Empathy Does Not Equal Morality


You knocked that out of the park. THAT is exactly what needs to be said, louder and more often. So sad that so many of the “churches” always proclaim “love” and “compassion” and “morals”, yet do very little to constrain their own zeal for acting in opposition to these values. Hmmm! Don’t suppose it has something to do with “control” again, does it???



Seems that many of the previous cultures there conquered by the “church”, were by far – MORE loving, compassionate, and just than their conquerors were.

Son of Hel


So this image has been going around various Pagan websites/facebook pages. There’s a big thing amongs Pagans that despite the fact that we do practice religions and are religious…that religion is still a “bad thing” and that spirituality and empathy are the higher/better things.

The problem is, when you get right down to it…empathy is a horrible way to determine morality. That’s why, weirdly enough, we develop our morality from our religions, rather than our empathy.

See, empathy is being able to understand and relate to your fellow human beings. On the surface, this is a good thing, because it allows humans to form emotional attachments to each other. But these emotional attachments can also lead us to do horrible things to other human beings.

And there’s the issue of there’s issues of morality that have little to do with empathy. Theft is a wonderful example of this. Many a…

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