The Wonders of Lapis: A Super Healing Stone.

Lapis Lazuli
A piece of Lapis Lazuli

Talk about an interesting self-discovery.

I was at a local coffee shop this morning after taking a fairly lengthy walk. I was on the way to my bank, and the coffee shop was on the way there. Being that it is mid-January and as is the typical in the Northwest (United States) this time of year, the temperatures were rather cold (about 33F and perhaps a little colder) with a light breeze. This combination can make it seem much colder than it may be (wind-chill figured in and all). Anyway, I just happen to be one of the unfortunate to experience arthritis from time to time. The cold winters can sometimes be unbearable towards those of us who have arthritis. This particular morning had me experiencing a severe enough arthritic joint pain in the lower knuckle-joint of my right thumb. Even though I wore gloves this morning, it was cold enough to have my hands feel a little cold-weather-related pain, most definitely felt where I was experiencing the joint pain.

I tried, repeatedly, to gently massage and caress the affected area, but to no sense of relief. Now when one experiences an arthritic pain in one or more areas of either hand, it can become more difficult to grasp and/or hold an object, in this case – a coffee cup. So, when I sat down to enjoy my purchase, I remembered the few stones I was given as a gift by a dear friend of mine a couple of months ago. I “instinctively” went to retrieve the beautiful piece of Lapis Lazuli from my pocket, that I held on to since first receiving it. I warmed it up by gently exhaling several, slow breaths upon it, and placed it on the affected area with my other hand on top of it. Then, I slowly and gently blew my breath upon the back of the covering hand as if to blow away any dust, negative energy, etc. I did this for a few minutes, and then blew on the bare stone a few more gentle breaths and repeated the preceeding steps. While doing this, I imagined a beautiful light blue light entering my being from the top of my head, as if coming down from the Heavens, and from my feet as if also welling up from the Earth. This light was to flow from both direction through my Being and towards the painful area where I placed the Lapis over.

In only a few minutes, I felt the pain begin to gently subside and minimize. By the time five minutes had passed, the joint pain went away completely! All of this and NO DRUGS involved. What was interesting, is that this did not require a lengthy nor complicated ritual or ceremony, just a few minutes of very simple meditation and the use of this beautiful stone. So, this experience has me recommending that maybe one should seriously consider this wonder little stone to become part of his/her healing stones “kit”. Lapis Lazuli is a wonderful stone for many different uses, and has a beautiful color to it like the color of the deep blue seas. This is why some consider it a very good stone of Water and Water Energies. Perhaps, that is why it is also such a great healing stone?

This was a very useful and surprising experience. After all, being a shamanism student, and learning how to become an effective healer – requires one to first be able to heal him/herself before being capable at healing others. So, I call this one experience worthy of being entered into my own personal shamanism journal – AND – worthy of sharing this great, (for me) new-found knowledge and technique with this stone to all of my dear readers and “followers”.

So, Lapis can be very useful for dealing with painful sites and joints due to arthritis. However, do NOT take this as actual medical advice, as I am not qualified to offer any kind of “legal” medical advice. I offer up my own personal experience and revelation as to what I discovered that worked for me. Your results may vary, or not happen at all. That all depends upon the individual and his/her knowledge and application of any kind of “alternative” modalities. It is, however, worth experimenting with, and experiencing whatever results may manifest themselves.

– Rev. Dragon’ Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the temple,



5 thoughts on “The Wonders of Lapis: A Super Healing Stone.

    • Lapis should be easily findable in virtually any of your “rock shops”, curio stores, gift shops, etc. It is a fairly inexpensive stone, and a very beautiful one. It also helps to get familiar with the stones you may already have. Many of them may even “tell” you what they can help you with. – That’s why some cultures regard stones as also living and possessing consciousness.


      – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

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