Why “Naturalistic Pagan”?

Mind I repost (re-blog) this on mine?

You made some very salient, sensible points in this write-up, and I find very little reason to disagree with it.

Though my spirituality is quite different from those of most folks, I hold much of the Shamanic Wisdoms about our existence as true and valid. There is very little about atheism and humanism that I can agree with. Most of all, the entirety of the Creation is than just about “us”. It is all about everything, living and not-so-recognized-as-living that exists with us.

So thank you for this!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye

Nature is Sacred

As you know, there has recently been a kerfuffle in the blogging sphere between Naturalistic/ Humanistic Pagans and Hard Polytheist Pagans. Now I follow many bloggers both Naturalistic Pagan and Polytheist Pagan, and a Heathen blogger has recently written a blog addressed to John Halstead (and any other Naturalistic Pagans) asking why we identify as Pagans, rather than just atheists/ humanists e.t.c. This is a very valid question and so I’d like to respond with my own story and thoughts..

Why am I a Naturalistic Pagan?

Let’s start off with why I don’t call myself an atheist. I was most definitely an atheist for a while after I left fundamentalist Christianity. In the immediate aftermath of the death of a friend and the searching it led me to engage in, I was first a liberal Christian and then very soon became atheist thanks to watching many Youtube videos and reading…

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3 thoughts on “Why “Naturalistic Pagan”?

  1. Interesting article. I can truly appreciate the importance of cultivating a spiritual identity. But I think we can get lost in labels at the expense of their spiritual process. In the end we lose the labels. And what we have is simply the quality of our conciousness. I know people that don’t have a “spiritual” bone in their bodies, yet they are just simply incredibly compassionate by their own nature. Just ordinary daily acts of kindness on the spare of the moment can be incredibly powerful. Just being as human as we can be is the most spiritual thing we can do.


    • There are many who do not consider themselves, let are aware of, their own spirituality, but may practice and/or live the quality of life that is more in tune with a deep spiritual consciousness. You may be surprised.

      Being greater than our ordinary human selves is where we stretch our spiritual consciousness beyond what it is to be “human”. So, to be just “human” (to me, anyway) means being more about “physical” than spiritual. “Human” is the physical form. “Spirit” and “Soul” far surpass the limiting qualities of form that we define as “human”. That’s because “Spirit” can be “formed” into anything it wishes, even “human”.

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