Freedom and Liberty are Always! – From Boise, Idaho 2014

Protest at Idaho State Capitol – Nov 5th 2014 –
Anonymous, Boise and Housing First Participants

 (Video) – Protest at Idaho State Capitol – Nov 5th 2014

( Above link to Vimeo corrected: 04/10/2015. – Sorry about the delay in correcting it! )

I wish to personally thank those who attended and took part in our vocal and persistent protest on behalf of all American citizens and our rights, freedoms, and liberties. 🙂

I also want to say, “WOW!” The Anonymous-folks here in Boise were quite the sight for tired and weary eyes. Your “Million-Mask March” was pretty awesome!!! – THANK YOU! 🙂


My video is uploaded to Vimeo, being that YouTube was insistent on wanting my mobile phone number for “verification” before letting me do anything else on my newly-created account. So, I said SCREW-‘EM and went with Vimeo instead. However, WordPress (dot) com – on a free account apparently, will not let me embed it in my posts; apparently only from YouTube! BOOOOO! x-((


– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,




Love to hear your thoughts.

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