Is an Impending Famine on its way to America?

Boy oh boy, does the bad news just keep pouring in, day by day!

This just very recent (video): American Farmers Being Ordered To Depopulate Livestock And Destroy Crops

This, together with the constant news of massive closures of large food-processing plants (mainly those who process “meats”, eggs, and dairy? ? ?) in the USA, was already enough to send chills deep down my spine! To further learn, that it was also lobbied by the “good folks” at PETA, the very same folks who have been found to euthanize over 98% of the animals they routinely “rescue”, all within the first twenty-four (24) hours. This in joint agreement with the likes of none other than: Bill Gates, Jr – formerly of MICROSOFT, and the currently-crowned: “chief-scientist of the globalists“.

Please see: Cargill, Bill Gates, and PETA Partner Up to End Livestock Production

This also comes as NO SURPRISE, being that during a TED-talk (a year or two ago) AND during an ASPEN Conference (about two or three years ago in Aspen, Colorado) – his “Innovate to Zero”-talk was centered mainly around “Reducing the CO2-output of nations, by reducing the human population” (with “vaccines”, was his later admission to the method to be employed). – His telling remark at the ASPEN Conference: “Maaaaybe, if we did a good enough job, we could bring the world population down by about 10-15%.” This was so conveniently alluded to RIGHT AFTER his talk on making vaccines more available to the “third world” populations – to supposedly help curb the population growth (assumed he was talking about THOSE areas of the world, but . . .).


We have this scare-fest STILL being bandied about, and the “news networks” nightly bludgeoning the public with more “doom and gloom” about there being expected ANOTHER pandemic to be visited upon us; One that would worse than the first. We are constantly fed the stream of more scare-porn, about this Coronavirus showing up in more people, by manifesting in MORE symptoms – even within those who have appeared to heal from a coronavirus infection/infliction/or-whatever? How does THAT work, as far as viruses, which are supposed to be very limited in what areas of the body they can affect, and what specific cells and tissue they can infect? This “story” keeps changing and “mutating” all the time (just like is claimed about this “virus”, and its “lethality”).

Now we come to the grim conclusion (if WE, The People do NOT get involved in stopping all of it):

Now, it seems that another “prediction” of my own is coming home to roost(er?): We ARE facing an engineered famine; A mass-starvation event in this Nation, in the not-too-distant future! ANYONE, who has done a decent amount of homework concerning human history and past events, would have come to a similar conclusion, and why. As one apparently well-studied, well-read commenter on another blog observed: “Prior to the French Revolution, all meats and meat products were destroyed and no longer available to the poor. This created starvation of the people.“. We can also add to that, from a bit of history of the early days of the Bolshevik Revolution, and later formation of the USSR: During the reign of Lenin (one of the “reigns of Terror”) and later, under Stalin, the farmers of the Ukraine were systematically deprived of all of their agricultural produce, when the Soviet government confiscated all of their food, and all of their means of food production. This horrendous and gruesome act caused the mass-starvation death of over twenty MILLION farmers, Kulaks, and others who were dependent on the “Ukrainian Food Basket”! That’s 20,000,000 living, breathing human beings – starved to death by GOVERNMENT ORDERS, even though they were completely innocent of ANY purported crimes or acts! ! !

There is also a bit I remember about one of the Roman wars, namely against Carthage:

It was known for many years that Carthage was wealthy beyond imagination as to its successful agriculture. Rome, seeking to subdue Carthage, so as to make it another vassal-state under Roman dominion, went to war and defeated the armies of Carthage. Only, a short time later, Carthage would rise again, and mount a challenge to Roman authority. This went on several times, as each time Rome defeated the armies of Carthage, Carthage would in short order, come back to strength. I forgot WHO it was who suggested this change in tactics, but it was suggested that in order to finally defeat Carthage, permanently – to have each soldier carry with him, a pound of salt. When the Roman legions were to descend on Carthage and defeat their armies and peoples, each soldier would sprinkle the salt upon the earth in the farm fields. This would make the earth too salty to raise anymore crops and other produce. – IT WORKED! From that point onward, Carthage was finally, utterly defeated.

Then, in reference to today’s events (the over-shadowed, unspoken-of “news”):

We are constantly treated to the barrage of fear, panic, but also the various distractions and time-wasting on go-nowhere events (like the proposed “lawsuit on China”) to fill the airspace. MOST of the “ALT-MEDIA” are so soaked in the “China-is-evil” distractions, that very few of THEM are even addressing what I have been watching (and taking note of) for several weeks (if not a few months): The growing push to drastically alter or eliminate our domestic food supplies and the ability to independently produce our own food! WTF! WTH! WHAT’S UP, CHUCK? ? ? Some of us heard these kinds of “wishes” and “plans” from the gloating pieces of garbage (who call themselves “scientists”, “authorities”, and “experts”) in the various foundations, industry trade groups, NGOs, and every other form of CONFAB that has happened over the last twenty or more YEARS!

Now, as far as the expected “second wave of a pandemic”, and its reputed to be WORSE and LARGER SCALE devastation, what have some of you folks learned about WHERE and WHEN such pandemics have usually hit the hardest, with the greatest number of fatalities, HMMMM? ? ? – Areas that were experiencing mass-starvation and famines, perhaps? ? ? So, WHY are we not hearing about those areas of Africa which were hit with one of the largest Locust swarms in modern history? – WHY are we NOT hearing very much about what their experiences in this pandemic right now, are? If we also do a little MORE study into the history of the worst of the pandemics in human civilization, we are also most-likely to find that those populations which suffered the greatest number of deaths (presumably due to the pathogen involved), were also populations which were already in the throes of an extended/protracted famine! Was this not also something common with most of our protracted wars of old, like Crimean War, American Revolutionary War, The “Civil” War, and even towards the Great Depression Era? ? ? See the connections, folks? See the obvious similarities? See the cause-and-effects relationships in all of these example events?

Then, we can already learn about the role of accumulated toxins and other environmental exposures to other types and kinds of toxins (in which excessive RF-radiation exposure can be considered a severe environmental toxin), as well as the “incidental” toxins in much of our sea-food, and other various FDA-ignored/allowed toxins in our everyday pre-processed foods (like Aspartame, Glyphosate residues, Cyclo-Hexanes, BPA’s and BPS’s, etc). Are we getting the picture here? How about the fact that most nearly ALL of our Nation’s piped-in water supplies are heavily polluted with all kinds of chemicals (to include the “miraculous marvel of public-water Fluoridation” – originating from hazardous chemical wastes by the Aluminum and fertilizer industries, no less), the Mercury-containing dental fillings (Amalgam), and the Mercury and Formaldehyde containing vaccines (plus only God knows how many other toxic, artificial chemicals), and the fact that many people use a “microwave oven” to reheat, defrost, or cook their food at home (which has been PROVEN in no less than FOUR other nations’ extensive studies – that “microwaved” or “nuked” food can lose up to ninety-percent (90%) of its nutritive value).

Each and every cause-for-concern item or problem I have illustrated above, is an additional strain on the human immune system. Prolonged, elevated stress levels is a BIG sapper of the immune system’s strength. Not getting outdoors regularly, and not getting some good exercise in the process (even just a good, leisurely walk does better than nothing at all) also contribute to the weakening of the immune system. Not being out in the “germ-filled” natural world and with other people for an extended time also contributes to a weakened immune system. (In other words, “get out there, and DON’T be afraid to get dirty!“)

Now, did I step all over enough peoples’ “sweet dreams and fantasies”, yet? ? ?

Perhaps some real-think should be a common-core practice, and not an “anomaly” of the day? Perhaps going back a little further, to when our parents and even grand-parents were little children. Hopefully, many of you at least got to listen to some of their own life-stories while you had the chance to. My family grew up in the deep South, and lived very much a very modest, farm-family style life. Dirt and grime were never a stranger to any of them. If one lived on the “family farm”, and one subsisted mainly on what was raised, reared, or cultivated on the family-farm, one already had the best qualities of real Natural Health, from REAL Natural (“Herd”) Immunity! So what’s the big problem nowadays? ? ? – I believe I already gave you most of what I see, right here in this article.

Those of you who live in abject fear of every “germ”, every bit of dirt, grime, and related – YOU’RE STILL GONNA DIE SOMEDAY! No one lives forever in this world, except as heroes memories – only for those who were brave – and truly revolutionized societies for the better. That does NOT include the Bill Gates’ of the world, nor of the George Soros’, nor of the Anthony Fauci’s, not even of the Donald J. Trumps! (THEY are ALL traitors and enemies to genuine Freedom anyway!) To the parents who keep “protecting their children FROM getting dirty”, even by a little: You are actually destroying your children’s futures, and the possibility of them ever enjoying strong, vital immune systems! ! !

And don’t even bother getting me started on the subject of vaccines, and their SCIENTIFICALLY-PROVEN detrimental effects on human health and the immune system. Those who willingly (and sheepishly) complied with making sure that their children “get all their shots” before two, or whenever – and caused them to completely “miss the boat” on real childhood opportunities at natural immunity, I have very GRAVE NEWS for YOU and THEM: When they miss out on the natural “starters” for their then-developing immune systems, before the age of puberty, than after the passage of the “age of puberty” – THEY WILL BE FOREVER DEPENDENT ON ANY AND ALL -NEEDED- “BOOSTER SHOTS” IN ORDER TO STAY ALIVE! – In other words, if your children were NOT allowed to naturally catch these “childhood diseases” (when they would actually be the LEAST lethal to your children), then you have doomed them to forever be dependent “on the system”. – They will not survive long living “off-grid”. – Of course, the big medical “industry”, and especially the “big pharma” folks already knew all of this, YEARS AGO, but never told anyone outside of their circles.

Think I’m just another “science-illiterate anti-vaxxer”?

Just as I always say to people: “Go do your OWN homework, and search for it yourselves.” – The answers are all there, and are all solidly based on real science, if you look hard enough.

As to the video like I posted way above: That’s just from ONE long-time farmer, taking a big risk for speaking out! Call him a “whistle-blower” of sorts too, what matters is what he was saying, and what “government” agents told him and others.

If all of our domestic agriculture disappears from our Nation, never to return – This means we will be completely dependent on questionable imports for virtually ALL OF OUR FOOD, and all of it of questionable quality and safety too! There already has been a steady push to completely remove ANY meats and other animal-derived food products from our collective “menus” and food chain. If this happens, do you think we all will truly be any healthier? I think not, and on the basis of knowing that nearly ALL of our “meat-replacements” are of questionable quality, and most notoriously polluted with various chemical residues (from processing) – That goes for EVEN that which is labeled “ORGANIC” (and owned by the big-food labels).

So yeah,

The claim of the “Second Wave of the Pandemic” being deadlier than the first – Is what I call a “Self-fulfilling Prophecy“! – Good luck with THAT!


MORE: Anti-Meat Links (Seems more like another “War on Nature”?):

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Bill Gates and Richard Branson Back Startup That Grows ‘Clean Meat’

Get Ready for the War on Meat

The End of Animal Farming


(Edited: Apr 30th, 2020 – Added some new links.)


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