The Lies Must Stop! Ending Homelessness in Boise.


What a very heart rending way to the end the week. Now that the “alley” (Cooper Court) has been cleared (“evacuated”) and the political dust settled (with plenty of manufacturing of the “truth” by the local media), perhaps we start getting down to the business about homelessness and how NOT to handle it, shall we?!?

The usual snippets and bylines by the media on how the city was so very patient and “loving” about their uprooting some of the homeless who were already vulnerable and exploited for the benefit of the select few (the city’s image, and the profits of the favor non-profit organizations), perhaps we may find that all is not going to end up so rosy for the affected after all. After all, they are just homeless people living in the streets, right?!? After all, they have no ambitions, no dreams, no goals, no expectations for themselves, do they?!? After all, this community would really be better without their presence, did I get THAT right?!? After all, these homeless (and many more who are practically invisible to most of the general public) are all on the streets by their own choices, did I read THAT right?!?


Homelessness is to be blamed on the homeless themselves?!? Isn’t it soooo easy to blame those who have very little left in life for their own predicament? Isn’t just grand that we can all go to bed with a clear conscience at night, and not ever have to worry that maybe we supported and CONDONED the outrageous violations of their equal considerations of their human rights? So, we do not have to feel guilty about violating the very basic human rights of these people, all because they are homeless and have virtually no real advocacy or representation (other than from the usual self-serving “glory-seekers” and “media-hogs”)? Perhaps much of society that has not been bitten by the dark side of our country’s economic policies and machinations believe it will never happen to them?!? Perhaps, all those cushy office jobs and various other levels of “gainful employment” will withstand being out-sourced, or altogether deemed “redundant”? – Only time will tell, because they have not listened (and refused to listen) to any of us who DID try to tell them.

These are people, made of flesh and blood, and possess feelings, dreams, goals, expectations, and with some who are just as capable of doing great things and having a beautiful life – if simply given a genuine chance (and perhaps some positive encouragement). Yet, the City of Boise, Idaho – AND – its complicit partners-in-crime (the various favored 501(c)(3) “aid organizations”) will continue to exploit and profit from the living tragedy of the homeless, while the homeless are expected to remain quiet (and for the most part – unseen)! The complicit “media” has done a hell of a job in playing to the tune of “good government, bad (street) people” with their slanted and skewed presentation of the plight of the homeless. (This, to my humble understanding, is commonplace throughout the United States!)

Anyone who has genuinely experienced a period (or more) of homelessness would already know what it is like to live at the very bottom tier of society. Yet, it is those who have NO PERSONAL FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE with being homeless that are making all the judgment calls and social policy in dealing with the very homeless themselves! This to include several of the non-profits who SAY they are “for the homeless”, yet sabotage all efforts of the homeless to right themselves – outside of the political sphere of influence – and its “hand-outs”. WHERE are all the godly “churches”, “temples”, and others who profess such faiths and claim to love “all men (and women)”, regardless of their particular station in life? ? ? Where are the true voices of the homeless? ? ? Where are those who truly love ALL PEOPLE, when the homeless citizens need their help most? ? ?

What the City of Boise (Idaho) has done is yet another egregeous act against human rights and violated various human-rights treaties, once again!

BTW: Please beware of giving anything substantive to the BOISE RESCUE MISSION MINISTRIES: Very little of it goes to the homeless, and more of it goes to more profit-making for themselves!


Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,

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