Hmmm. Is this a “Mirror-Day”? Time to Remove Obstacles, Negativisms, etc.

Let all numerologists (and witches) take an interesting notice,

Today, you guessed it, is another Friday the 13th. Now WHAT is so special about THIS particular day, you ask?


Let’s take a look at the date, shall we? – (in US-notation) – 03 / 13 / 15.

If we went fully out on the date: – 03 / 13 / 2015.

Friday is considered the 6th day of the week, for those who use the modern Gregorian Calendar.

Then, we have a little bit of math we can do: 03 + 13 + 15 = 31. (Also interesting is that March has 31-days in it!) – OR – we could do it, this way: 0 + 3 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 15 ( 1 + 5 = 6 )*

Without reducing, we have an interesting “coincidence”: 13 | 31 – (See the “Mirror”?) ( – OR – we could use the fact that Friday is the 6th day of the week: 6 | 6*. )

So, what does this tell me? – It tells me that results, effects, etc. should run in “doubles”, today.

Now, are we worried about potential “bad luck”? Well, perhaps taking a good strong start on removing our misfortunes, should start today. It is also convenient that we are currently in the Waning-Phase of the Moon. Therefore, perhaps this be the right day to begin the process of eliminating the effects of the causal issues of our misfortunes.

I like to think of a chant by thinking about the particular problem I wish to reduce, and eventually eliminate. Then, put into a phrase (which would be my chant) that effectively “disempowers” the problem. On this night (because it is a waning-moon on this Friday the 13th), repeat this chant 13-times towards the darkened sky, intoning your intention so as to reverberate with the channeled energies.

And, as many folks do so, you can reaffirm and “seal” your intention with: “And so it is done!”

Now whether you do this in a detail retual, meditation, or just set aside some peaceful time outdoors, this chant – with the full intention and desire to accomplish – should be some great help to you. From then on, remind yourself of this chant, when or if the problem you are trying to shed threatens to resurface. (Being that the Day of Saturn follows, Saturday is good day to reaffirm and reinforce your intention to remove this problem from your life for good.

And there you have it. Sweet and simple!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,