Neat idea, here!

I’ll try it.


Beautiful Witch-1on an evening with no moon shining from the sky above and not letting anyone know of your endeavors

light 1 black candle

using a mortar and pestle powder 3 witch hazel seeds

add them along with a pinch of dried witch grass

sprinkle all of that to 3tbs hazel nut oil

stir widdershins

vessel the blend and lid tightly

let sit for 9 days allowing it to gain in strength before you use it

a lesson taught…this anointing oil is used to unhex it will reverse onto them the what they have cast upon you and shield you from their evil intentions as a means of self defense

rub on the body before leaving the home

dress candles with it before the spell or ritual begins

3 drops at the front door of the house of the one who brings your way mental torture that he/she may walk…

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