Blessed Mabon 2014 Everyone!

To all who recognize and partake of this particular day of the season: “Blessed Mabon!”

May your harvests (most likely of the late-season fruits and vegetables) be bountiful and plenty to all.
May your fields, gardens, and wards be fulfilled of the promises kept, as you toiled throughout the season to build upon that promise.
May your households and keeps be refreshed with the plentifulness of fresh herbs and spices from which were raised with tender-loving care.
May your trees and all of your woodland splendor show themselves the true glory of Nature as the season draws to a close.
May your neighbors, friends, allies, and associates be jubilant and frenzied at the prospect of the bounty of the community, that none should ever starve.
May your Gods and Goddesses smile their plentiful graces upon you and yours, that your tireless and dutiful efforts have yet once again, paid off in vast dividends.
May your animal “peoples” see fit the calming and restorative powers of the cooling seasons, and see you as their dearest companion, that they have no worry nor fear.
May this blessed season of Mabon be as another regular reminder that the seasons of our lives are also reflected as in the seasons of Nature: Let all things be known in their time and place.

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon,


Love to hear your thoughts.

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