The stimulus-response Empire


Please pardon me while I “reblog” this fine article! I could not think of any better a way to express what you have so eloquently stated here.

That aspect of “freedom” (and “liberty”) is becoming more and more a mystery to most. Being that it is so intangible (for lack of a better description), it is necessarily difficult for “science” to properly and conclusively define it in terms of “measurability” and even quantify it, in terms of its mathematical expressions and theories. This limited view and thinking is where we get such theories like Dr. Stephan Hawking’s own ruling out the existence of genuine “Free Will”, and instead, subscribing to the view that it is all dictated by chemical reactions in the brain. Such a minimalist view belies the very essence and complexity of Nature, and all things therein. Freedom is necessarily complex and unquatifiable precisely because it is about exploring and expanding our concepts of “reality”, as We perceive it.

It is also precisely this brand of thinking that refuses to acknowledge that we have our own realities, and then the shared reality. I know of just one specific individual, personally, who believes there is only ONE reality, and we are all in IT.

Thank you for a very well-written article, Jon. This will make a fine reference for my teaching library, as it is very succinct and to the point, without belaboring the obvious to death!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Editor,
“Through The Eyes of A Dragon”

Jon Rappoport's Blog

The stimulus-response Empire

by Jon Rappoport

June 25, 2015

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

“From the moment the first leader of the first clan in human history took charge, he busied himself with this question: ‘What can I say and do that will make my people react the way I want them to.’ He was the first Pavlov. He was the first psychologist, the first propagandist, the first mind-control boss. His was the first little empire. Since then, only the means and methods have changed.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

I’ve spent the past 30 years analyzing, taking apart, and exposing highly centralized structures:

Government, supra-government, corporate, energy, intelligence, education, medical, mind-control, media, organized-religion structures; those are some of the targets.

They all operate on the basis of stimulus-response.

The elite future is stimulus-response. It’s based on the premise that humans are inherently…

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