Divination Tea

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Kitchen Witchcraft

Herbal teaSince I’ve joined Tumblr, its users have been asking things of me from time to time. This time, it was someone interested in a herbal infusion, or tea, that would aid in psychic, visions-related work and divination.

Now, I don’t usually practice this, so please keep in mind that I don’t have as much experience here as, say, in making soup. (Or pasta. I have enormous experience in making pasta. Mmm… pasta…) Anyway, I’ve researched the topic a bit, dusted off my old herbaria, and before I knew I came up with an essay on the subject. So here it is, so that You never miss anything that might be interesting over there, if You only come here.

There are many herbs that can be used for this purpose. It depends on how do you want to approach it.

  • Quite often, the herbs used for divination and psychic stimulation are…

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