The End of Another Season: Reflections of Time.

As I look into the present, I also look into the past.

The seasons change as they always have, and always shall. Another Summer gone, another Fall is here, transitioning towards Winter: The “Great Sleep” that awaits all in Nature, on the Boreal Hemisphere. We have counted Moons, and swirled to-and-fro throughout our minor excistence, in the Grand Cycle of Time. The colorsome trees, as they don their last clothes of the seasons. Let us be thoughtful on what has come to pass.

The harvests have been grand this year, as payment for the toil and perseverence, exacted upon those who worked the Land. The times of recalling of those vast arrays of experience, and the stories to be told to those who follow. The chill in the air, a reminder that comfort is not forever. The waning of the Sun’s Golden Warmth, a reminder of the fallow. This time, this place, this very moment – what do we reflect, and upon what do we see ourselves within the lense of Nature?

If for nothing else,

My prayers to the Father of Sky, and to the Mother of Earth, and their Brothers ans Sisters, all between,

Thank You for the memories,
And Thank You the Experience,
Of Every Moment that we call Life.

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,


Love to hear your thoughts.

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