On Candlemas Day

Another fresh look at the time of Imbolc.
So, I think I am going to see where I can spend some of that time in my local area.

Seven Trees Farm

An old Scottish poem contains these lines:

A farmer should, on Candlemas day,
Have half his corn and half his hay.

In Europe the word corn refers to small grains like wheat and barley, not the New World kind that we eat on the cob. But the concept is the same. Candlemas day, or Imbolc, marked the midpoint between the beginning and end of winter, and a good farmer would still have plenty of fodder remaining for his livestock. Since Seven Trees’ sole source of heat is a trusty woodstove, we also include firewood in that list of necessities. A cold June can wreak havoc in the woodshed.

Imbolc is celebrated in modern times on February 1st. In our agrarian ancestors’ time it was usually associated with the imminent birth of the spring lambs (Imbolc has been translated from the gaelic i mbolg as meaning ‘in the belly’, and a medieval…

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