On Total Healing: Why not heal ALL the bodies?

In continuing my own voyage into Shamanism and Shamanic Healing,

A constant theme is reminded to me, over and over again. I was once told something very similar but did not, then, realize the gravity and importance of it, until many years later. This was because I had not built up the level of knowingness of the subject until my travels had me delve deeper into the ancient mysteries of shamanism. For this, I was able to image the physical body as being of the element of Earth, the Mind of Air/Wind, The Heart of that of Water, and the Spirit (or “Soul”) as similar to Fire. (I know this is quite different from the Chinese “Five Element” System of medicine, but I am more familiar with the Western (and Hindu) System.)


The “Primal Three” Elements I am familiar with are, Fire, Water, and Air. I wrote an article a while ago about these three primals. They were considered to be the first of the Elemental Powers of “Heaven”, or “The Three Mothers”. “Earth” came later in the scheme of Creation. Fire is the Power of Spirit – the Divine Will. Water is that of the Primal Seas of Chaos – The very “Womb” of all things created. Air is of the Divine Mind – That which drempt all things to be created. – Also was referred to as “The Mediator between the Heavens and the Seas” in the Rig Veda and Bhagavad Gita. This was before the physical manifestation of the “Earth”, and its representation of the physical existence.

Our own existence is also owed to the Powers of these important Elements, as they are “housed” in a physical (of Earth) body. They interact in the capacities and domains of the Powers. Some would say these elements are as “other bodies” or “planes” of our Being (Like the Mental (Mind), Spiritual (Fire/Will), Emotional (Heart), Physical (Body), and sometimes, the Soul itself as the “Akashic Body”). Each of these areas (or “planes”) require themselves to be in Cosmic (or Natural) Balance. Any severe degree of imbalance results in a “dis-ease” of some type.

Usually, an “illness” or “dis-ease” in one plane or body, can manifest symptoms or additional illness in one or more of the other “bodies”. An Emotional “illness” (prolonged stress, anxiety, depression, etc.) can very easily manifest illness in the other planes; often most notably, the physical body. Prolonged emotional stresses can also be responsible for the clouding and confusing effects upon the Mind Plane. So, our total wellness of health is adversly-affected so long as even just one of the “planar bodies” is ill. How many times has it been commonplace that one gets (often temporary) relief of physical afflictions, only to have them return some time later? Chances are, the illness he/she was suffering from, is either more deeply rooted in another plane, OR the entirety of the illness was manifested and rooted in one or more of the other planar bodies. Any healing system that neglects the health of the other planar bodies, is a healing system that is not as efficient nor as effective as it should be. Today’s “modern medicine” is a prime example.

Whereas more attention to the particularly-weakened planar body is called for. This does not leave out the importance in healing and clearing the other planar bodies of any dis-eased or unbalanced energies. All the planar bodies need attention to affectuate a more-total healing effect. Once one has successfully achieved regaining balance in all of the planar bodies, one can expect to realize a renewed sense of good health and well-being.

So let’s start thinking more about how we, as healers, can become better healers and also heal ourselves the same way.

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon,



Love to hear your thoughts.

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