I’m Sorry but, Natural is Beautiful! Nature Rules. – Part 2

To start off with,

An interesting link to the terminology that is becoming more common, courtesy of the Trans-Humanism movement:

Transhumanism Terminology Subpage

Acronyms in use by Transhumanists
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The reference to cosmic rights occurs late in this, the final chapter of F.M. Esfandiary’s _Optimism One_ (1970). I thought I’d reproduce the whole thing.



Not only is the spirit of our age changing, growing more optimistic. Our
ideologies and action programs are also evolving, becoming more global, more
cosmic. Social, economic, and political systems of the past are increasingly
obsolete. They are less and less relevant to new conditions rapidly brought on
by the loosening of authoritarianism at all levels of all societies, the death
of god, the increasing strength and fluidity of the ego, the humanization and
convergence of mankind, modern contraception, common markets, international
economics, intrnational politics, communication satellites, nuclear energy,
electronics, lasers, space travel, biologic control of life …

Never before has our condition undergone as basic and total a restructuring
as it is today, and therefore never have our social institutions and
ideologies been as deeply challenged and rendered irrelevant. This applies
even to the most radical ideologies.

We still consider radical or revolutionary any movement seeking to overthrow
the social, economic, or political status quo. We fail to see that today a far
more transcendent and cosmic revolution is going on all around us challenging
far more basic status quos.

This is so obvious that most people still do not grasp it, preferring
instead to go on with all that is familiar. Even radicalism must remain
familiar. Even the radical has difficulty accepting the new radicalisms. For
instance the reality of individuals from earth walking on the moon is simply
too overwhelming, too staggering a phenomenon for most people to cope with. It
demands a complete reversal of all the concepts, all the notions, all the
props and defenses with which we have lived for millennia. This is why many
people were actually resentful at the first landing on the moon, protesting,
ridiculing, even falling off to sleep while watching the event. It was simply
_too_ radical an event for the psyche and the intellect to cope with.

This is also why many people will react resentfully – yes, resentfully –
when one day soon they wil be told that they can enjoy eternal life.
People can cope with the old “radicalism” that seeks to overthrow a
government, a religious establishment, or an economic system. This is familar
radicalism. It can be coped with. But this new radicalism of our age that is
altering our very situation in Time and Space – this is too emotionally
threatening, too monumental to cope with. It is a revolution in an entirely
New Order of Things, introducing a new set of cosmic premises. It demands a
total psychological and social reorientation.

In the light of our revolutionary situation in Time-Space all the
radicalisms of the past are now conservative. So too are democracy, socialism,
liberalism, New Left. They too were progressive movements in an Old Order of
Things. What do quibblings between nations, races, ideologies now mean? They
are irrelevant, insignificant.

In the light of our cosmic and biologic revolutions _all_ violent uprisings
are also now child’s play. Those who still resort to violence for whatever
cause are no longer revolutionary. They are romantics, their methods archaic,
their contributions negligible.

There was a time when the revolutionary gave his life to undo wrongs or
generate changes. In those slow-moving times this supreme sacrifice was often
the most effective way of making a dent in the granitelike status quo.
Moreover the militant who was prepared to risk his life for a cause was often
sure of a life after death. The leader said, “Give your life for our cause and
you will go to heaven. The gods will reward you.”

What can the leader today promise? Give your life for what? To overthrow
tyranny? To undo oppression and injustice? Is there a tyranny or an injustice
greater than death? Death itself is the end of freedom, the end of progress.
Today more than ever before, life – _life itself_ – has become too valuable,
too full of promise and potential to squander for _any_ cause.

“Give me liberty or give me death.” Two hundred years ago this may have had
some logic; today it is a sure sign of stupidity.

If the leaders want to “fight the enemy to the last drop of blood”, let
_them_ do it. Don’t drag in the blood of others. “Hell No, We Won’t Go”, is
the rallying cry of today’s revolutionary. He is too aware of the fantastic
potentials of life – this life here and now – to want to die on some stinking
battlefield of causes.

In the year 2050 all the soldiers and guerrillas and fighters who are dying
today for causes will have long been forgotten. They will be among the
billions of nameless, faceless, forgotten people who have fought and died on
this planet for thousands of years.

The real revolutionary of today fights a different battle. He wants to be
alive in the year 2050 and in the year 20,000 and the year 2,000,000. Is there
anything more radical than this determination?

Intellectuals who still romanticize guerrillas and violent revolutions are
themselves far from the scene of violence. Militance may impress a girl
friend, but it is no longer revolutionary.

Who are the new revolutionaries of our times? They are the geneticists,
bilogists, physicists, cryonologists, biotechnologists, nuclear scientists,
cosmologists, astrophysicists, radio astronomers, cosmonauts, social
scientists, youth corps volunteers, internationalists, humanists,
science-fiction writers, normative thinkers, inventors …

They and others are revolutionizing the human condition in a fundamental
way. Their achievements and goals go far beyond the most radical ideologies of
the Old Order.

A totally new set of premises and goals are now emerging.
We are no longer striving only to bring food to the hungry around the
planet, or increasing our food products to keep up with rising population. We
want to process synthetic nourishment easily available to everyone on this
planet. We want to do away with the primitive dependence on agriculture. We
want to do away with the very dependence on food.

We are no longer content with simply building shelters for the homeless,
better houses, towns, and cities. We are on the way to eliminating the very
concept of fixed shelters, homes, towns. We do not want to remain rooted or
spacebound but space-free.

We can no longer settle for better family life, more compatible marriages,
more enlightened parent-child relations. We are on our way to dispensing with
the very institution of family. We will settle for nothing less than the total
elimination of neuroses, insecurities, and competitiveness which such
inherently exclusivist systems such as family, clan, group, nation invariably
engender. In time we want to dispense with the primitive act of procreation
itself. We want to regenerate life outside the body and, in time, life
unconfined to any bodies at all.

We no longer only strive for better schools, more teachers, better
textbooks. Schools, colleges, and textbooks are becoming anachronisms. We need
more and more communications satellites, lasers, and magnetic tapes to
transmit knowledge and information to every individual anywhere on the planet.
Literacy itself is no longer a prerequisite for social progress. What will
literacy mean in a world where instantaneous global communication has replaced
the written word?

We are no longer content to simply refine the capitalist and socialist
sytems. We recognize existing trends towards increasing automation, cashless
economies, international economics, etc. But we will not settle for anything
short of the complete elimination of money and labor.

We are no longer content to simply strive for increasing democracy or
government by the proletariat. All this is now too modest. We want instant
universal participation that will do away with the very institution of

We are no longer content with simply diverting the course of rivers,
reclaiming seas and deserts, creating islands, producing rain, harnessing
solar energy. All this is now increasingly commonplace. We want to make
alterations in the universe. We want to reclaim more planets, create new
moons, nudge old ones to more suitable orbits, harness the life-bestowing
energies of more giant suns.

We are no longer content with only developing better communication systems,
more satellites, centralized computers, phone-visions, lasers. We recognize
technology as a great evolutionary step, but want to go _beyond_ technology.
We want to learn to communicate telepsychically. We are striving for the
post-technological age of extrasensory perception and communication.

We are no longer content simply striving for social, economic, and political
equality. What do these rights mean so long as people are _born_ biologically
unequal? So long as some are born strong others weak, some healthy others
sickly, some beautiful others ungainly, some tall others short, some brilliant
others dumb – in other words so long as we do not have biological equality –
all social equalities mean very little. We will settle for nothing less than
this basic biological inequality which is at the very root of all human

We can never again be even content with civil rights, human rights, the
right to self-determination. These rights by themselves are also no longer
enough. We now want cosmic rights. We want the freedom to roam the universe.
We want nothing less than the right to determine our own evolution. We want
the right to live forever – to succeed with our revolution against death
itself. So long as we have not overthrown the tyranny of death, _all_ mankind
belongs to the Third World, _all_ mankind is proletarian.

All this as I have already stressed is part of the emerging ideologies of our
times. Today some of it may read like science fiction, tomorrow it will all be

Plans such as I have outlined above and will develop in forthcoming books
are sometimes called Futurist. But this is a misleading designation. Futurism
evokes a sense of elusiveness as though the breakthroughs were always in the
future, forever beyond reach.

But the future is not beyond reach. The future has arrived. It is here
around us. The Old World is still with us, but so too is the Future World. The
Future is _now_.

As revolutionaries in a rapidly expanding world we concede nothing, accept
no despair, believe in no ultimate mysteries, abide by no absolute truths,
adhere to no eternal values, to no ultimate goals, consider no human problems
irreversible, nothing unattainable – not even dimensions beyond Time and

( Found at: http://www.aleph.se/Trans/Intro/ideologies.txt )

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It is apparent in what is to be stated and what is to be believed within the trans-humanism movement. The blame is placed, by them through manifestos like this one, on “living by the old standards” (IE: “by the Natural course”). It is apparently their collective belief that “technology” is here to save mankind “from itself”.

Judging by the language that is common in many discussions concerning trans-humanism, there seems to be a growing “superiority complex” among its adherents. Such things become even more noticeable with terms like “H+”, “>H”, and “~>H” which stand for transhuman and/or “above (or beyond) human” . The gist is that transhumanists consider themselves having the right to be beyond the limits of the Natural Law (sometimes referred to as “Cosmic Rights”, in their parlance).

With the political winds shifting towards the direction of funding and fully supporting the work towards transhumanism, one must wonder: “Will it become a fad, or a ‘trend’ to become a technologically-augmented human? Will these ‘new-and-improved’ humans be granted special rights, considerations, and privileges – to include dedicated, taxpayer-funded political advocacy? Will these ‘new humans’ be granted a greater scale of rights, than those who choose to remain as natural as the day they were born? Will the political structures eventually bend to the Will of these ‘new humans’, to begin the removal of *natural-born* human beings as threats to their safety and/or ecosystem?

If what many of the loose collection of documents from the trans-humanist movement(s), which may be referred to as informal “manifestos”, say on the subject and the current state of world affairs they claim to be ready to improve upon, the rest of us ‘out-moded’ Natural-borns may be headed for some serious consequences down the road!

Next: Part 3 – A detailed point-by-point examination on the ludicrousness of the trans-humanist movement’s(s’) aims and goals.

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder, Temple of The Ancient Dragons



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