Shadow-Gates II – Recognizing our fears and how to deal with them.

The first step towards a solution: Identifying the problem.

Every problem, somewhere, has a solution that works best. Some may have very few choices, whereas others, may have multiple, but less-effective, solutions. The only solution I have found for the very basics of “fear” (that is, fear of the unknown for the most part) is to take a proactive approach in dealing with it. Taking an excerpt from the good old Serenity Prayer, for instance, can help us start off on the right foot (paraphrased somewhat):

Please grant me the Courage to change the things I can,

The Grace to accept those things I can not,

And the Wisdom to know the difference. . .

”  Courage, guided by Grace, becomes with Wisdom. ” (My own little “proverb”.)

If we were to think of those things that help us to feel more Confident while resolving the “fearful” issue at hand, we could take some of that positive energy and apply it to ourselves almost like a “shield”. We could also think of ourselves holding a proverbial “sword” in which to dispatch our “fear” while we travel within the shadow self. We should also consistently view ourselves as being the “owner of our personal space”. That is, we only allow that which is to be within our presence and within our personal space.

When we go through our personal “house” (that is, explore a little deeper within our Being’s mental and spiritual bodies), we go there to seek out and to deal with something we are looking to resolve. (It is always best to work on one issue at a time. Never try to do everything at once, in short order.) Be it a repressed memory, or a feeling of short-coming, we are looking to identify it for what it is, and how it continues to plague us with fear and unease.

Sometimes, it may be better to have a spiritual “friend” or guide with you on a specific journey to the inner-self. Many a shaman will not even begin a healing process without one present. So, if you have a power animal, spirit, or totem, perhaps asking it to assist you in this inner-work will be most helpful? This way, you will be reminded you are not alone in facing this particular inner fear. Instead, you have a partner to help you on your journey, as well as help you to gain some confidence when you do face that which vexes you.

If you know an inspirational song or chant that you feel empowers you, try singing or chanting it as you into that semi-meditative state. Keep chanting/singing it as you feel its effect in the flowing of energy throughout your being. When come face to face with the object of your inner fear, see if your chant or song has any effect at minimizing “fear’s” power and effect. If it does, you are in a better position to “take command” of your personal space, and take your power back from that which you gave your power over to in the first place.

Imagery is also a very powerful means to helping dispel one’s fears. We see much in the movies and general entertainment, the heavy use of symbols and imagery. However, there is much truth in the power of symbolism and imagery that pre-dates the modern church by many thousands of years. Therefore, if there is an image, symbol, or even a glyph that reminds you of your more-powerful self, then by all means – USE IT. As you bring this image or symbol with you into your deeper self, you can also use it to take your power back from that which had power over you. This is also one of the basic reasons for Talismans, Amulets, Charms, etc. Though these do not necessarily possess power of their own, they are “charged” with a certain power when they are made, and when they are prepared to be used for the purpose(s) they were intended. They key idea here is, YOU are the one with the power, not the instrument. You charge the instrument, as if breathing life into it, to help you with that you have intentioned.

Sometimes, certain fragraces and aromas are a key item to use. Some fragrances may even be a key to a past memory, as it is often used as a mental “trigger”, especially if the particular fragrance is known to the individual from a past experience. These can also be used to help recreate (or better yet, “re-play”) a memory for the purposes of re-experiencing the “event” which was the basis of the fear. Then, the work of reclaiming one’s personal power can begin. (NOTE: This may be best done under the supervision of someone who is well-versed and/or experienced in this kind of working.)

Prayer, an old mainstay for many followers and practitioners of a religion, is often one of the most practiced methods of dealing with tough issues and many personal fears. Prayer has also had some interesting supportive evidence in modern times to its healing effects. The resolution of personal fears also counts very much as a “healing”. Many church-goers are taught some prayers for various situations and reasons, but sometimes a more personal prayer is needed; One that “speaks” to the specificality of one’s own need(s). When one finds the inspiration and the “right words” and rhythm for a prayer, one finds his/her own means of a projection of personal power. Perhaps, such a prayer even helps finding one’s power to conquer one’s fear.

PART III of Shadow-Gates: Through The Darkness, and Back into the Light. – Where I talk about putting together your own system of conquering those personal fears.



2 thoughts on “Shadow-Gates II – Recognizing our fears and how to deal with them.

  1. Great piece. Yes, the power of prayer has been extraordinary for me. I have also used many of these techniques along with Tibetan singing bowls, crystals, yoga and meditation. However confronting fear nakedly, and just moving through it, is the most empowering thing I have ever done. Terrifying yet liberating.

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