Blessed Imbolc/Candlemas/Michaelmas/Bridget’s Day!

Though this day goes by many names,

I will refer to today as Bridget’s Day, is it is She who I have found interest in. I have read some of the myths and legends surrounding Her following with equal interest. The “Lady of Hearth and Home” and a sweet reminder of the coming Spring. The Winter half done, and the growing power of the Sun’s light, as the Children of the Earth shall soon awaken from their long slumber.

From what I was told,

The Robins have already made their return to the valley, albeit a bit early this year. The Robin has been a steady sign of Spring which is very shortly soon to follow. I found it very interesting when I discover a few years ago, where the Robins go in the Fall when the frosts first grace the ground. I live in a mountainous area where they lie roughly due North of us. This is where most of the valley’s red-bellied residents go for the Winter months. I always wondered why they would migrate to the colder elevations of the mountains during some of the coldest parts of Winter? My guess would be that there is less competition for food and shelter up there, as many of the birds up there either hibernate or migrate further South. This leaves us Sparrows, Starlings, Crows, and an assortment of birds-of-prey to remain with us in the valley.

The Robins come at a time (at least in my area of the world) where we celebrate the Lady Bridget in such a heart-warming and endearing style and manner. The ancient temples dedicated to Her were prepared for welcoming the Spring as the villages of old prepared the way for welcome the growing warmth by cleaning out the home and barns, as well as preparing the tools and equipment that will be needed for the first plowing of the fields. In some areas of the world, the animals were turned outdoors to breathe the fresh air for their first time in the year. Some creatures, like sheep, are ready to give life new meaning with the birth of their soon-to-be new additions to the family. The temples were cleaned and prepared for honoring the sweet old Lady. When the festivities were to wind down, each in the village would take home a torch, lit from the sacred fires in the temples to Bridget. The old “Bridget’s Crosses” would be burned in the temple fires, and new ones would be ready-made to take their places, whether they be on the doors or eves of the homes, or even indoors above the hearth.

This time of year,

Winter is soon to pass. This time, is that halfway point towards the Spring.

Be Blessed, Always,

And a Beautiful Bridget’s Day to all!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,


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