Were You Ever Lost in Da’ath?

When one is lost in on his/her spiritual journey,

One may think of being at something like a crossroads in his/her path. One may not necessarily be “stuck” in the barrenness of nowhere. It may be more likely that one has come across that point where a decision is to made, and being aware of those multiple choices available. Such indecisiveness is common and not necessarily a bad thing. A choice or decision made in haste often results one becoming even more hopelessly lost.

When exploring the vast unknowns of the mind and of the spiritual realm,

It does much better a service for one to contemplate each step that presents itself, and sometimes not so straightforwardly at that, BEFORE plunging right in. It also helps a great deal to examine the path behind us. Without knowing where we have been, before proceeding forward, often results in our losing our direction and orientation. Such as is the case when exploring anywhere we are unfamiliar with. Such be like the case of Da’ath in the venerable “Tree of Life” of the Kabbalistic Path.

The bright side of the spiritual journey is that if you get lost or misdirected while traveling your path, all one needs to do is pause for the time being, and relax the mind. Panic has never accomplished anything positive or beneficial to the experiencer! So do NOT panic! Just pause and contemplate. Those who would foolhardily attempt to travel into the depths of Da’ath, without references and without guidance, are the ones who end up becoming hopelessly lost.

Let the God(s) and/or Goddess(es) help you in their particular way, and regain your footing on your travels when the answers become much clearer to you. The Realm of Da’ath holds many mysteries and great knowledge. That is why it aligns so well with the Throat Chakra and the darkness side of Being.

In a future post,

I would like to delve a little bit deeper into a few of the mysteries of Da’ath (and life in general) as was given to me. Many of the “White-Light-Only” religions would rather you bypass and forget about traveling into the darker realms in search of knowledge. I am all for exploring the darker realms, but to make sure we are adequately prepared for our journeys, beforehand. I would like to show you how it is that Da’ath is not really a Sephiroth at all, but akin to that of a shadow of one. It tells us of the relationships of discrete and occult knowledge, with the shadow worlds and our shadow selves. It is also a place and a realm where our greatest powers to understanding lie.

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the temple,




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