Natural Immunity: 8 Plus Natural Antibiotics to Replace Toxic Drugs.

Christina Sarich
November 11, 2013

spices assortment1 263x164 Natural Immunity: 8+ Natural Antibiotics to Replace the Pharmaceuticals for Good
The overuse of antibiotics has become a modern-day epidemic. These drugs have depleted our natural immunity by killing the good bacteria in our guts and also creating super-bugs that have become resistant to almost any form of prescribed drug around. Instead of making yourself weaker, and depleting your body’s natural ability to cure itself from any number of ailments, try utilizing natural foods and herbs to ditch the Big Pharma meds for good.

Here are 8+ foods which harness natural antibiotic properties:

1. Astragalus – An adaptogen, meaning it is an overall tonic for the body, astragalus has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicinal practices to boost the immune system and counteract physical, mental, and emotional stress. Research has shown that it can be very effective at treating colds, protecting the liver, and keeping viruses at bay.

2. Onions – This great tasting food is both antibacterial and antiseptic. If a person were to suck on a raw onion, it is thought that the healing components of the food could suck the disease right out of them. You can even place some cut up onions in your kitchen to protect against unwanted bacteria to keep your whole house healthy.  When mixed with lime juice and a few other natural constituents, onions were even shown to eradicate antibiotic resistant Escherichia coli. Check out some other health benefits of onions here.

3. Cabbage – One of the cruciferous vegetables, cabbage has anti-microbial properties which can kill all kinds of diseases naturally. The antibiotic properties of cabbage are increased once it has been fermented as well. So eat your sauerkraut, or better yet, make your own.

4. Honey – Although honey has always been used to fight off infection, scientists have just recently identified one secret ingredient in honey that makes it a natural antibiotic because it kills unwanted bacteria. It’s a protein called defensin-1 which bees add to honey when they make it. It does what it sounds like too – makes your immune system a full defense against disease.

5. Fermented Vegetables – Reseeding your gut with good microbes, which can be found in just about all fermented vegetables, can keep your immune system on full-tilt. If you haven’t already heard, your gut health accounts for about 80% of your overall immunity to disease, so putting the good bacteria back in is essential.

6. Cinnamon – Sometimes called a ‘lethal’ natural antibiotic, cinnamon has been used medicinally for ages. Pure, real Ceylon cinnamon can even stop E.Coli in its tracks, a stubborn bacteria that causes many diseases. Experts at Kansas City State University found that not only does cinnamon act as a natural antibiotic, it is so full of antioxidants that it helps to boost the immune system in numerous ways.

7. Sage – This herb is a wonderful natural solution for upper respiratory system issues. It can also help with stomach ailments, reduce fever naturally, and help with the common cold and flu.

8. Thyme – Both thyme leaf and thyme oil are very effective natural antibiotics. A compound in thyme oil called thymol is also anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-protozoal properties.

There are other natural antibiotics out there too. They include:

  • Rosemary
  • Coriander
  • Dill, mustard seed
  • Anise
  • Basil
  • Lemon balm
  • Wild Indigo
  • Echinacea
  • Olive leaf
  • Turmeric
  • Pau D’ Arco
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Colloidal silver
  • Grapefruit seed extract
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Oregano oil

With such a large offering from mother nature to treat ailments naturally, with all of their vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to boot, why would we ever choose pharmaceuticals? These natural remedies also cost pennies per day to either grow or purchase and take as preventative medicine.

Rev. Dragon’s Eye:

Time to seriously contemplate what we are going to do with the coming “End of The Age of Antibiotics”. As Hippocrates once stated:
Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine,
And Thy Medicine Be Thy Food.
Over 98% of all health problems, illnesses, and “dis-eases” are DIETARY-RELATED. This is just plain commonsense!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder of the Temple,


I Summon Thee, Leviathan, Your Cleansing Tides.

Heh-heh-heh-heh. Just a wonder how many folks have that eerie feeling, when one speaks of, or even summons the presence of Leviathan? Well, read on if you are genuinely curious. Else, be further away if this bothers you endlessly.

= = =

Leviathan is one who holds many mysteries, bespeaks of the fears of the many, and is the keeper of the mysteries of the Ancient Seas. It is Leviathan (Heb:  Livyatan – “Crooked Serpent”) of whom many are taught (indoctrinated) to revile and hate. The Biblical personality ascribed to Leviathan is one of revulsion, hatred, sloth, and a multitude of other “sinful” natures in man. Leviathan was considered as part of the trio of great beasts created by God, for the purpose of the “end of times” – to eventually be killed and then handed to the tribes of Israel as a great feast. The other two: Ziz, and Behemoth. Ziz – of the Air, Behemoth – of the Earth, and Leviathan – of the Seas (Water).

For some of us in the other faiths (outside of  “another man’s religions”), especially those of us who are not opposed to working with dark energies and equally dark deities and spirits, Leviathan represents a force and power that can be hard to match when called upon to remove barriers, “wash away” those obstacles and useless remnants of outdated, out-moded ideas that have served their purposes. Leviathan is champion when it comes to clearing away many things that impede our personal growth.


Leviathan’s power and strength IS to be respected. This is an ancient deity from times most ancient. The raw power of Nature as seen in the seas and oceans, is an awesome power – not a toy!

I have done a few rituals with the presence of Leviathan, and a few in honor thereof.  Some during a Dark Moon ritual, and some during a Full Moon ritual. By using the tides, coinciding with the Lunar phases, one can achieve some very amazing results and effects. I can think of very few better deities for such workings than Leviathan.


There seems to be very little in the mythologic texts on Leviathan as to whether we are talking of a “He-God” or “She-Goddess”. Though, some earlier Kabbalistic texts made mention of there once being TWO such similar creatures, with one of them being killed so as to keep them from procreating. There was no mention of which one was killed by God, and what its sex (or “gender”) was. So, one of my first Dark Moon Rituals (the one where I called upon Leviathan as the “star” deity), was done with a Priest AND a Priestess calling both aspects of Leviathan (sometimes referred to as “polarity-calling”). Talk about an awesome presence and a massive feeling of the presence of such power! – Therefore, NOT for the faint of heart.

The best way (and timing) to call upon Leviathan depends on what you specifically want to accomplish. Again, by utilizing the phases of the Moon (waning for drawing away or weakening, and waxing for beginning and/or strengthening), one can set up a suitable ritual to request an audience with Leviathan for the purposes of conducting the working.

= = =

  1. A good Dark Blue cotton cloth for the altar is ideal.
  2. If you were going to call upon both the polarities of Leviathan (unless you somehow have been given exactly which gender Leviathan happens to be [Lucky-you!]), I suggest two different shades of blue for your candles (if you are burning two for the starters) – 1) Dark Blue, 2) Light Blue (or even an Aqua-color works).
  3. “Sea Foam” Incense (or something very sea-like as for aroma).
  4. A “Teth” symbol (the Aramaic/Hebraic character “Teth” – because it aligns with the “Serpent” and even looks like a serpent) – you could even carve it in a small piece of wood.
  5. For my stone for Water workings, I like to use Aquamarine, but Amethyst works equally well. Sometimes Amethyst may be best for Dark Moon calling and if you are looking to do some deep, inner-spiritual work.
  6. Of course, the water bowl with a little Sea Salt in it. (If you actually have some Dead Sea Salt handy, great! – Dead Sea Salt was used for centuries for cleansing and consecrating sacred spaces and tools.)
  7. A “Laguz” Rune would also be handy for the altar setting. If you were doing something of a stop or reduce spell, I would also suggest an “Isa” Rune.
  8. If you happen to have some real Seaweed available, this would be good for putting in the center of the altar.
  9. I sometimes also like to sprinkle some dried Elder flowers, lightly on the altar and on the ground around it (usually for outdoors workings though).

Setting up the Altar should be very simple for the more experienced practitioners.

Here, the Dark Blue Altar cloth is effect and appearance. Placing “Teth” in the center is where I would start. It has the spiritual-correspondence to the “Serpent” in which Leviathan can be envisioned as a massive Sea Serpent if you are looking for a good visual. You could also place your chosen stone next to “Teth” in the center of the Altar along with the “Laguz” and/or “Isa” Rune(s).

I sprinkle the dried Elder flowers on to the Altar and around it in a “Widdershins” fashion while chanting my wishes and intentions that this working is being set up for. I do this respectfully and with self-confidence towards those whom I am intent on summoning.

If you have a fireproof bowl (preferably sitting on a good porcelein platen or a good piece of tile), this can be placed towards the center of the Altar just above where you placed the other items so far. This is where you offer the dried Sea Weed over a charcoal tab (provided you have proper ventilation, or better yet – are outdoors).

Then you would set up the four quarters directions with the appropriate tools (My usual: Incense for the East, Blue candle to the South, Water bowl to the West, and Bowl of Sea Salt to the North). If you have a few small Seashells, they can be placed around the Altar in some of the still-vacant spaces.

Being this is a powerful working for removals, banishments, reductions, and even endings,

This would be done best on the very night before the New Moon (aka: a “Dark Moon”).


After creating and dedicating the circle, I usually like to call the circle guardians in reverse (“Widdershins” circling) starting from the West (or from the North). Being that Leviathan is considered a Being of the Deepest Seas, I call him (or her) starting from the West so that my circle of callings “returns to the Sea” as a symbolic gestural meaning that all things eventually return to the Seas (the “Womb” of all life on Earth).


Whether you choose to call upon one aspect of Leviathan, and/or the other is up to whatever best suits you. In a group ritual, if you have a High-Priest AND a High-Priestess who will be working from the center, you may choose to call upon both aspects (the Masculine AND Femine) by the respective “ritual-leaders” (what we did as in “calling polarities”). In either case, be thoroughly prepared for a massive influx of power, as Leviathan seems to prefer to work from within the Beings doing the calling. (This is just from my experience. Yours may vary accordingly.)

In a group, each participant may be willing to “offer up” whatever specific negative or “dirty-laundry” up to the Altar. Each should be thankful before departing the Altar, and returning back to the edge of the circle. In a solo rite, there is just you and Leviathan (along with the quarters guardians).

I typically like to incorporate a good prepatory meditation, the ritual act(s), and then a few moments of quiet contemplation in meditation format before beginning the closure process. As always, thanking the deity AND the quarters guardians helps to bring a peaceful conclusion to the working, as well as a pronounced feeling of fulfillment at the end of the rite.

Because I would have called the quarters guardians in “Widdershins” direction, I bid them farewell in the exact opposite direction (like winding and then un-winding a spring) I summoned them.

I would very HIGHLY recommend a good five to ten minutes of Grounding-and-Centering Meditation after the conclusion of the actual ritual. (The “Cakes-and-Ale” may only partially return things to normal within the participants, until they have had a few minutes to work with.)

Other than that,

A pretty simple basis for a good ritual. The important thing here is, to have a good, clear intent on what you want to accomplish BEFORE you start firing things up in the ritual.

I wish you many blessings and hope this ritual will serve you well. It may also be apropos for this ritual to be done towards (just before) the Winter Solstice, so that you have a better chance of starting the New Year with something fresh. 😉

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,