Oil Infusions – Introduction

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I also like to have handy as “base oils”: Corn Oil, Almond Oil, Black Walnut Oil. Some of the effects, like the changing character of the resulting aromas, are quite surprising. There again, after you have done many different mixtures, you begin to expect certain results, especially after about two weeks.

Kitchen Witchcraft

Various infused oils My various infused oils

Making oil infusions is quite similar to making alcoholic tinctures, and much like that sister topic, it has a simple central precept, but several complications regarding the fine detail of the deed. And, much like alcoholic tinctures, oil infusions are a very valuable resource and a good way of preserving herbs and extracting their properties, as well as improving your cooking and craft.

Theoretical considerations:

  • Choosing herbs

As with all herbalist techniques, one should always start with knowing what one is doing. Ask yourself, why are you making it? What will the purpose be? Oil infusions are a great way to preserve aromatic herbs, the scent and taste of which could be smothered by ethanol; they are great cosmetics, for example as skin lotions for regular, prolonged use, as conditioners or for massages; they can be used as medicine. But even the cleanest oil infusion of the…

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