Shadow-Gates I – Doorways of The Inner Being.

I thought today would be a good day to talk about the aspect of the darker side of our Inner Being.

Today seemed right as I was rather depressed at things went this week, and how I ended up not accomplishing what I set my direction to. I really felt bummed out as it seems things always fall apart for me because of the various complexities I had to endure this week, which cost me time and much of my patience. So, times seem rather dark for me right no (as seems to happen, often at the worst times).

Over the years, I have come to understand, all too well, why some folks’ creativity shines the most prominent and most effluous in their darkest moments. This is true for many blues musicians also. One who plays the most heartfelt blues, is usually one who has good reason to put his/her pained feelings into music. It is a very common way of coping and even beginning the healing process from that which fosters the pain. Music lends itself well to that healing process!

Various painters like van Gogh did much the same thing with their creativity. Earnest Hemmingway often found relief in his writings (when he was not too imbibed, physically) when feeling “down”. So, perhaps my writing about some of things that I have learned and experienced along the way, be a major part of my own healing. After all, I do have the habit of writing things that may at first seem “from out of left-field”, but are still of interest to those who read my blog(s). So, here goes:

I have talked with friends and associates, some at great length, about the mysterious things in Nature, and occult arts. A few of them made consistent references to “gateways” and portals and such. It was always talk about opening a gateway or portal here, there, or at some other specified location. I was kind of getting a bit weary of the same old song and dance about how and where such and such has opened a “portal” or something similar. Generally, location may be a part of the equation to the successful creation/opening of a gateway. Usually, some other environmental factors must weigh in also. Such things as the flows of undercurrents and “Dragon-Energies”, for example, are not to be underestimated, nor overestimated when dealing with altering aspects of the “non-ordinary” realities. Only, this just represents a physical manifestation in what would be an otherwise unstable “physical reality”. The non-ordinary realities are far more fluid than this ordinary reality. Therefore, such things would be more possible within them, than of the current physical reality we find ourselves in.

One thing that most do not comment on, let alone even realize, is that these portals and gateways mean very little to those who have no understanding of them in the first place. They are just “there” for anyone to inadvertently “happen across”.

The gateways I am more likely to be fixate on are those that we open up within our own Being, whether physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc. Usually, the individual has gotten into the habit of only thinking about ONE of the planar levels, while neglecting the rest. (Sounds like much of the lack of our healing modality too, doesn’t it?) To me, such a singular dimension gateway stands very high risk of being unstable and perhaps even unbalanced. A physicaly-located portal does not mean much of there is not a stable power source, and the strength of Will, to maintain it. Therefore, it can become erratic, unstable, and even very dangerous if left unattended. This is one of the many reasons why gateways and portals have typically been guarded and/or maintained by one or more guardians (as according to many early spiritual writings and stories). So, the more physical portals may not be the only answer to any serious undertaking. Then, who is to actually utilize one or more of these portals, and how well do they understand the basis for these portals?

The most important forms and types of gateways and portals that one would find usable for everyday practices, are those we open up from within ourselves. Those who have mastered or have very good experience in spiritual travel, are most likely ones who have mastered manipulating those inner-gateways (what I call “Shadow Gates” – because they originate within the shadow-side of one’s own Being). These Shadow Gates represent the openings into the deeper side of the shadow-self. They serve to most, a more direct access to the long-repressed memories and abilities within one’s own Being. It is within the shadow-self that often reveals the real spiritual self and its real feelings about itself and the world around it. It is also another, deeper source of inspirations, dreams, and other creative thinking and conceptualization ideas. It is where memories are stored, in the “raw”, as unedited, experiencial memories. It is also where some of our deepst fears reside – all due to them being jealously-guarded from outsiders. The old “Boogey-Man in the dark” scenario is as ancient as humanity itself. It is also the mark of where “fear” is at its greatest. The darkness is the perfect place to hide that part of ourselves from the outside world (often because we were societally-conditioned to do so) so as to keep it secret.

I can almost think of it as the greatest source of emotional problems (mis-diagnosed as “mental disorders” to this day) and turmoil. Much of our depression(s) come from the constant fear of our inner selves being discovered or “outed” by another, without our consent. The stress of keeping these things, which are very natural to us, hidden away from the daylight and worrying about it (because it is not socially acceptible to have these thoughts, dreams, etc.) only leads us further into a deeper state of depression and eventual self-detsructive behavior, all out of desperation. We basically have become a society that’s “afraid of our own shadows”. Such be the modern tragedy, and coming from what is supposed to be an “evolved society”.

The proverb on “facing our fears face-to-face” becomes even more important.

==> Part II – Shadow-Gates I – Recognizing our fears and how to deal with them.

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,




7 thoughts on “Shadow-Gates I – Doorways of The Inner Being.

  1. Excellent article with much food for thought. I agree reg our own inner portals/gateways, after all we are but a holographic image of the whole. Too many search outside themselves to find the answers, or to find healing, peace etc when inside us all is a micro cosmos for us to explore, re learn/member where all healing and transformations take place.
    Would love to hear more of your thoughts on Dragon energy too.
    Blessings to you. ❤


    • ** Would love to hear more of your thoughts on Dragon energy too. **

      -> You might try checking out the archives for the article, “A Dance with An Ancient Serpent” for starters. That one was very special to me. 😉

      Glad you liked it very much.

      I am in the process of working on a meditation script for the third part of this writing. It will incorporate some of my knowledge on working with Dragonic Energy and Spirituality.

      You may also find something you like on my “Temple” website (located on the navigation menu under “Home”.) Most of my writings center on Dragons and their Shamanic Values. I am on a shamanic path of learning through discovery. This is one of the best and most personal ways of learning the Spirit.


      – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

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