Coming soon: Dragon Temple’s Sacred Gifts store.

Announcing, the creation and soon-to-be-open Dragons’ Treasure Chest.

A new online store for gift items, hand-crafted items, and other useful items for your home, personal space, temple, or whatever your heart’s desires. This store will serve primarily the needs of the practitioner, spiritualist, or even just those interested in innovative and creative products. Many of the items to be offered for sale will be hand-crafted by myself, and my significant other – as well as those who wish to consign their crafts.

We aim to offer competitive consignment rates, as well as provide first-rate quality service. The website will feature various items and various categories to choose from. We are also preparing to offer a wide range of choice in delivery services, etc.

Also in the planning, . . . A group and networking site.

We have plans to open an alternative to the other social-networking sites. We plan to have social-networking, group pages and sites, and a general forum for those interested in sharing their ideas with the world. Being that several of the more well-known sites out there have been steadily losing their quality-of-service standards, having more personal data privacy issues, and in some cases – general user-friendliness issues, we have decided there must be a better way. So we are getting ready to take the plunge and seek to build a first-rate social-networking site for those of “alternative spiritualities” and spiritual paths. We would love to be able to better-serve an otherwise under-served part of our community.

Currently, we are investigating several different social-networking platforms (primarily open-sourced software) and bulletin-board platforms in which to build our site. We will have further announcements on this development as we progress in our planning.

Please Stay Tuned!

Rev. Dragon’s Eye
Founder, Temple of The Ancient Dragons.