where one starts, the other has ended, and vice-versa. If one is to work on only a God OR Goddess -oriented practice, that be his/her personal choice, but that does not mean it is the only correct way for someone else too! Men can share in the benefits of working with the Lunar and Solar Cycles and Energies as well as women can. It can be very surprising what men can accomplish in the act of self-transformation when they do.


On R-E-S-P-E-C-T: (“Eat your heart out Mr. Prez., I CAN spell! “)

This is the magical word that so many new-agers seems to only use part of the time, and only then – with certain conditions (like: If it is politically correct to do so). “Respect” should be considered always, as it is earned; NOT to be demanded. It is also a “two-way street”, just as Nature is a duality. If we could all take the time to respect that which is in front of us, because it is the Natural Thing to do, we could collectively accomplish so much more (like, Peace in the World, for instance???) These heavily-opinionated, one-sided ideas make it very difficult to maintain some level of respect for those who choose to not respect others’ differing beliefs. This is so sad! If one claims to be a “high-priest” or “high-priestess” of whichever coven, circle, hearth, grotto, etc. – then my expectations of you, as being a superior example, are going to be very high. So, please lead by example, and show us your brilliant wisdom.

– Rev. Athauliz “Dragon’s Eye” Firestorm,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon,
Temple of The Ancient Dragons

Nourishing the Promises of Tomorrow.

Whereas most may frown or feel “blah” when they experience rainy weather, this time of year.


In my neck-o’-the-woods, the early spring rains come as a very important blessing and an equally important reminder of the cycles and needs of Nature. With Imbolc gone and passed, comes the anticipation of Spring and all of the goodness it brings with it. Much of this possible, only by adequate water from the Winter and early Spring months.

Our previous two years were very dry and very choked with lots of smoke from the many wildfires. Last year particularly, the “Fire season” started about a month and a half earlier than usual. This makes much of the available camping grounds NOT available for the remainder of the season; all due to the fires.


These late Winter and early Spring rains come as bountiful blessings as the snows of the Winter did. This accumulation of moisture is very important to all of us, especially in the high deserts like up in the Inter-Mountain areas. So, maybe a thought or two about the importance of Nature’s bounty; be it of grains and fruits, right down to the amount of rain and snow! These rainy days are what nourish and nurture the promises of tomorrow: A beautiful Spring!

” Be Blessed, Always! ”

Rev. Athauliz “Dragon’s Eye” Firestorm,
Founder and Chief-Elder,

Revealing the Divine within All Things, Great and Small