The path of Ascension

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Maria Wind Talker


Ascension…what images does this word conjure up for you?  What sensations?

The word implies a higher elevation, a raising up of something or as the dictionary states: ascension  1. the act of ascending 2. (Astronomy) Astronomy the rising of a star above the horizon ascensional  adj


 So many seek to achieve Ascension from outside of themselves, from God, Buddha, the Angels, Star Nations or Ancestors. However, true Ascension comes from going deep within to the deepest darkest places of self at our underlying fears and staring them directly in the eye.


”Once you confront your fears, the only thing left to fear is fear itself. – Jim Morrisson


In affect ascension only truly starts once you begin the journey into self, the further down you burrow, the more light you draw into the dark and nothing can hide, hinder or harm you once brought forth into the light of your awareness.


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