Set Goals Not Resolutions!

Nice post!!!

This looks similar to a project I did with a meditation group years ago. Plus, I really like the idea of goal-setting rather than “resolutions” (although, some may question whether there really is a substantive difference between the two).

Goals can be, and often are, constantly evolving and growing. Some resolutions have the habit of being too finite and limiting in their projected aims.

Thank you for sharing this. >;~))====

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye

Coven Life®

It is getting to be that time of year again when people decide to set resolutions for themselves.  Instead…try something different!  Set Goals for yourself!  My friend Marietta over at Witchy Words (you can click this link to go to her blog ) wrote a blog post last year about setting goals.  I really liked the way she did it because she used a Pentacle to bring in the 5 elements as well as aspects of her life that are important to her.  Here is a photo (used with her permission) of her goals she set for herself using a pentacle.  I have also included a blank version you can print out to use for yourself. (My name is written in the middle but you can mark it out and put your own name in!) I enjoy using this form because it makes me really think about what is…

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Love to hear your thoughts.

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