Thirteen Reasons for Questioning Why 9-11 Official Narrative is a LIE.

And just WHY should we believe the bureaucrats when they say that 9-11-2001 went down the way it did ? ? ?


I came up with 13 reason why we should NOT believe a word they say, no matter HOW MANY TIMES they keep repeating the same, tire out, worn out lies.

  1. HOW could 19 “flunkies”, who could not even properly and safely land and take off in small Cessnas and whatever have you, be able to commandeer and pilot large commercial passenger planes, armed only with “box-cutters” – when many of the pilots in those planes may have been military-trained fighter pilots ? ? ?
  2. HOW could these large commercial aircraft have been able to pull off amazing and complex feats, turning in such a fashion as experience extreme G-forces, while the same manoevers are incredibly difficult in the smaller, more agile fighter planes – all by seriously inexperienced pilot-flunkies who have very little flight time under their belts ? ? ?
  3. HOW could any commercial aircraft be able to deeply penetrate the exterior structures of steel-reinforced concrete buildings ? ? ?
  4. HOW could any steel-reinforced concrete building be brought down by oxygen-starved, jet fuel fires when plenty of examples of “towering infernos” (from various media clips shown around the world). This must have been the very FIRST TIME in architectural history that steel and concrete buildings have EVER collapsed due to fires!
  5. HOW did Building 7 become involved and eventually collapse (let alone experience any kind of fire) when it was nearly a block away from the two towers which were “struck” AND incidentally sheltered from the fallout by two other buildings which were closer to the towers (1 and 2) ? ? ?
  6. WHY was it that ALL COMMERCIAL FILGHTS and virtually all other private flights in the U.S.A. were GROUNDED EXCEPT for the flight that allowed the Bin Laden family to leave the country ? ? ?
  7. WHY was our Southern National Border not closed off and why was immigration into the U.S.A. STILL ALLOWED, unrestricted while our airports and other means of public transit placed under the most severe security restrictions ? ? ?
  8. WHY (and HOW) was it that certain people in high levels and of privileged status given forewarning, often days in advance, not to fly (into or through New York – for instance), and/or to take the day off if their places of duty were in the World Trade Center ? ? ? -> WHY only certain people, but not everyone else ? ? ?
  9. WHY were suspicious folk,s who were filming the “events” and were at first apprehended, then let go, allowed to fly out of country – only to appear on television talk shows in their home countries to talk about their “documenting the event” ? ? ? – WHY was there no outrage from the news media and the public officials over this “finger in our eye” act ? ? ?
  10. WHY did (and still do) certain folks get away with profiting from the horrible misfortune suffered by so many that day ? ? ? – AND yet, still no public outrage ? ? ?
  11. WHY did an Israeli Prime Minister go on television to make a public speech as to how “This act is favorable to Israel” and worry more about how such a horrendous event that has happened to one of its supposed “allies”, bolsters its national image ? ? ? – WHERE is the utter outrage over this ? ? ?
  12. WHY have we STILL not seen any of the clear surveillance images from many cameras that pointed to the Pentagon when it was “hit” by an aircraft ? ? ? – WHY are we still being kept in the dark over this ? ? ?
  13. WHY was the public shut out from contacting their representatives and senators for weeks on end, following “the act” when policy was being secretly discussed – which ended up giving us the ill-named, ill-conceived U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. ACT of 2001 ? ? ? – WHY does this “act” STILL does not call for improved security of our Southern Border (which is NOW completely unguarded and unmanned – so as to facilitate the continued invasion of these united states) – if we have a “terrorism problem” ? ? ?

Are we REALLY any better secured, nationally, today than we were BEFORE 9-11-2001 ? ? ?

What lessons have we learned from this national experience ? ? ?

What lessons have we learned from human history ? ? ?

What hard lessons are we going to be forced to learn someday, that we have not learned now ? ? ?

If we do not get to the bottom of all the lies and half-truths (that our “media” are blatantly complicit in) being used as baseless excuses for the plethora of public policies and regulations being issued; – We ALL will have a very high price to pay: Our freedoms and liberties ! ! !


Get it ?!?!?

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon,



2 thoughts on “Thirteen Reasons for Questioning Why 9-11 Official Narrative is a LIE.

  1. I first followed you for the spiritual content but I’m thrilled to see you speaking out about 9/11. This is a succinct and straight-to-the-facts post and I love it. I keep an eye on false flags and everything that’s fishy about the mainstream media, and I think it’s so important to bring this information out. (I have a separate blog about it here: Thanks for reminding me that people really are opening their eyes and thinking critically!

    Liked by 1 person

    • This all IS as much a spiritual as well as political battle. Our very futures are being determined for us, not BY us. – This is very much a spiritual crisis for entire nations and all humanity in the world.

      If our current crop of “civil servents” get to continue to pass this series of lies onward, We, The People lose. I am totally astounded that so many of the “churches” have refused to pick up the “Swords of Truth” as their faiths and beliefs originally required of them!

      Besides that,

      My OWN Spiritual beliefs require me to TELL THE TRUTH.

      – Rev. Dragon’s Eye


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