Oh No! Don’t do it, Mr. Trump!

It seems to me that,

The manipulators of political-control in this country, are trying their best to influence the future political make up of the next administration. Now, with the possible appointments of past pro-war “neo-cons”, to the heart of the possible Trump Presidential Cabinet, leaves me and many other TRUE Liberty-Lovers very highly concerned. Time for the Great People of this Great Land to take a stand now, and champion true liberty and freedom by decrying the personages being seriously considered for appointments to positions of political power. OUR very future is at stake (still, and ever more so).

“Trust is slowly earned, and easily lost.”

Part of my initial reasoning for taking a “wait-and-see” approach, before placing any considerable trust within President-Elect Donald J Trump:

Was in remembering his visits with Henry Kissinger (the former Secretary of State who got us involved in the quagmire of the Vietnam War), Newt Gingrich (who has been consistently pro-war in his desire for further meddling into the affairs of the Middle East, especially when he was still the Speaker of the House). These two figures have been involved in many shady dealings and pro-war policies that have helped to cost the united states of America, untold billions of dollars, and many tens- (if not, hundreds-) of thousands of American and allied lives. The “united states” is STILL feeling the economic back-spin from these egregious wars!

More bothersome still,

It seems he is also considering appointing  John Bolton (who fully supported and championed the big lie of “Saddam’s possession of weapons of mass-destruction” claim, and its attendant excuse for the devastation of the countries of Afghanistan and Iraq [let alone, their miserable conditions after all that!] ), as well as William Kristol (one of several pro-war neo-cons who drafted the infamous document (excuse) for war with Afghanistan and Iraq: “Project For The New American Century“, out of: The “American Enterprise Institute”, Along with Bolton, Frank Gaffney (of “The National Center for Security Policy”- another pro-war neo-con “think tank”) – as another possible appointee.

It seems the more things “change”, the MORE they remain the same!

“Have we NOT been down this road BEFORE? ? ?”

What does it take (besides a massive conversation with The People) to get the point across that: It is THESE kinds of people who get us all into more “hot water”, and into more expensive outlays (also in terms of great tragic loss of human life). We have had ENOUGH of these pecuniary, expensive, unnecessary “wars”, and definitely had enough of the over-policing of our (usually) peaceful Peoples of these united states (all under the excuse of “national security”)!

Please, Oh Dear God(dess), PLEASE – NO MORE of these Washington Insiders! ! !

Get them ALL out of the way, and out of places for them to do us all harm! If you do not show us how serious you are about “cleaning house”, when it comes to dealing with the venomous “lobbyists” and “global-loyalists” (starting with some of your “appointments”), you have all but betrayed the trust that MANY of America’s voters have placed within you, Mr. Trump. It is past time to start ditching many of the “professional politicians” who have been gleefully feeding from the public trough, all the while we have more and more American People, left upon the streets to starve – and with no real future of opportunities left to them!

It is past time, to make some serious, realistic, and ethical changes, in HOW our Representative-Republic does the People’s Business.

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye



The Coming 13th Anniversary: How long can the lies stand?

September 11, 2001 is a day that shall forever be in the hearts and minds of many Americans.

So what are YOU going to do, to further the truth that is hidden behind the veil of lies that has become the biggest excuse for a permanent state of war (against freedom and liberty) called “The War on Terror” ? ? ? The biggest excuse for astounding expenditures in defense technologies. The biggest excuse for more foreign interventionism. The biggest excuse for the murders of millions of innocent peoples around the world. The biggest excuse for toppling and overthrowing democratically elected governments around the world. The biggest excuse for declaring freedom and liberty lovers as the state’s biggest enemies. The biggest excuse for most invasive spy-state humanity has ever known. The biggest excuse for “laws”, regulations, and policies to be passed that render the average man or woman as total vassals of the state.

How much longer must we endure the lies that help to maintain the current, deteriorating state of affairs of the world ? ? ?

What will YOU, the people – my Brothers and Sisters – one and all – DO to resolve, for once and for all, the coming destruction of humanity and all of its finer institutions – all under the pretexts of lies and excuses – and keep the promises we made to our Gods and/or Goddesses – to keep and pass on the treasures of our collective experiences to our future generations?

Mark this day, Sep 10th, 2014 – as the preparation and commitment to do that which is right and proper, by and for your fellow Brothers and Sisters! – We MUST expose the lies, liars, and all the falsehoods that were dared to be foisted upon us: The Big Lie of WHY a 9/11, and WHY the continuance of the lies and treachery by our representative governments and institutions.

THIS we MUST do, individually AND collectively, if we as a species and kind are to survive to continue the promises of our Gods.

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon,