Why 9-11 Should also be considered a Spiritual War: OUR Duties.

Why I write these things.

To keep in line with the primary purpose of this personal blog-site, Spiritual Teachings and Writings, AND to put into to perspective the current goings-on in today’s society (this one being particularly the problems we face today – and – its reasoning from thirteen years ago-today), I feel I must speak of the spiritual significance of WHY we, as spiritual folks, must also weigh in on the battle for the hearts and minds of the People.

“Evil” knows no bounds, and all spirit knows about Evil.

First off,

Though there be many different personifications and personal definitions of “evil”, I think a basic understanding on what constitutes an act evil is simply: “Any selfish act that unnecessarily brings harm upon another, purely for the service and benefit of the self.” – The tyrants’ favorite expression matches this simplistic definition with: “You need to break a few eggs to make an omelet.” – This is as if WE were no better than “eggs” or any other “useful tool” to them, never considering that we ARE talking about human (and even non-human) lives here!

The other part of the problem,

Is when WE continue to allow evil acts, especially of such destructive natures and results, and choose to say nothing against them, or actually do NOTHING to stop them, WE become guilty, as partners to those acts, ourselves! The Natural tendency to feel guilt from deep within for merely allowing such acts to continue is a natural feeling of revulsion for a reason: “We know (or knew) it is WRONG!” There are many ancient spiritual texts (especially from before the age of empires) that speak specifically of this natural “sense” of right and wrong. – We do not need someone else to constantly tells what is right and what is wrong. (Though, usually “their” specific samples and definitions may be way off from reality too!  => The problem of the “church” subjectively-dictating to us these things.)

The quest for the truth, is a quest for Spiritual Truth.

We, as spiritual-minded folks, should take heed of the Divine Powers of Peace, Love, and Light. It is through these things that one may find the strength and “conviction” to stand before his/her God(s) and/or Goddess(es) to profess his/her deeds truthfully. This also means accounting for those things he/she may not have done, but should have. The aftermath of 9-11, even thirteen years later, should call upon all of us to account for our actions and inactions. This includes the inner-strength and conviction to demand the truth from those who say they represent us. If those who claim to be representative of the public’s Will refuse, then they do NOT at all represent us! Then it is within our power and DUTY, by our Gods’ and Goddesses’, to carry out our responsibilities to our Brothers and Sisters: First and foremost – to educate, guide, and BE the examples of walking in Peace, Love, and Light toward our fellow Beings. The Truth should be our very FIRST weapon, to be employed in defense of our Rights, our Ways (by our Gods and Goddesses), and of our love toward one another. – Those who choose to do nothing, are those who refuse to do their spiritual duty, as well as their natural civic duty.

Why has the “church” remained inert and ineffective?

Because of the fact that most (99.8%, estimated) “churches” have taken up the allegiance with the “state” (through “incorporation”, and then “501(c)(3) – Tax-Exempt Status”-filings) and they “system” in general, they no longer serve the true spiritual duties that was supposedly ordained of them. When the “church” becomes moribund from its true obligations, it is no longer truly a “Church Of God (Goddess)”, nor in service of the People. The “church” should be one of the FIRST places where the truth is preached, supported, and DEMANDED of those who say they “govern by consent of the governed”. The “church” should be where the spiritual strength of a community is combined and spoken of, loudly, in defense of that which is truthful and honest. Any “church” which shirks its duties in this regard, shall it become widely known, and shall it become festered with the sores of its treasures, in which it falsely be-labored itself at great cost to its fellow Beings. Even as of now, most clergy and ministerial staff of these “churches” have accepted the “training” and coaching of the state’s security apparatus, in which to become helpers and enablers of the evil state power. – “The truth be damned in their eyes!” That is why the “church” has become nothing more than a business, in which to collect the people’s treasures, and their allegiances, but without acknowledgement of the truth (and without allegiance to their Gods).

The reason our nation was ONCE great, and why it is now – NOT.

Was NOT because of one particular religion or another. It was great and a beacon of freedom and liberty because of the Natural Law which knows of no, singular religion, but of its own: The Truth, as It is! Not someone else’s warped definition of a “personal truth”, but the Truth that IS, and ALWAYS was, and always belonged with Nature, and Nature’s Gods and Goddesses. These we also belong to, not to some over-sized egos who plot, daily, on how to control everything and everyone. One who walks in the Light of Spirit and the Divine, is one who comes to know what is true from what is false, Naturally. One who truly walks in The Spirit, is one who will see through all lies; One who will not be conquered by lies. Our Nation, and Our World have been conquered for far too long in lies. NOW, WE as Spiritual Beings, from every walk of life, have a duty, a Spiritual Duty, as well as a civic duty – to return Our Nation(s), and Our World to ones bathed in the Light of Truth.

If Thou be a Minister unto Thy People, as Ordained by God,

Then WHY hast Thou let Thy Brother become lost, and fallen before Thee, whilst Thou succor me in the hopes of good favor ???

Though this may not be an exact quoting of any particular scripture, it is nonetheless a very poignant view on the common failing of many a “minister”. To me, a minister of or from his/her God(s) and/or Goddess(es) has the responsibility to teach and guide his/her fellow Beings, and even inspire them to take up the cause of Truth, and defend it against those who would defile it and try to destroy it (an impossible task!). So WHY do all these “ministers” of the great many “churches”, temples, synogogues, parishes, and whatever names have you, continue to allow evil acts upon manind and the rest of Nature’s world to be done – with impunity, and without remorse ? ? ?


Even this day, thirteen years after one of the most recent, memorable tragedies of humankind began, we STILL have not yet been told the Truth! WHERE are the “holy men/women” in all of this ? ? ? WHERE is the spiritual indignation on all of these egregious acts that are being done to all of us, all on the pretexts of “keeping us all safe”, when we are NOT SAFE from those who claim to be “keeping us safe” ? ? ? 9-11 should have been a very great awakening call to America, and to the world (to some which it has)! WHY are our “churches” STILL serving those who seek to enslave us under the false paradigm of “keeping us safe”, all the while this “War on Terror” is really about destroying what is left of our cherished natural ways of life (of individual respect, freedom, and liberty) ? ? ? 9-11-2001 should have been the very day we took up the fight for honor, freedom, liberty – sustained by the quest for the Truth – against those who did this to us (foreign AND domestic agents and powers) – and continue to abuse us to this day! Let this day, on this 13th Anniversary of September 11th, be our day to finally stop being full of fear, and start being full of Love, and demand the Truth be spoken, and our people, around the world, be set free and left to be free! This, as a minister, I speak of, in full conviction, witnessed by Tiamat, the one I call my Great Mother.

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon,



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