Outdoor Practices and Shrines: The Shrine to Hela and Niðogg

Finally, something very intelligent to tell it like it really is. We are conditioned to think of death, dying, and decay as “evil” and ugly. We are never helped to understand that life walks hand-in-hand with death; Creation and Destruction go hand-in-hand for a purpose; and the endings are just as important for the start of new beginnings.
I do praise Niðogg when I feel the inspiration to discard an old idea or thought, and replace it with a fresh new one. Have also done a few rituals in working with Niðogg’s energies to include a Lunar Eclipse Ritual.
Thank you for a very well-written piece!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye

Sarenth Odinsson's Blog

With the Spring finally here in Michigan, I thought I would take some time to go over some of the practices I keep outside.

I maintain an active shrine to Hela and Niðogg. It is rotten, and full of life-giving soil.  Snakes have lived in it, and it gives much-needed nutrients back to the soils when we incorporate it in the gardens we keep. It is a compost pile. When I take the compost to it I make a simple prayer: “Hail to the Gods of Death and Rot. Hail Hela and Niðogg.” This one of many devotional acts one could offer to these powerful, and sometimes maligned and misunderstood Goddesses.

Given so many of us are going to Hela’s realm, whether ourselves or others, I would think cultivating a good relationship with Her would be a good thing to do. She is a holy Goddess who houses our Dead…

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