Oh No! Don’t do it, Mr. Trump!

It seems to me that,

The manipulators of political-control in this country, are trying their best to influence the future political make up of the next administration. Now, with the possible appointments of past pro-war “neo-cons”, to the heart of the possible Trump Presidential Cabinet, leaves me and many other TRUE Liberty-Lovers very highly concerned. Time for the Great People of this Great Land to take a stand now, and champion true liberty and freedom by decrying the personages being seriously considered for appointments to positions of political power. OUR very future is at stake (still, and ever more so).

“Trust is slowly earned, and easily lost.”

Part of my initial reasoning for taking a “wait-and-see” approach, before placing any considerable trust within President-Elect Donald J Trump:

Was in remembering his visits with Henry Kissinger (the former Secretary of State who got us involved in the quagmire of the Vietnam War), Newt Gingrich (who has been consistently pro-war in his desire for further meddling into the affairs of the Middle East, especially when he was still the Speaker of the House). These two figures have been involved in many shady dealings and pro-war policies that have helped to cost the united states of America, untold billions of dollars, and many tens- (if not, hundreds-) of thousands of American and allied lives. The “united states” is STILL feeling the economic back-spin from these egregious wars!

More bothersome still,

It seems he is also considering appointing  John Bolton (who fully supported and championed the big lie of “Saddam’s possession of weapons of mass-destruction” claim, and its attendant excuse for the devastation of the countries of Afghanistan and Iraq [let alone, their miserable conditions after all that!] ), as well as William Kristol (one of several pro-war neo-cons who drafted the infamous document (excuse) for war with Afghanistan and Iraq: “Project For The New American Century“, out of: The “American Enterprise Institute”, Along with Bolton, Frank Gaffney (of “The National Center for Security Policy”- another pro-war neo-con “think tank”) – as another possible appointee.

It seems the more things “change”, the MORE they remain the same!

“Have we NOT been down this road BEFORE? ? ?”

What does it take (besides a massive conversation with The People) to get the point across that: It is THESE kinds of people who get us all into more “hot water”, and into more expensive outlays (also in terms of great tragic loss of human life). We have had ENOUGH of these pecuniary, expensive, unnecessary “wars”, and definitely had enough of the over-policing of our (usually) peaceful Peoples of these united states (all under the excuse of “national security”)!

Please, Oh Dear God(dess), PLEASE – NO MORE of these Washington Insiders! ! !

Get them ALL out of the way, and out of places for them to do us all harm! If you do not show us how serious you are about “cleaning house”, when it comes to dealing with the venomous “lobbyists” and “global-loyalists” (starting with some of your “appointments”), you have all but betrayed the trust that MANY of America’s voters have placed within you, Mr. Trump. It is past time to start ditching many of the “professional politicians” who have been gleefully feeding from the public trough, all the while we have more and more American People, left upon the streets to starve – and with no real future of opportunities left to them!

It is past time, to make some serious, realistic, and ethical changes, in HOW our Representative-Republic does the People’s Business.

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye


8 thoughts on “Oh No! Don’t do it, Mr. Trump!

  1. Ways I would “change things”, though I don’t expect any of them to be achieved in a declining empire:

    Publicly financed elections (No PACS, no rule by the rich alone), with campaigns limited to 120 days.
    A minimum of 4-5 viable parties, forcing compromise by necessitating cooperation between smaller groups to form coalition governments.
    Term limits on every job in federal government except SCOTUS.
    Single-payer, universal healthcare (FAR cheaper than any system we’ve tried).
    And a 50% reduction in the military budget. There are hundreds of more important uses for the money than being the world’s police force.


    • “Publicly financed elections” : BAD IDEA! ! ! – There is NO REASON to force the tax-payer to finance elections and campaigns. Would do little good anyway as this would benefit the “incumbents” most anyway! Besides, many of our past “incumbents” tried to push this issue before the voters, before. Good Riddance it did not actually happen!

      “with campaigns limited to 120 days”: Another unnecessary intervention by big “government”! Plus, there is NO WHERE in the Original Constitution that would have ever supported that. If we were to have gone the route limiting of financing by single “entities”, you still must consider the amount of time a candidate actually needs to go out and meet the people he/she is courting for a vote. This DOES take up most of a candidate’s campaigning time!

      “A minimum of 4-5 viable parties,”: NO! Does not work very well, especially when you take a look at how many “parties” Italy has, Germany, France, etc. This results more in a dilution and confusion of the vote. Not only that, what is to keep any two or more “parties” from collectively-waging a “turf war” upon the weaker “party”, so as to gain an further advantage in campaigns (to the expense of the voters???). – Plus, our Nation’s Original Founders abhorred the thought of our elections being divided by “parties” and party-lines: They viewed this a serious distraction away from the real issue that matter, and where the candidates personally stood on those issues! – Nope! BAD IDEA!

      “(No PACS, no rule by the rich alone)”: I feel your sentiments here but, if you want to fix this problem: “We need to go back to the principle of -One Voice, One Vote-, and that will do away with much of the influence-peddling.” – Not only, “Influence Peddling” is a serious F.E.C. Regulations violation: We simply need to force the FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION to enforce the god-damned laws already on the books! ! !

      “Term limits on every job in federal government except SCOTUS”: We should already be DOING THAT! It’s called “voting them out of office”, whether it being on the next election, OR – by Re-Call Elections! As for S.C.O.T.U.S., their jobs’ longevity was based on “good behavior” (observance and adherence to the Constitution). Their jobs were NEVER intended to be guaranteed “life-time”, unless they kept within their oaths to uphold the Constitution for the duration. Legislated “term-limits” is absolutely unsupported on the basis of a Representative Republic, in which our Nation was supposed to remain (as opposed to what it is now).

      “Single-payer, universal healthcare (FAR cheaper than any system we’ve tried).”: Actually, NO it is NOT! “Single-payer” would actually further exacerbate the exorbitant costs of our “health care”, because it STILL means more government meddling in what should be left to the consumer to choose as to how he/she wishes health to be addressed, maintained, or otherwise cared for. The biggest problem as to WHY our health-care system is one of the MOST EXPENSIVE in the world, but the American consumer as very few choices for care AND how to cover the costs of that care: TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT, THAT HELPS CREATE MONOPOLIES AND CARTELS, WHO “CAPTURE” THE MARKETS AND CREATE THE OVER-PRICING AND REDUCED CHOICES WE SEE TODAY, AND IN EVERY “CAPTURED” SECTOR OF INDUSTRY. == Want REALLY reduce the health care costs AND see more choices offered at even more varied prices? ? ? == Return to the free and open market for all of our health care needs, as well as many other sectors of industry. The “Free and Open Market” really benefits EVERYONE!

      “And a 50% reduction in the military budget”: That’s ALL ?!?!?! – If our active-duty military were to be limited, in mission, to actually guarding our Nation’s borders and territorial waters, instead of going around the world and beating up on hapless countries whose people voted in someone our “government” does not like, you could actually reduce the military “defense” budget by nearly %85-%92 and STILL be able to actually defend this Nation (together with our “Guards” AND a well-armed civilian populace). – So, I can partially agree with this one.

      “There are hundreds of more important uses for the money than being the world’s police force.”: THANK YOU!!! The MONROE DOCTRINE, MARSHAL PLAN, etc. and anything similar – to include ALL forms of “foreign aid” need to be abolished! THAT would cut, easily, several TRILLION DOLLARS from our Nation’s expenditures!

      : : :

      BTW: As per your previous comment: I DID NOT for Donald Trump!!! So, you can quit talking out your back-side in plain ignorance! I have been a Liberty-minded Freedom Fighter for years! I already KNOW how screwed up our country has gotten! As far as I am concerned, this so-called “two-party system” has become a much worse nightmare than what our Nation’s Founders could have imagined of it. – So, NO I DID **NOT** VOTE FOR TRUMP.

      I voted for “Freedom and Liberty”, and still got denied BOTH!!!

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  2. Mr. Trump did not run in order to have to do the job. He ran to improve the market reach of his brand, and he didn’t expect he would win. Now that he has won, he doesn’t wish to have to do all the arduous, detail-oriented work that is the majority of what presidents do. He will instead be hiring others he thinks know how, because God knows he doesn’t, and doesn’t really want to have to learn it himself.

    Most of the hires will be DC insiders. We can already begin to see how much of the campaign was lies, and what kind of ethics the winners have. No lobbyists? Giuliani previously lobbied for Quatar, Singapore, an exiled Iranian political party, oil companies and the makers of oxycontin. Now Lt. Gen. Flynn is being outed for currently lobbying on behalf of the Turkish government, yet he’s still in consideration for a top intelligence post.


    • I am STILL willing to give Mr. Trump a chance to actually PROVE himself, not go by what the lying “media” wants us all to believe! Besides, we still have yet to see how his final cabinet choices pan out.

      One could do much better than relying upon the “media” to give him/her the facts, especially when the corporate “media” has proven of itself, time and time again, that it is NOT to be trusted with “telling the truth”!


      • Media, schmedia. I gave my OWN opinion, based on my OWN business experience. Trump’s exactly the kind of rich guy who stays rich by cheating, delaying payments and suing everyone in sight. I’ve dealt with hundreds like him up close. He’s got no service motive whatsoever. There aren’t any teachers, nurses, cops or veterans in that family. His private family foundation records scant support for any charity, and he lied about his own level of contributions.

        And I’m also willing to give him a chance (enough rope) to prove (hang) himself. Just not willing to be fooled by empty promises he can’t possibly deliver on.

        The facts are he’s already hiring insiders, and trying to skirt around nepotism laws to get his son-in-law in government through side doors. He values loyalty above competence, like all petty dictators.

        But I’m retired. I got my pile and earned it the hard way, while still giving more than 10% of my income AND volunteering. Now you (and half of America) get to find out the hard way just what a self-serving schmuck you voted for.


      • And please tell us, how YOU would change this picture, being that he is NOT the only one who benefits from the kind of economy that runs this world today? I know all this and then some.

        That is also why (if you have read any of my previous posts on this subject) I have impassioned to the voters to keep close watch on, and force accountability of these elected.

        – “Your vote, is NOT the end of your civic duty-! It is only the beginning.”

        THAT is the sense I am communicating and promoting here. Not, just another “Trump Love-Fest”. I have seen these kinds of political games for many turns, going in many different directions, and still ending up screwing the People. It is WE, THE PEOPLE who are supposed to be the guarantors of freedom and liberty.

        So, I am just doing part in keeping the “flames of liberty” burning, by informing and educating. Whatever you do, and how you do it, is up to you. I have my own way of accomplishing.


    • Beside that,

      Would you REALLY have more of the same garbage that has helped further run this country into the ground? ? ? (NOT, that “neo-cons” are much better!) – This is a time where more people are actually staying better-informed by NOT relying solely on the corporate “media”. Time will tell.


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