And so It Begins: Tomorrow’s Soldiers I

As I have just learned today,

Now, the Veteran’s Administration has gone so far as to completely shut down an honorable, long-time tradition this year, all based on the “coronavirus problem” – >> So, I am to take it that our past heroes in uniform, who lost their lives fighting for what they believed to be “protecting our nation and its people”, are to no longer receive the honors and rite of having the flag they died for – no longer be placed upon their graves? And, all because of a hyped-up “coronavirus problem”, when such actions were NEVER taken in the shadow of far worse national problems? ? ? – What has this nation come to?

Suffolk County’s Executive, Steve Bellone told Fox 7, “If we can’t figure out a way to make sure we are placing flags at their graves to honor them, then something is seriously wrong.

What we’re asking the VA to do is, rather than have a blanket policy across the country, allow the national cemeteries at the local level, to make this determination in conjunction with the local health department,” he continued. “We will take the responsibility to say that this flag placement plan meets the state and national guidelines but give us that opportunity to do it, allow us to honor our fallen heroes.

We just commemorated VE Day, this is the generation that lived through the adversity of the great depression, they won World War Two. What is it going to say about our generation if we can’t figure out a way to honor the greatest generation by placing flags at their graves on Memorial Day?” asked Bellone.

On another note:

Something I have noticed, ever so very few in the “alt-media” are talking about:

What has appalled me to no end, is that the current crisis has been used for excuses for virtually EVERY upending policy decision. Conveniently, everything that is being forced to change, as well as the continued campaign of enforcing “social-distancing” measures, and other various social-isolation policies. So WHEN do people finally start to get even so much as restive and suspicious of the “program”? ? ?

On the current “military front”, as to its current policy:


So one may ask themselves, “Now WHY would our military services do that?” I thought that once someone defeated and survived this “COVID-19”, that they would have an immunity and resistance built up to it? So if someone tested “positive” for the antibodies to the virus, and they have effectively recovered from it – then WHY ban them for life from serving in our military?

Then, we have already mentioned some about the serious problems of accuracy and usefulness of the results of these “COVID Tests”. Though there have been plenty of others who have done a far more detailed analysis of this problem, I have come to understand even more that the heavy reliance of these test results, is what is being used to decide policy and “recommendations”! So WHAT gives? ? ?


Now we can add THIS subject to the list of problems we will ALL be facing in the very near future:



Oooooo! Are THESE some of the reasons why? Is it perhaps the beginning of the end of “organic militaries”? Are we starting to see what the typical 21st Century military is going to look like? I remembered, from some years ago, that there was active research and development of robotic technology, especially for the “intended” use of such things as being deployed to detect and disarm mines and minefields, as well as be able to function in NBC (Nuclear, Biological,  and/or Chemical) environments. I was also aware of the intention of deploying UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or “Drones” to combat zones for added support as well as reconnaissance missions. But now, are we seriously looking at completely replacing living, breathing, thinking human soldiers on the battlefield and elsewhere the military forces may be called upon to function? – I don’t know about any of you, but I can seriously say: I DO NOT LIKE WHERE THIS IS HEADING!

A little bit of a summary of human history and “defense forces”:

Our various military forces, throughout human history, were supposed to be for the defense of the land, nation, empire, and whatever have you. The idea of an organized national defense was a fairly sound idea, PROVIDED that there was, in fact, an existential threat to the safety and well-being of the nation and its people. This was especially true when the source of the threat was credible, and was an “external” threat, IE: a belligerent nation-state seeking to commence war against the said nation. In times of peace, there was really very little need for the added expenditures for maintaining an active military force. This was why our own Constitution limited appropriations for a military force to a period of two years, or so long as the external threat was still present. Even then, there were very strict measures expected as for how such military assets would be used, and for what purpose. The only exception to the time-limiting of appropriations otherwise, was to maintain an active navy to patrol and safeguard our territorial waters (the seas, etc).

Our Nation’s Founders were already well aware of the dangers to liberty and freedom, that an ever-present, “standing military” posed to the People. Therefore, their warnings against the permanent stationing of active military in our midst, was considered unacceptable and unsupported buy the principles, in which a Free Representative Republic stood for. Remember, it was up until the end of WW II – that our militaries were under what was then called “The War Department”. After the ending of WW II, the War Department was re-designated as the “DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE”. Unfortunately, this was also the time frame that our standing militaries now become a permanent fixture of our national society. Our Nation’s Founders, and the People of those times, naturally had distrust towards full-time “professional soldiers” in their midst. It was expected that if there was no war, there was no need to continue to support active duty soldiers on American soil. Everyone was expected to already be productive and maintaining a living in the common markets.

This was also the times when our militaries gradually saw their “tasking” expanded to other areas, to include policing or assisting the policing functions – which should have remained solely with the civilian law enforcement functionaries. The militaries also saw a gradual expansion of abilities as well as responsibilities into other areas not intended for them by the nation’s founding! This even included surveillance of civilian affairs and communications, assisting federal and state authorities in crowd-control efforts, as well as various “national disaster” operations and efforts. Many of the states’ militias (“National Guards”, etc) have been effectively merged with the national forces (post-911 USA PATRIOT ACT provisions made it so) to also effect the changes in the whole military missions. Many have rightly taken alarm to these developments, and referred to them as “mission creep”.

Now, we see more of the trend towards merging our national military assets into a global cooperative force, referred to as a “peace force” (NATO being a prime example). This gradual push towards a global security force, by the merger of many of the nation-states’ military assets, to be held under the command of foreign entities should have everyone greatly concerned! The current state of affairs in this world have consistently and constantly deteriorated, and descended more towards a more authoritarian one. In what was supposed to be an effort to ensure peace around the world, since the inception of the UNITED NATIONS (modeled after the failed LEAGUE OF NATIONS concept from WW I era), has instead turned into more warfare, and strife inflicted upon the various nations of the world, by those who have the greatest amount of military and economic power. The end object appears more and more, to be heading towards the control and policing of the general civilian population.

So why is there a problem with replacing human soldiers with robots you ask?

What generally limited the spread and expansion of the measures taken in acts of war, as well as limiting how long such wars were to be conducted, had more to do with the “human element”. Though, there are a few who have no problems killing and destroying the lives of others, all for the sake of the act. There are many who still retain some of the (human) qualities of conscience, as well as perhaps the ideal that human beings were not intended to slaughter one another or long periods of time. This is especially the case when many of the soldiers being to ask why they are expected to continue fighting and killing an enemy, when the proposed enemy is no longer realized as a threat to themselves nor towards their own nations. Plus, it is a commonly known fact that the longer a war progresses, the more likely that problems and occurrences of mutiny and desertion are likely to happen, especially when the average foot soldier begins to question the validity of the reasons given for “continuing the mission”.

The you have other human limitations, which can and often DO frustrate the continuation of the war fighting effort. Human beings do fatigue, and grow weary when subjected to the harsh environment and conditions they find themselves in. Then you have the problem of contracted illnesses as well as a plethora of injuries (to include the “invisible injuries”) as resulting from having to contend with and survive in such aberrant conditions. Many soldiers, over time, will also become “home-sick”, and long to return to those surroundings and people most familiar to them. These make the thinking even louder, as to whether this is a point-less war, or if there is any resolve to conclude it. Such questions only become louder, when the leadership is less than forthcoming with straight, honest answers. So it is expected for thinking, cognizant human beings to eventually question the motives of their leadership, and why the soldiers are expected to “obey without question”.

So as we see, there are all sorts of risks to the institution of war. Most of those, are on the basis of conflicting with the natural “Human Nature” of thinking. We must also take into account, the basic necessities of the human being. If there is a disruption in supplying for those necessities, then war effort becomes more untenable, and far less manageable by the leadership. So, the many who champion this constant state of warfare from the sidelines, seem to take very little stock on the actual costs of maintaining the war-footing for long periods of time. As most of history’s observant military and political leaders have known, the long, drawn out version of warfare is very costly, not only in terms of the economic costs which burden the nation-state, but also the political costs, social costs, and the actual costs in human lives, on and off the battlefields. It is from the realization of these expenses(especially the toll of human lives), that “public opinion” can turn very unfriendly towards those who command that these wars continue unabated.

Now, we enter into a new age, and our 21st Century military:

In my readings of some of the proposed military strategies for the future (which is now – 2020), from such notable books like: “The Third Wave”, “Tomorrow’s Soldier”, “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, and many similarities – I have taken notice to the drastic changes in political and public policies along these trends. Virtually ALL of these resources and stated pronouncements, weigh heavily towards the globalization (global-consolidation) of the military forces and the decision-making behind their employment. It becomes more obvious as to what purposes our various, consolidated militaries will be used for in the foreseeable future, again which is coming into fruition now at 2020. The main object is to use all of the military and “policing” assets to exert more fine-grained, but thorough control of the world’s human populace! This is a process that has been in a slow form of execution, over the duration of many years. It has been carried out as a series of progressive steps, where the former plans and objectives, were used to build up the next stages of the “global plan”. This has been reiterated again and again in various publications like “The Economist”, “Foreign Affairs”, “Popular Mechanics”, “Popular Science”, “Soldier of Fortune”, and repeated in bits and pieces in the “New York Times”, “Washington Post”, “The New American”, “Wall Street Journal”, and most other national publications. The various “think tanks” like the “Rand Corporation”, “National Center for Security Policy”, “Council on Foreign Relations” (and its European counterpart – the “Royal Institute of International Affairs”), “Club of Rome”, “Bildeberg” (though not officially recognized?), “Trilateral Commission”, “America Enterprise Institute”, the “Brookings Institute”, and a whole gamut of other organizations. They ALL virtually say the very same thing, as to the future of human existence: “The proposed need to control the entirety of the human population“.

So, as part of that process, in order for the “powers that be” to realize any significant gains towards this end object, is eventually phase out the need to use human beings on the enforcement end of these policies. They are already well aware that as the “process” of the “plan” matures into a more-robust system of total control, that more human beings, even those who are right now still serving within the system, will eventually decide to no longer partake in the scheme. As if we do not already see “their” system of control receiving backlash and even beginning to fissure and crack, it is because more of the participants are starting to realize that even THEY are not safe from it! So, when many more of the lower- and mid-level “management” folks are starting to seriously question the validity of their own role in the final end product, the system of a total control-grid, of course they will have serious reservations about remaining within it – at great personal risk! Now, we enter the “robot citizen” to do the dirty work of the global cartel.

The proposed solution to the “human problems”:

As anyone intimately knowledgeable and aware of, in concerns to machines, technology, and even computerized devices would (or SHOULD) know, is that artificial machines do NOT possess the capacity, nor any capabilities of emotions, feelings, conceptual thinking, creativity in the genuine sense, and no “sense of Self”. Their level of judgment is very basic, and purely on the basis of logic. Machines do not reason. Machines do not “think on their own” as a natural being habitually does. Machines are programmed for specific tasks and are only able to operate within the limits of its programming, and within the physical limits of its design. THAT is also the reason for the extensive amount of research and large amounts of funding into those research projects, to try to create machines and devices that are capable of a far greater level of computing power, calculations, and complex problem-solving skills, but never truly a match for the raw abilities of an organic mind. This also precludes the possibilities of machines “going rogue” purely on their own volition. Basically speaking, a machine does EXACTLY as it is instructed, based on its set programming.

What is most distressing about much of conditioned humanity today, is how so many people can become emotionally attached to machines in their environment! This become even more observant with the invention and mass-marketing of what I call “Robo-pets”, or “virtual pets”. The innovation and mass-usage of virtual reality products has also become commonplace, as our technological society becomes more intertwined with our person lives. This process was a slow-progression into what we have today. The social-networking aspect of the Internet has become so ubiquitous, that most have no second thoughts about using them for connecting with others, before they would even consider meeting the other people in person! Enter this “pandemic”, and all of its attendant “social-control” measures, which has effectively confined human expression to using the very controlled forum of the “big social-networking” entities, in which to “connect” with other human beings. When “virtual reality” is given more credibility than THE reality within the human mind, then the distinction between the two becomes even more blurred. Such social-conditioning becomes, itself, like the mental prison in one’s own mind. This also has the effect of projecting an aura of authority, over the individual’s own life choices. Thereby, the People become more enthralled and enamored with the technology as their “master”. The global powers know this, because this is what they had in mind so many years ago, for the human population. As more machines take the place of human activity, especially in commerce and in industry, and are able to function and perform at a far less cost to the businesses and organizations, the human aspect becomes valued even less as a productive entity. The same can be said for military functions, law enforcement functions, and virtually any other commonplace occupation – which has satisfactorily proven to be done – using one or more machines!

So where does that leave human beings in the sum total of the “big picture”? – As “excess inventory”, OR as Dr. Eric Pianka once quipped: “A disease, virus”. Now, back to the subject of our military’s blanket policies of rejecting anyone who simply tests “positive” for the “COVID-19”, regardless of one’s state of immunity, the only explanation that can reasonably and rationally be arrived at: “Replace them with robots, which will never get sick, need to take time off, and will never need to be paid or cared for in the same way that living human beings need.” Sounds like a good idea to some. However, is it really a sound policy when we take the “human factor” out of war-fighting, law-enforcement, and other administrative and enforcement responsibilities? If we allow this without a question, then WHO will be the ones to oversee the overseers? WHO will be able to hold the leadership to account for how these machines (like the given example of “Robo-soldiers”, “Robo-cops”, etc) are to be used, and where there is a limit to what they will be used for? WHO will be held accountable if something goes wrong with the machines that results in an excessive use of deadly force? WHO will be held to answer for, if say – innocents end up being hurt, maimed, or even killed by one or more of these machines in the conduct of their programmed duties? – These are questions that are never entertained in the public sphere, and most definitely NOT asked by the “media”, nor ever entertained by the so-called “experts” who are pushing for the “modernization” of our public infrastructure! If we are talking of machines, which are designed for certain purposes, and have capabilities that are far in excess, physically, of human capabilities, what stops the “powers that be” from going further forward in creating AI-controlled assassins, for the purposes of removing declared obstacles like rebels, protestors, and other kinds “non-compliant” individuals? Once this command-and-control structure is fully in place, and our governing systems complete the change over to the “digital democracies” we have been warned about, what is to prevent the sheer abusive practices of political and social control, purely on the whims of those who pull the strings of power, and enforcing those arbitrary measures with programmed machines of death? ? ?

If you want my summary observations of this subject, WELL – here is my summation of the total set of problems as I see them:

The old concept of “power corrupts”, and “absolute power corrupts, absolutely” has its forebodings within those words. Though, “power” itself, is not solely the corrupting principle. It is the LOVE OF POWER, FOR POWER’S SAKE that is the huge problem! Human Nature has its weaknesses, but intelligent and rational minds, based on science, commonsense, compassion, and recognizing that human beings do have faults, is the answer to addressing these faults. Being knowledgeable of these faults, and being resolute in not falling prey to the enticements that may cause us to act out on the basis of these faults, is what determines what kind of being are likely to become.

Our world’s political and social control systems were cultured and grown, over time, because too many of the “we” people paid no attention. We failed ourselves, repeatedly, to respect the fact that those who have placed themselves above the rest of humanity, have fallen into the mental “ego-trap”, and have decided that their words are law, and that We The People have again, paid no mind to these developments. Now, it is those who self-proclaim to be “leaders” above all, who now have at their disposal, the technology and the means to acquire and grow their evolving system of control powers, and are able and capable of exercising, purely on their whim, the actions of their dictates! If we let these folks continue with their “program”, their next step in the evolutionary process of control, is to make their hellish dreams for us a regrettable reality! So much for the ideas of a “Utopia”. This “Utopian” ideal means most of the human population will be removed, all the while the wealthiest and most powerful few – will be the ones to inherit what is left of this world. – We will ALL share in the blame, of allowing this trend to continue to its fruition!

A fully AI-mechanized military force, under the control of psychopathic “leaders”, WILL BE MANKIND’S ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION. – After all, “they” have told us this for many years, and even written novels, produced movies, and even splayed advertisements all over the place – telling us what they are dreaming FOR us all. Add this “program” to the idea of “saving the Earth” to the mix: YEAH! “Saving the Earth” for THEMSELVES, while destroying anything even remotely Natural about it! What’s more, this “pandemic” has become a well-designed excuse for all of this “modernization” of society, as well as the “perfect cover” for whatever else they have planned for the remaining human survivors. After all, “they” have also told us all, for many years, of this “dream” of theirs! Think I’m joking? ? ?

To all the currently-human soldiers, police officers, and all other related occupations and specialties:

– “If you really give a shit about your fellow human beings, and nation in general, you had best wake the hell up, NOW! Your jobs will eventually make YOU – a human being – irrelevant, and redundant! If you truly value your families, and the future of your children and grandchildren, it’s time you take a firm stand, and help all of us put an abrupt STOP to all of this mechanization, before it is too late!!!”

And then,

– “There are those will just NEVER get it!”



Forgotten Lessons from the Past: The 1976 Swine Flu

Kudos to the one who brought back this “blast from the past”!

I hope we don’t go down this road again.

And here we are, in 2020, and all the talk of making “mass-vaccination” 100% mandatory, IF we expect to have some kind of “normal” again! What was most telling: Even some of those famous persons who opted to NOT get “the shot” – Were used to sell the idea of “getting the shot”! – Talk about an absolutely dishonest and outrageous “public service announcement” (‘advertisement‘, really).

It’s time to call B-S- on ALL OF IT, NOW!

When there is NO MENTION of any of the negative side-effects nor of the consequences behind blindly following along, and receiving a hurriedly-developed, inadequately-tested “vaccine” as the “only answer” (all the while being legally unable to sue for damages to your health, because the manufacturers of these “vaccines” are legally immune from ANY lawsuits) – does that really obligate us all to simply just “comply” with the these dictates? Last time I remembered, most of these legislators, executives, and most other government officials DO NOT HAVE ANY MEDICAL CERTIFICATIONS NOR LICENSES TO PRESCRIBE NOR PUSH ** ANY ** MEDICAL TREATMENTS OR THERAPIES!

What’s more,

The Sanctity of Body and of Personal Space is inviolate, regardless the plethora of excuses used to justify such “orders”! It only stops, when WE THE PEOPLE stop blindly and unquestioningly complying with such illegal and unlawful orders and policies! Our very lives and health depend heavily on Our saying “NO!”, and meaning “NO!”.

Our personal health decisions are OURS, and OURS alone to make, NOT that of governments’!

Don’t say “you weren’t warned”.



Introducing: “PlanDemic, The Movie”.

Just when you thought this questionable “pandemic” couldn’t become any more obvious,

If you have some time, please check this out.

The future of the world’s humanity depends on Our taking notice, and taking action today!

LINK: PlanDemic – The Movie

Apparently, I will not be able to embed this as a viewable video here! Only allowed from YouTube and Vimeo? ? ?

NOTE: VIMEO deleted the video uploaded to it, within a day!

Let’s spread the word, and spread it like butter – “wide and everywhere!”

HERE’S A RELATED VIDEO: “Blowing The Whistle on COVID-19”

( The interview-video is nearly two-and-half hours long, but packed with lots of fact! )


Reminder: If you have not already done so, please check out my new petition on website. It needs a minimum of 100,000 signatures before May 21st to see any action! – – > HERE:


(Updated: Thurs/May 7th, 2020 – Because Vimeo deleted “PlanDemic” from their platform, I had to change the embedded video to a link to a copy on Brighteon. Unfortunately, limits WHERE we can “embed” videos from.)


The New Normal – If THIS doesn’t wake you up, NOTHING Will

A Classic, and Concrete Example of Pavlovian Conditioning (Psychological-Programming):

Try to count how many “keywords” used, and how many times EACH “keyword (or phrase)” is repeated.

– “Repeat a lie hundreds of times, and soon the people will believe it.


NOW, you know WHY we were NOT founded as a “democracy”, but originally as a Representative Republic, under the Rule of (Old English) Common Law!

– “To be ruled by the majority, is to be ruled by a majority of fools!


Think logically, think on your own, think for yourself – You have a mind, USE IT!



Is an Impending Famine on its way to America?

Boy oh boy, does the bad news just keep pouring in, day by day!

This just very recent (video): American Farmers Being Ordered To Depopulate Livestock And Destroy Crops

This, together with the constant news of massive closures of large food-processing plants (mainly those who process “meats”, eggs, and dairy? ? ?) in the USA, was already enough to send chills deep down my spine! To further learn, that it was also lobbied by the “good folks” at PETA, the very same folks who have been found to euthanize over 98% of the animals they routinely “rescue”, all within the first twenty-four (24) hours. This in joint agreement with the likes of none other than: Bill Gates, Jr – formerly of MICROSOFT, and the currently-crowned: “chief-scientist of the globalists“.

Please see: Cargill, Bill Gates, and PETA Partner Up to End Livestock Production

This also comes as NO SURPRISE, being that during a TED-talk (a year or two ago) AND during an ASPEN Conference (about two or three years ago in Aspen, Colorado) – his “Innovate to Zero”-talk was centered mainly around “Reducing the CO2-output of nations, by reducing the human population” (with “vaccines”, was his later admission to the method to be employed). – His telling remark at the ASPEN Conference: “Maaaaybe, if we did a good enough job, we could bring the world population down by about 10-15%.” This was so conveniently alluded to RIGHT AFTER his talk on making vaccines more available to the “third world” populations – to supposedly help curb the population growth (assumed he was talking about THOSE areas of the world, but . . .).


We have this scare-fest STILL being bandied about, and the “news networks” nightly bludgeoning the public with more “doom and gloom” about there being expected ANOTHER pandemic to be visited upon us; One that would worse than the first. We are constantly fed the stream of more scare-porn, about this Coronavirus showing up in more people, by manifesting in MORE symptoms – even within those who have appeared to heal from a coronavirus infection/infliction/or-whatever? How does THAT work, as far as viruses, which are supposed to be very limited in what areas of the body they can affect, and what specific cells and tissue they can infect? This “story” keeps changing and “mutating” all the time (just like is claimed about this “virus”, and its “lethality”).

Now we come to the grim conclusion (if WE, The People do NOT get involved in stopping all of it):

Now, it seems that another “prediction” of my own is coming home to roost(er?): We ARE facing an engineered famine; A mass-starvation event in this Nation, in the not-too-distant future! ANYONE, who has done a decent amount of homework concerning human history and past events, would have come to a similar conclusion, and why. As one apparently well-studied, well-read commenter on another blog observed: “Prior to the French Revolution, all meats and meat products were destroyed and no longer available to the poor. This created starvation of the people.“. We can also add to that, from a bit of history of the early days of the Bolshevik Revolution, and later formation of the USSR: During the reign of Lenin (one of the “reigns of Terror”) and later, under Stalin, the farmers of the Ukraine were systematically deprived of all of their agricultural produce, when the Soviet government confiscated all of their food, and all of their means of food production. This horrendous and gruesome act caused the mass-starvation death of over twenty MILLION farmers, Kulaks, and others who were dependent on the “Ukrainian Food Basket”! That’s 20,000,000 living, breathing human beings – starved to death by GOVERNMENT ORDERS, even though they were completely innocent of ANY purported crimes or acts! ! !

There is also a bit I remember about one of the Roman wars, namely against Carthage:

It was known for many years that Carthage was wealthy beyond imagination as to its successful agriculture. Rome, seeking to subdue Carthage, so as to make it another vassal-state under Roman dominion, went to war and defeated the armies of Carthage. Only, a short time later, Carthage would rise again, and mount a challenge to Roman authority. This went on several times, as each time Rome defeated the armies of Carthage, Carthage would in short order, come back to strength. I forgot WHO it was who suggested this change in tactics, but it was suggested that in order to finally defeat Carthage, permanently – to have each soldier carry with him, a pound of salt. When the Roman legions were to descend on Carthage and defeat their armies and peoples, each soldier would sprinkle the salt upon the earth in the farm fields. This would make the earth too salty to raise anymore crops and other produce. – IT WORKED! From that point onward, Carthage was finally, utterly defeated.

Then, in reference to today’s events (the over-shadowed, unspoken-of “news”):

We are constantly treated to the barrage of fear, panic, but also the various distractions and time-wasting on go-nowhere events (like the proposed “lawsuit on China”) to fill the airspace. MOST of the “ALT-MEDIA” are so soaked in the “China-is-evil” distractions, that very few of THEM are even addressing what I have been watching (and taking note of) for several weeks (if not a few months): The growing push to drastically alter or eliminate our domestic food supplies and the ability to independently produce our own food! WTF! WTH! WHAT’S UP, CHUCK? ? ? Some of us heard these kinds of “wishes” and “plans” from the gloating pieces of garbage (who call themselves “scientists”, “authorities”, and “experts”) in the various foundations, industry trade groups, NGOs, and every other form of CONFAB that has happened over the last twenty or more YEARS!

Now, as far as the expected “second wave of a pandemic”, and its reputed to be WORSE and LARGER SCALE devastation, what have some of you folks learned about WHERE and WHEN such pandemics have usually hit the hardest, with the greatest number of fatalities, HMMMM? ? ? – Areas that were experiencing mass-starvation and famines, perhaps? ? ? So, WHY are we not hearing about those areas of Africa which were hit with one of the largest Locust swarms in modern history? – WHY are we NOT hearing very much about what their experiences in this pandemic right now, are? If we also do a little MORE study into the history of the worst of the pandemics in human civilization, we are also most-likely to find that those populations which suffered the greatest number of deaths (presumably due to the pathogen involved), were also populations which were already in the throes of an extended/protracted famine! Was this not also something common with most of our protracted wars of old, like Crimean War, American Revolutionary War, The “Civil” War, and even towards the Great Depression Era? ? ? See the connections, folks? See the obvious similarities? See the cause-and-effects relationships in all of these example events?

Then, we can already learn about the role of accumulated toxins and other environmental exposures to other types and kinds of toxins (in which excessive RF-radiation exposure can be considered a severe environmental toxin), as well as the “incidental” toxins in much of our sea-food, and other various FDA-ignored/allowed toxins in our everyday pre-processed foods (like Aspartame, Glyphosate residues, Cyclo-Hexanes, BPA’s and BPS’s, etc). Are we getting the picture here? How about the fact that most nearly ALL of our Nation’s piped-in water supplies are heavily polluted with all kinds of chemicals (to include the “miraculous marvel of public-water Fluoridation” – originating from hazardous chemical wastes by the Aluminum and fertilizer industries, no less), the Mercury-containing dental fillings (Amalgam), and the Mercury and Formaldehyde containing vaccines (plus only God knows how many other toxic, artificial chemicals), and the fact that many people use a “microwave oven” to reheat, defrost, or cook their food at home (which has been PROVEN in no less than FOUR other nations’ extensive studies – that “microwaved” or “nuked” food can lose up to ninety-percent (90%) of its nutritive value).

Each and every cause-for-concern item or problem I have illustrated above, is an additional strain on the human immune system. Prolonged, elevated stress levels is a BIG sapper of the immune system’s strength. Not getting outdoors regularly, and not getting some good exercise in the process (even just a good, leisurely walk does better than nothing at all) also contribute to the weakening of the immune system. Not being out in the “germ-filled” natural world and with other people for an extended time also contributes to a weakened immune system. (In other words, “get out there, and DON’T be afraid to get dirty!“)

Now, did I step all over enough peoples’ “sweet dreams and fantasies”, yet? ? ?

Perhaps some real-think should be a common-core practice, and not an “anomaly” of the day? Perhaps going back a little further, to when our parents and even grand-parents were little children. Hopefully, many of you at least got to listen to some of their own life-stories while you had the chance to. My family grew up in the deep South, and lived very much a very modest, farm-family style life. Dirt and grime were never a stranger to any of them. If one lived on the “family farm”, and one subsisted mainly on what was raised, reared, or cultivated on the family-farm, one already had the best qualities of real Natural Health, from REAL Natural (“Herd”) Immunity! So what’s the big problem nowadays? ? ? – I believe I already gave you most of what I see, right here in this article.

Those of you who live in abject fear of every “germ”, every bit of dirt, grime, and related – YOU’RE STILL GONNA DIE SOMEDAY! No one lives forever in this world, except as heroes memories – only for those who were brave – and truly revolutionized societies for the better. That does NOT include the Bill Gates’ of the world, nor of the George Soros’, nor of the Anthony Fauci’s, not even of the Donald J. Trumps! (THEY are ALL traitors and enemies to genuine Freedom anyway!) To the parents who keep “protecting their children FROM getting dirty”, even by a little: You are actually destroying your children’s futures, and the possibility of them ever enjoying strong, vital immune systems! ! !

And don’t even bother getting me started on the subject of vaccines, and their SCIENTIFICALLY-PROVEN detrimental effects on human health and the immune system. Those who willingly (and sheepishly) complied with making sure that their children “get all their shots” before two, or whenever – and caused them to completely “miss the boat” on real childhood opportunities at natural immunity, I have very GRAVE NEWS for YOU and THEM: When they miss out on the natural “starters” for their then-developing immune systems, before the age of puberty, than after the passage of the “age of puberty” – THEY WILL BE FOREVER DEPENDENT ON ANY AND ALL -NEEDED- “BOOSTER SHOTS” IN ORDER TO STAY ALIVE! – In other words, if your children were NOT allowed to naturally catch these “childhood diseases” (when they would actually be the LEAST lethal to your children), then you have doomed them to forever be dependent “on the system”. – They will not survive long living “off-grid”. – Of course, the big medical “industry”, and especially the “big pharma” folks already knew all of this, YEARS AGO, but never told anyone outside of their circles.

Think I’m just another “science-illiterate anti-vaxxer”?

Just as I always say to people: “Go do your OWN homework, and search for it yourselves.” – The answers are all there, and are all solidly based on real science, if you look hard enough.

As to the video like I posted way above: That’s just from ONE long-time farmer, taking a big risk for speaking out! Call him a “whistle-blower” of sorts too, what matters is what he was saying, and what “government” agents told him and others.

If all of our domestic agriculture disappears from our Nation, never to return – This means we will be completely dependent on questionable imports for virtually ALL OF OUR FOOD, and all of it of questionable quality and safety too! There already has been a steady push to completely remove ANY meats and other animal-derived food products from our collective “menus” and food chain. If this happens, do you think we all will truly be any healthier? I think not, and on the basis of knowing that nearly ALL of our “meat-replacements” are of questionable quality, and most notoriously polluted with various chemical residues (from processing) – That goes for EVEN that which is labeled “ORGANIC” (and owned by the big-food labels).

So yeah,

The claim of the “Second Wave of the Pandemic” being deadlier than the first – Is what I call a “Self-fulfilling Prophecy“! – Good luck with THAT!


MORE: Anti-Meat Links (Seems more like another “War on Nature”?):

Tyson Foods Joins Cargill in Turning Their Backs on Farmers and Ranchers

Bill Gates and Richard Branson Back Startup That Grows ‘Clean Meat’

Get Ready for the War on Meat

The End of Animal Farming


(Edited: Apr 30th, 2020 – Added some new links.)


Do Ordinary Face-Masks Really Offer Protection in Biological Environments?

Though I may be getting a bit slower of mind, these days,

Sometimes, after some deep introspection, and cogitating in peaceful solitude, I remember some of my early training while serving in our Nation’s fine military. Unfortunately, with age comes the slowing down of certain faculties, especially from a life lived in stress, harsh conditions, and some of the most personally trying of times. However, some things are not so easily forgotten, especially those things and happenings you personally experienced, and the novelties of the knowledge and skills you learned along the way. So, I decided after a nice evening stroll (fresh air, regardless of the time of day, is always welcomed and for good health), to write a piece concerning our current social-conditioning “ritual”, to pick apart one of the most common (and downright, IRRESPONSIBLE) failed policies and “recommendations”, coming from our “esteemed experts” paraded constantly before us on the national press. This being, the perfectly absurd notion that ordinary cloth face-masks offer any real protection from a biological organism in our environment! – So, let the programmed of the masses begin throwing their tomatoes at me (I could use some extra groceries anyway) now.

First off,

Being a former military soldier of our own US Army, I knew we soldiers were typically trained to operate in a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Environment (“NBC”). This was called a “common task” that we were all to practice and train (to the point of military-precision, and perfection), and then re-certify, every year. This was a critical skill which every soldier was required to be highly proficient in, and be able to demonstrate, at any time, that proficiency. It was a skill that was designed and formulated so that even in such a “polluted” environment (as would be expected in an area of active war, for example), the soldier could continue to operate for as long as possible, without too much of the health-degrading effects of the agents used. The soldier was still expected to be able to employ his/her rifle against the enemy (because the “enemy” was sure to attack in the very same conditions). The soldier was still expected to patrol, seek, do search-and-destroy missions, and whatever other tasks needed to be done. The soldier was trained to be “all-terrain, all-weather, all-conditions”-capable, as our national defense was utmost. This was done by being equipped with a complete, head-to-toe Mission-Oriented-Protective-Posture (or M.O.P.P.), in this case – fully suited up was MOPP Level “4”. This included chemical-resistant boots, chemical-resistant gloves, full-body suit (one-piece) which the inside was impregnated with activated charcoal, and the full protective mask – with chemical-resistant hood, and activated charcoal filters for the air inlet(s). – This suit was designed for protection against chemical and biological agents, if those were used in a given area. There was NO ordinary cloth mask involved. The protective mask covered the whole face, and any breathable air had to pass through the filters! This was also why beards and other facial hair were disallowed (save for the thin, military mustache in some units).


There were some of us who were selected to receive advanced training in working in NBC conditions. This training included identifying contaminated areas, marking such areas on a regional map, planning; setting-up; and running a decontamination point (to include limiting foot traffic – so as to limit the spreading of contaminants); marking and preparing for disposal – contaminated clothes, etc; administering nerve-agent anti-toxin medication (for those incapacitated to do so themselves); and monitoring detection devices and systems (like for changes in wind direction, etc); and a various, long list of responsibilities associated with being an “NBC NCO” (Non-Commissioned Officer). We also had to fill out various reports, concerning changes to the conditions, number of wounded and/or affected soldiers we treated, if the enemy attacked again and with what other agents used in the attack, as well as updates to the spread of contaminants in the area. We were also heavily trained in recognizing the different types of agents used, and the symptoms suffered by those who were exposed to those agents. To this day, I can still recognize many of the symptoms of “nerve-agent poisoning”, even in some zootic cases. (Like the questionable “mad-cow” disease symptoms that were described during those mysterious, but now forgotten, events from years ago?)

So, I can vouch for the many who have also been trained and certified in NBC and advanced NBC operations, just as I myself was. So here is where real, practical, professional experience comes in handy, to call “Bravo-Sierra” on the obvious misinformation, about whether these cloth masks offer any real, effective protection against any purportedly widespread viruses! – So again, let the cat-calls, boos, and hisses be heard from the peanut gallery, as I again use some commonsense and practical trained logic to disagree.

The commonsense facts, not hysteria and NOT “expert opinions over facts” talk:

If anyone has any idea just how tiny a virus is, let’s give you a most visible analogy, one which you can readily wrap your mind in – as we draw the proverbial picture of what I am talking about.

Imagine a golf ball. It is pretty small, isn’t it? Compare it to a baseball, and it doesn’t seem quite so small there. Compare it to a basketball, and its size begins to show how small it (the golf ball, that is) may be.

Now, let’s symbolize here a minute, that the golf ball be like our virus.

The basketball could perhaps be like a bacterium, or something similar.

A nice, large beach ball, could symbolize a regular-sized cell, like what may be found as part of a larger organism (like one of your own body’s cells?).

That golf ball “virus”, looks pretty damned small now – compared to the beach ball “cell”, doesn’t it? (I figured, this would be at least a half-hearted attempt to show size comparisons here.)

Now, let’s see if we can somewhat gauge the rough-draft guess, on the average size of the hole in between the strands of material in an average cloth mask (operating room masks may be a bit finer-woven?). If someone has access to a very powerful microscope, they may be able to do a more accurate size comparison, than I could accurately guess! Oh well! At least I’m trying.

Now, let’s imagine the breadth (or “width”, if you’d rather) of a four lane highway. We have a few of those where I am at, but most of them have been widened to about four lanes EACH side. Okay? Keep that image sharp!

NOW, if we want to hypothesize, for a moment, the comparison of the size of our “virus”, to the size of the “hole” in between the weaves of our face mask: Just imagine rolling that golf ball “virus”, down the middle of our four-lane highway! Did you catch that? Did you visualize the differences in sizes here? – This comparative visualization was already suggested, during the “AIDS crisis”, by comparing the “virus” causative agent – with a SINGLE PORE (microscopic-sized opening) as would be found in a rubber condom! ! ! Yes! That particular virus was indeed incredibly small! (Perhaps, is was nearly one of the smallest known, I’m not very sure?)

Your viruses are so small, that their sizes are usually measured in “nanometers” (billionths of a meter), whereas the pores in most “porous” substances (and, especially in between the weaves of cloth) are measured in “microns, or micrometers (millionths of a meter). Plus, most viruses would need an electron microscope to view them. (There have been a few “macro-phages” discovered, which may have been large enough, though. However, they are very large for a virus!).

Your surgeon’s masks, of course, are going to be of a finer weave of material. That’s one of the reasons why they are so expensive (and also why many of them are still under patent). Still, those surgical masks only serve one purpose: To keep down the chances of the surgeon from breathing (or coughing) any contaminants like saliva, mucus, hair, etc. into the open surgical wounds, NOT shield off microbes from the surgeon or others in the operating room! They would need to be fully suited with hazmat “bio-suits” for that. Unfortunately, most operating rooms are really not as completely sterile as one might think.

In conclusion (which most may not want to hear):

If someone is REALLY so worried about getting someone else’s “germs” (especially anything “viral”) in or on them, then they need to invest in some dedicated, complete bio-hazard head-to-foot “bunny suits” – for any REAL protection from “germs”! This, and also a completely filtered bio-hazard mask, with hood. An ordinary cloth mask provides little protection otherwise, unless you are the who is sick, and trying to contain your own body fluids from ending up on someone else (from a sneeze, cough, or otherwise). Even then so, any purported “aerosolized” viruses will not be completely blocked by a simple cloth mask! Any opening or gaps, especially between the mask and the face, is STILL going to allow a certain amount of air and “nano-sized” particles through.

Again, America has been HAD, and by our “esteemed experts”, no less!

So, if someone actually has the equipment (and hopefully, the integrity) to prove this point, or otherwise, I would LOVE to hear about it. I am always game to learning something new, and especially if it is real – and not some “guess” or “I swear it’s true” hype. Science is also about commonsense, as well as fact.


The Dangerous World of “What If”

Life, with all its mysteries, unknowns, and other adventures and novelties,

Presents its own set of challenges. It is a seemingly endless road towards unknowns, soon to become our present “knowns”. It is a journey, an adventure, and path filled with experiences yet to be known, and then hopefully – shared with others. It is path which everyone living, must travel if they are to experience Life as it is intended to be. It is the “constant dynamic”, which parallels all that we know or THINK we know about our universe. It is a path to be traveled to whatever ends it may take us. It is journey so natural, that most take it for granted – without reflecting from whence they came, and what experiences and developed knowledge they gained. It is that dynamic which proves that NOTHING within this Universe, or any other believed-to-exist Universe is at a stasis. Even from the Hermetic Principles: “Nothing in the Universe remains still. All is in motion”.

Now WHAT makes this impending journey so scary? Is it that we know not, what we may find along the way? Is it that we have no map or definitive directions in which to travel? Is it that we feel alone on this voyage, that no one is there with us – in an abstract feeling of “security”? Is it because we just don’t know what to expect, when we feel we have reached the end of the road? Why is it, that the unknown becomes so abjectly fearful to us? Why do fear to tread on paths unknown? Is it from a primal or primitive fear which lay dormant within, until such time it is awakened at the opportune time and place? Do we simply “give up” and detour to the nearest exit, so as to relieve ourselves of this fear, and seek comfort alongside a “known”? – Would this not have the effect of turning us backward, from the forward progress on our personal journey? Would we truly be the wiser, depending on which choice of a decision we may make? – These are the burning questions, which we as a sentient and reasoning Being, grappled to explain for many thousands of years. Still today, NO ONE has faithfully and thoroughly explored those realms of possibility, outside of created doctrines, dogmas, and various other derivatives we may call: “the social norms”.

Life and Nature care not of our own “beliefs”, nor of any dicta we may hold firm to. Life is filled with such endless possibilities, because its vastness pales any singular life-span, of any known actual Being we may be familiar with. Man’s life-span is far too short, to ever recall, let alone experience, the every facet of Life that “was”, “is”, and shall ever “become”. All we individually know is the here, and now, and recollections of Our individual past experiences. Each be as a mere chapter, or even just a “paragraph” in the Great Story of Life. To appreciate all that Life offers, both the “good”, the “bad”, and of course the hideously “ugly”, are but impressions we derive – based on our own perspectives and experiences on this fantastic journey. It is a Life worth examining. It is a Life worth exploring. It is a passion of Spirit and Soul, to journey headlong into that wilderness of scary and fearful unknowns.

Then, Here Ye be – “The Gate-keepers”:

The self-avowed, self-proclaimed “Champions of safety and comfort”, who arrive by sheer numbers, and are posted throughout. Their mantra be: “Trust me! I have your safety at heart, and care so much for you.” Their intentions may be known or not. There be those who claim to know “what’s best FOR you”, while detouring you toward some predesignated plan. There be those, who of their own Mind know not, who will so willingly “guide” you to some proclaimed truth, even though by proof or evidence have they not: They say: “Just trust me, for I know with certainty and clarity.” They may be of any cloth, any social strata, of any level of knowledge, and of any volition and/or character – Their words be spoken the same: “Just trust us. We are the enlightened, and trusted by the many.

Now, one may query: “Why do they do all this, if their intentions are so pure?” They never seem to ask: “ARE their intentions really so pure? ARE they really so genuine, in their concerns for me, and for my safety?” Why do they “know” so much more about me, and how do they know what is best for me? These questions, if not befallen upon deaf ears, and not allowed to die quietly in the wind, be they answered by: “WE are trained. WE are experienced. WE know more than you do. WE are ‘trusted’ by many. WE bear the honored sacred crests, and official marks of our achievements.” However, do we REALLY know for certainty, if these “enlightened” among us, are truly honorable, genuine, and even that knowledgeable as to the “who”, the “why”, the “how”, the “when”, and to whatever for? Are these types of question so glibly ignored? Are they queries worth asking, and what do they tell us about these self-proclaimed/promoted “enlightened ones”? Should we really trust them at their word, or are there other queries of them to be aired and contemplated? What or who has the responsibility to make THAT choice?

Then, be Ye affronted by the more forceful of the “Gate-keepers”, especially when Ye of rightly-questioning Mind, be so bold and daring to query them at their word. Though there be so few, with the rightness of Mind, and of sincere curiosity of fact. They, being so few in number, are easily dismissed as “crack-pots”, “insane”, and even downright “dangerous” to the hegemony of the “enlightened”, who proclaim their authority of knowledge and wisdom – while denying you your turn to explore. Be it they, with vested interests and common image, who affront the Natural, Innate Senses of Being, and of Self-Expression – when presented with imposed “dead-ends” and “lingering, oft-repeated Tomes” that such knowledge is not beholden to Thee. For you transgress our laws, if you persist in doing so. “We KNOW the ways and wiles of human, and know best ‘our part’ in keeping laws and recommendations, alive and well to all we oversee!” It is as though, we encounter the “Troll at the Bridge”, who shall not let us pass, without some remuneration of some form. It is though our Life’s Journey is beholden, within the hands of the appointed and “select”, that we must “pay tribute” in order to continue only a little further! (And then, another “Gate-keeper” awaits, to collect his demanded “tribute”, for our next “rite of passage” to further us down the road.) And lo, be to those, whom from his own sweat and blood, he pays NOT the “tribute” demanded of him, and pushes onward, into his rightful Life-Journey! The “Gate-keepers” nearly always have their “collectors” and their “guardians”, specially picked and appointed – for the more mundane but harsher sentences to be imposed upon the rebellious travelers. “They” claim: “Your Life, and all its ambitions, are solely under THEIR domain, and exacted a tribute accordingly.” – Thus, the capture of knowledge and wisdom, be their original tool, and an effective weapon against the unwary. AND bluster and threat, be their favorite “fall-by”, toward those who press against this established “wisdom”.

The be-eth they: The Mercantiles, the Lending Houses, the Provincials, the Provosts, the Barristers, and all sort of wickedness, and control!

To all who proclaim: “We are Free! We are Liberated! We are Fed! We are Housed! We are well-cared for!“, I say – look upon yourselves in shame, and upon disdain! See you not, the sum total of your predicament? Knoweth You not, from whence this dis-ease of “culture” and “modernism” you find yourself in? Query You not, the “why’s” and “how’s” of this insipid and invisible prison, that with no seen walls, no known ceiling, and always around and about – regardless where findeth Ye? Have you NO shame, at the pure ignorance, which doth been carefully crafted, while you all slept? Have you not noticed, a noxious weed in its early days, has now become master of your garden, and its present domain? Have you not known, what ills and ails become of your Lands, your People, and of Your Ways in Life? Have you been so blinded, by the illustrious and ever-shining proclamations, the sweet-sounding but shallow promises, from the lips of those “who believe what’s best FOR you and yours”? Where art Thine Soul? Where art Thine Mind, and those powers bequeathed within it, by the One and All who be-gifted it to Thee? Why squander You, this fine and wonderful Gift, as Nature and the various Gods of Nature hath intended you – without fealty, and without “tributes”?

Then, there be those – who profit from the sweat, blood, and tears of others – while THEY THEMSELVES labor not! They see yours’, as if it were Theirs. Your Life, and Your Life’s Labors and Toils – Ye grant to them, willingly, that which – before yourself be fed! Is THIS what Ye see of Life? Is THIS to be Your lot, forever and a day, to be given to those who feed upon you? Now, see them for who and what they really are! – Ye beholden to parasites, thieves, rogues, and charlatans and every sort of kin of ill and vileness – AWAKEN from Thy slumber, before Ye never shall awaken again! This be Their aim, and goal – to drain the life-blood from all who sleep, while their own coffers be fit more than for emperors! When a Kind and Kin feed upon one another, this is but an outrage and a blasphemy, against all that Nature and the Gods of Nature shall stomach! Ye continue to feed ticks, and leeches, and every sort of ill and ail, to which these parasites pay no mind, and enrich themselves – with glamor and glee! The aforementioned “Gate-keepers” and “Guardians” (of state) are their collectors, and enforcers, and henchmen – upon every corner, on every bridge, and between every rook, rill, vale, and every other place. The swales are not even unknown by them. Every place, every Being, but as mere sources of “tribute”, and travails along the way – to be ensconced in the flattery of “title”, “medals”, and all forms of fanfare – as ‘laws’ and ‘edicts’ and ‘recommendations’ – as They see fit.

Now, with engineered and willed ignorance, to the Nature of Truth, and the Nature of Risk, and All Life be filled with the “Unknowns”,

“They” say: “Why? Why go you here or there, when We declare ‘That’s Dangerous, and too risky‘?” So, if such be, that as it may, then WHY have Life in the first place? Then WHY be Nature so ignorant and mistaken, as to prod me on, as if the Gods wished me harmed and destroyed? Why say YOU, that “It’s too risky for you.“, but you tread there, willingly and even with reckless abandon, as if no such worries plague you? What difference be there, betwixt Me and You, that there should variance and even outright difference, if either tread there? Is this not my Lot, as determined by those whom created me, and hath gave the breath of Life, that I shall see, and I shall learn, and I shall Be as Life was intended? And They sayeth: “NAY! Thou art but a fool and an ignorant one at that! It is by OUR providence that Ye shall only know, what We ordain and secure for Thee!” – But how are THEY, in Light to be the judge, and the magistrate, and the kings and queens, who can rightfully “ordain” any such authority – beyond that or They who breathed Life to me, as well as to Them also? Since WHEN doeth the Child, beckon and demand from the Parent, that which is right, and that which one MUST? Dost the Child, and the man-servant knoweth more, than all other too, or is it because the “state” hath sayeth so?


If we fear that which we know not, and judge right action purely on the fear, do we really venture into Life’s journey more? Or do we resign ourselves, that the “enlightened” say so: “Be safe! Venture Thee no further! ‘What If . . . ‘ be their authoritative watch-words. The cage, they wish to keep about you.” All the while, they continue to exact “tribute” from you, with no end in sight! Are you still asleep, to the reality of what is? Are you still comforted, that these “enlightened” have you in mind, to “your best interests”? Is this a Life worth living, knowing that every thought, every word, and every breath that emanates from Thee, is but by THEIR will, and by THEIR pleasure, and NOT of your own? So, WHEN did these “enlightened ones”, become master over the whole of Nature, and over the Universe or other Universes – which not be by their own hands formed – that YOU still exalt them, with every breath and upon every day, and every footstep upon that Journey of Life? WHY do you sell yourself, for a mere penny, or for a mere pound, when there is NO Tribute – worth a scintilla or Iota – compared to Thee? Have you NO SHAME, at the alacrity you find yourself? Have you NO GUILT, at allowing yourselves to be so blinded, when the Light of Truth and Nature are there in front of you? WHY have you so easily sold your Spirit and Soul, to those mendacious beasts of vileness, and avarice, for so pitiless an amount, and on borrowed favor? Have you NO dreams of your own? Have you NO direction which is chosen on your own? Have you abandoned your heritage, as given you by Nature and the Gods of Nature, which was so freely given, to be sold to these parasites and vile creatures, who claim ownership to, and be “expert” of – as pretended “heroes”?

If Ye abide by THEIR words, and of THEIR wisdoms, and by THEIR dictates – without even query nor ascertainment, then BY WHAT RIGHT HAVE YE LEFT FOR YOURSELVES? Shall Thine babes and Children remember Thee, and Thine works and labors? OR – Shall they accurse Thee, for the bondage and slavery, that Thou hast bequeathed them, while donning upon Ye of own Free Will? What say you, oh Lazy of Mind, Cowardly of Heart, and Empty of Soul – to your now DIRE lot? ? ? What say they, who still feed upon Thee, That which you have freely given, from your own drawn blood? Do you still believe, that whatever Gods you claim of Thee, shall still look down upon Thee and smile, for all you have squandered and given away, THAT which was your Divine Inheritance, as freely given Thee, and sold away BY Thee? I think Thine Gods will be most displeased with Thee, and call Thee hopeless and a waste!

A coward thus dies a thousand deaths over, while the Courageous though dies once, His memory shall live on, within the Minds, Hearts, and Spirits and Souls of those who loved him – for ages upon ages, and eons upon eons – it be the REAL Heroes, of Courage and Will, of whom writers will write, and singers shalt sing!


Still “Kicking”, and still breathing!

Though it has been quite a while since I was last active on this and a few other blogs,

One of those things about not having internet at home (DAMNED internet market needs MORE competition, not more meddlesome regulation!), it makes things a bit more difficult to keep on top of things online (especially concerning my own websites). There is absolutely NO REASON, whatsoever, that internet service should be so damned expensive (AND – with bandwidth caps too???).

So, it does take me a bit longer to get around to things online (because I also have a very busy “outside life” too).

At least my self-hosted blog site seems to be well-secured and “hardened”. It took me many months of researching, testing, and implementing good, solid security protocols that would work well with WordPress (and hopefully with the soon-to-be installed WooCommerce too). Once I can get my other websites restored AND equally secured, I want to start selling some of my own hand-crafted items online.


For those who may have an interest,

Because I have had a registered organization within my home state for quite some time (BTW: called “TEMPLE OF THE ANCIENT DRAGONS Shamanic Ministries”), I was seriously considering converting it to an LLC (Limited-Liability Company) or perhaps a full-blown S-type Corporation (using the “INC” tag at the end of the name, if you will) – so that it can become a fully-fledged “religious” institution. (By “religious”, I do not mean anything doctrinal nor dogmatic, like the usual established “religions”, but a place of spiritual worship and reverence – as well as a place of “Higher-Learning”.) Therefore, I am in the process of designing and writing a full Seminary Course on Dragon-Spirituality and Dragon-Shamanism. I hope to create a fairly substantive and thoughtful course, for those who wish to learn as I have learned: By actually Experiencing the presence of the Great Dragons, as well as working as partners with them. I want to realize the dream of sharing the relationship with the many varied and very Ancient and Wise Dragons, so that others who are genuinely interested, can find and further build upon their own relationships with the Ancient Dragons. This is to become the center-point of where others discover their own personal “religion”, and how it can become a great and wonderful avenue of personal empowerment and enlightenment – with the Dragons’ help and guidance. — So, this may sound like a tall order for me to accomplish. However, being that I no longer have the external interferences that plagued my personal mission for years (bad relationships have a habit of doing these kinds of disruptions, often to be felt for years afterward), there should be NO BARRIERS to my accomplishing this “Labor of Love” any longer.

So, the “Temple of The Ancient Dragons” (as a Shamanic Ministry, and then some),

Is to be the starting point of this personal mission, and that in which to build upon the successes, and upon more successes. As I have seen it for many a year, the great Wisdom of the Ancient Dragons is now needed more than ever, if we, as a species and kind, are to make it through these troubling times of this age. Our Ancient, Earthly Ancestors had the power and the wisdom in their times, to see themselves through the troubles of their day. So there is no reason why We can not rediscover those same principles and wisdoms, and apply them to our own daily lives for the better.

So, until we Meet again,

– Ne’Shae Daasha! ! !

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,
Temple of The Ancient Dragons



The Dance of Jupiter and Venus.

As Venus and Jupiter dance the Night Sky,
As Mars watches jealously from His hidden corner,
For it was as His first love, Venus, that Mars made His claim.

Dastardly, as Jupiter steps in, and confounds and controls the arrangement,
That Mars grows jealous evermore.
But that BOTH Mars and Jupiter fail to grasp: Venus be forever a Virgin, and of own-kept mind!

The impossible pairing of any with Dear Venus, result being none after.

Lest, the foolhardy dances with Venus,
With prospective Heart, and hopeful intentions,
Be all for naught!

Venus struts off, all her virginity left intact,
For some other anxious Soul to ply His tricks,
And fail to win Her hand thereafter.

– Rev. Dragons Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,

A Soul’s Journey: My Interpretation of the Development of Soul.

A figured this would be a good time to write about what I have learned,

Through personal experiences, the journey of the Soul, from one Life to the next.

My particular beliefs about the Soul, Spirit, and all the other possible “bodies”, physical and non-physical, differ greatly from most of today’s known (and a few not-so-known) spiritual “systems”: I view the “spirit” and the “soul” as two different aspects that coexist from beginning to end.

One, the Spirit, is what we start off with, as human beings start off life as an infant –

With only a minimal vestige or “budding” of personality traits, characteristics, or whatever means to describe them. Everything has Spirit as its inner-dimensional existence. All Spirit(s) have a particular vibration that resonates within and without the known (and again, not-so-known) Cosmos (by “cosmos”, I mean far greater an expression than simply “universe” – IE: “everything”). The Spirit is the starting point or “template” in which to build upon the various experiences and knowledge attained through the steps (or “lives”) one travels.

The Soul, is that which becomes the uniqueness and “personality” (for lack of a better descriptor) worn by the particular Spirit.

The Soul becomes the vast accumulation of experiences, feelings, knowledge, and general other individualistic characteristics that identify this Spirit as an individual reflection of what we may think of as “God”. Just as each star, sun, grain of sand on a beach, can be as unique to one another – so can the various “reflections of God” we call “Soul”. The Spirit accumulates this make up of a “personality” as in “building a Soul”. The Soul is the individualized aspect of that singular piece of Spirit. The Soul becomes, as its own unique Cosmic Vibration.


I can hear the various chorus calls of how I am “wrong” and there is “no degree of separation” of Spirit. This is the usual “establishment-oriented” religious dogma that plagues humanity with this “there is no such thing as individuality” mode. Well, I say they are not truly exploring that realm of individuality to experience it for themselves. Most of them will never venture into that “unknown territory”, because they are constantly gerded against such thoughts by their dogmatic teachers! Yes, we are all from the same origin, but like the proverbial “child”, we eventually must mature, and begin the journey towards individualizing and exploring the realms of the Spiritual unknown, IE: Individuality. The child eventually leaves “home” when it grows up and matures, to start a new life of its own – and start a new family. That newly-“emancipated” adult becomes responsible for its own actions, reaction from those actions, and recreating new realities.

The idea of “reincarnation” and “schooling through multiple lives”.

One late night radio program had a very interesting guest on it.

Though I have long forgotten his name, he said a very catchy and startling phrase that rang loudly within me: “Schoolhouse Earth“! It made a lot of sense to me in that “life” is all about learning. One of the greatest teachers one has (and, I am pretty sure that every “living thing” has this as a teacher) in Life is experience. Experience, each and every instance, event, and reaction, has a lot to teach us about our travels in “life”. No other teaching or education “system” can compare, let alone parallel what experience can teach us, and to such great depths of knowledge. Experience is they only teacher of a thing called: “Wisdom”. No other teacher can “give” wisdom. Only the individual learning through hard-earned experience. Other teachers can give tools, methods, and basic examples, but experience is gained by actually learning to use them well (That’s Wisdom).


Those who acknowledge reincarnation as part of “life” and pure existence,

See the purpose behind multiple, different lives, and how each “life” adds to the ever-growing collection of “lifetime experiences” of the Soul. The Spirit passes through everything, and beyond anything including “time”. The Soul, gets progressively more-defined, and more individualistic in its Cosmic Vibration(s). Each and every interation (life) is simply another stage the Soul, and ultimately, the “richness of the Spirit”, grow and become more “God-like”. (We ARE considered to be born in the image of our Creator, aren’t we?)

Being that the Spirit (and its developing Soul-Personality) is transcendant over everything and anything (especially over the physical),

Then would it not make complete sense that the Spirit (and Soul) are not limited to inhabiting one specific, singular physical (or other) form??? The form one takes in a specific life, is purely to allow that Soul to gain the experience that is most common through the experiences in that form. Each particular form (species, especially) experiences different aspects and qualities of life. The world appears differently to them through own eyes, ears, and all other senses that are common and integral with that form. Ever experience the world as an ant, or as a bird, or even as a fish??? Such cases of interesting memories have been recorded during the hypnosis sessions, as told by the many researched human subjects of those sessions. Some have even recalled, through deep hypnosis, astonishing details that were later found to be relevent and actual happenings in a part of history!

This then brings us to the subject of, . . .


Many of today’s religious “systems” and “churches” (to include most of the “new-age” belief “systems”) turn rather sour on discussions about “otherkin” and “otherkinsim”. (My, how ‘tolerant’ some of these religions claim to be!!!) They believe it is all impossible, and think that folks who follow the line of thinking about otherkinism being real and demonstrable are a bunch of kooks, phonies, and mentally ill. (My, how ‘tolerant’ some of these religions claim to be, again!!!) They may also consider this subject as being purely from the “gamers’ groups” and rpg’ers. Well, the ancient peoples also had different ideas – and considered trans-species Soul incarnations to be quite real. The reason why many practicing Buddhists and Hindus (and many variations and “sects” of the old Vedic Ways) are purely vegetarian (or nowadays, more like “vegan”) cited, is that the animals around them may be the reincarnations of their departed loved ones and family members (especially those who were considered “rewarded” for their pious living in one or more past-lives). They truly believe that killing and eating of any of the animals could possibly end up in their killing off a being with the Soul of their departed. (Sounds a bit like otherkinism reversed, doesn’t it?) So, much of today’s Buddhism and Hinduism centers around a form of “otherkinism”! So what’s the difference towards those who claim to have lived past-lives in non-human form???

In closing this article,

I want to stress the fact that there are some in the world who whole-heartedly believe in otherkinism, and the ability of the Soul to transcend ANY form it feels is necessary from life to life, to gain a fuller experience of its own existence. “Otherkins” may not be very well known, nor may there be very many who have the courage to claim they are non-human Souls (even though, the “Soul” is far more capable than just being “human”). To agree with one of Jafira Dragon’s modes of thinking: “It is not necessarily an easy thing to reconcile with, that one is an otherworldly Soul, or may have existed in a different form in a past life.” There is even an “e-book” on the subject of otherkinism! The first kind of “manual” of its kind, and a very detailed, well-developed piece of writing that continues to evolve as more experiences and personal testimonies come to the surface. It is called “Jafira’s Draconity Guide” (tailored mainly towards those who consider themselves “Dragon-Souls”).

As to also speak of the several well-practiced psychics I knew,

I was said, repeatedly, that I myself am an “ancient Soul” (meaning, I apparently have been around in different incarnations for a very long time). There are probably many who are also “Ancient Souls”, and perhaps some, who do not even remember it yet! Such is the aspect of a Soul; Ageless, timeless, and ever-present in any reality, and every reality. A practicing shaman, often one who tries to incorporate the “old ways” of shamanism, would see this an ineffable truth. The Soul journeys onward and outward, regardless of its present form. The form a Soul takes in its present life, does not necessarily define its state of being (other than through the basis of experiencing life through the eyes of that form). In the simplest way to express it: “The body, does NOT define the Being.

Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,


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