So, an FBI Investgation of the VA?

Interesting that I have come across an article, mentioning that the FBI is about to supposedly open and investigation of the VA for “possible” criminal conduct.

Though I have been following some of the news on the VA scandal, it is all directed at only one particular meme: The falsifying of actual waiting times of veterans in their awaiting medical care, treatments, etc. – all supposedly tied to performance-bonuses of the administrators and some staff. Hmmm! Surely there could more to the story than just talking about “falsified records of waiting times” ?!?!

Let’s see,

What about all the fraud, waste, and abuse of taxpayers’ money on inane projects like the one where, I believe it was, 15 million dollars on a research grant to see what can be used to filter out the characteristic smells from flatulence! – Gee. Just HOW useful would this data actually be, and to whom?

What about the idea that, since the VA was created by an act of Congress in 1934 – to today – the VA has granted barely over 11% of the claims for injuries by veterans – even in some cases, where the veteran was wheelchair-bound due to being an amputee (wartime injuries)?

What about the idea that the VA actually pays most (if not all) of the VSO’s (Veteran Service Organizations) a fat bonus for every veteran’s disability claim they (the VSO’s) help get DENIED?


A little something that is more easily demonstrable with known reports: What about the extremely high rate of 22% suicide rate of returning veterans from the current campaigns in the desert, shortly after they are “screened” at their local VA facilities ? ? ? – What about the fact that these suicides are all tied to the large amount of prescription drugs, of the psychiatric type, being quickly prescribed to them – without any consideration that many of these drugs are incompatible and in fact, very dangerous if not lethal, when prescribed to be take together ? ? ?

WHY is the FBI not looking into investigating THESE concerning trends?

I’ll tell you why.

It is because this whole affair is nothing more than another political distraction, about a perceived problem (or “crime”) being committed against our nation’s veterans, when the reality of it will NEVER BE ADDRESSED. Besides that, since WHEN can we expect one arm of an otherwise corrupt government system, to reliably and faithfully investigate another branch of that same corrupt government system? Methinks this will only result in a few of the lower players being “thrown out to the lions”, while the rest of the more serious problems are left to be forgotten.

Oh, and by the way,

The VA Medical Centers have a very disturbing policy in place that I found out: They are allowed to destroy medical data on veterans that is older than seven years! – This is most likely the reason why a good portion of my earlier medical data was no longer available for them to send me copies of when I requested copies of all of my VA Medical records. – Thanks again, “Uncle Sam”, for everything you do to your veterans who thought they were serving to protect what was once a free nation when they originally signed up! You will not count me in when it comes to drives for more enlistments. Actually, I am more active in trying to educate these young folks, especially the bright ones, to try to sway them FROM ever signing up. Serving in the military is a fool’s game, especially these days. Gen. Smedley Butler said it best with the title of his book, “War is a Racket”. – The poor go off to fight the wars, so that the wealthy can get wealthier from the spilling their blood in foreign battlefields. (Think: Pres. Eisenhower’s warning about the “Military Industrial Complex” – the various defense contractors!)

So I would not put too much stock into this so-called “investigation” of the VA. It is surely a whitewash, smokescreen, a “snow-job” upon the American People. Absolutely NOTHING of any weight or caliber will truly be resolved and/or corrected as a result of this “investigation”.

Parents: Do your children a big favor, don’t convince them to join the military! It is NOT worth it. For some of you, your grown children may hate you for it, for life.



4 thoughts on “So, an FBI Investgation of the VA?

    • Well,

      Any so-called “investigation” into any of the corruption, typically, is very shallow and the real “meat of the problem” never gets so much as a whisper.

      I am still waiting (and will probably BE waiting forever) on what happened after that massive security breach that involved the medical records of over 26.5 million veteran’s personal medical info. Yeah, “they” got the computer back about a week later after its disappearance, but NEVER even once entertained the idea that while that computer was “on the lam”, that someone could have easily duplicated all that medical data – and no one would ever know the difference! – There was NEVER any investigation into what else happened surrounding that very critical issue – “data-security”. – The VA should have known and acted in better faith. But there again, such “faith” in any government agency to do the right thing, is a very mis-placed faith!

      The Agent-Orange cases, and the results of those “investigations”, as well as the sweetheart deal the chemical companies got (that is, Dupont and Monsanto – who jointly produce the chemical “defoliant”, “Agent Orange”). The VA was paid a pittance in judgments from what should have been many billions of dollars, so that absolutely NONE OF IT went to veterans who were exposed to it “serving our country” and are dying from its toxicological effects. This is also why I consider one certain POW-Senator an absolute traitor to all of his brothers-in-arms (all the other Vietnam Veterans)! He sold them out for prestige and fame, while more of our Vietnam Vets are dying from being exposed to Agent Orange, against their better judgments. – That senator, is John McCain.


      Yeah, so much for honesty, integrity, and earning our trust in the “federal government”, especially the VA!


      • John McCain, I was repeating his name before I read where you mentioned it. You wouldn’t have even had to. You are correct, every agency ever created and managed by the government has been a failure, and that includes Social Security. That’s our money anyway. You and I both, as well as most of us, could have kept what we put in and earned more than we get returned. Everything the government touches turns into a mess. Thanks for your comments, hope to hear from you again. Take care my friend.


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