The Profitability of Hate. – Qui Bono?

As fear is one of the most-used tools in a tyrant’s repertoire,

So goes that hate and loathing are not too far behind. The usual modus operandi, du mode d’emploi for any tyrannical system, is through the constant beating of the drums of war. That is, a “war for the mind” of the people. It is very much a psychological war that is fought from the “trenches” of the institutions of higher learning, the private “think-tanks”, and the various “civil-rights groups” (which are known to be carefully-controlled opposition). There is much to be gained by having a cowering mass of people, manipulated day and night, through the workings of fear and seeming helplessness.

One must know, through commonsense, that Love knows of no reason to arbitrarily hate something unless there is a genuine and sufficient call for it, such as dangerous and uncivil acts (crimes being the foremost idea). However, the usual trend for societies is that they eventually lose focus of their foundations of trust and commonsense. They eventually cease to be “free societies”, and become more of a top-down political power structure; IE: as an “Empire”. Such systems are allowed to begin, through the fear and inaction of the ruled. Fear also plays a useful part in many other ways, such as “divide and conquer” strategies, which have the net effect of “Balkanizing” and compartmentalizing the people into politically-defined groups.

The history of fear and its use in politically-contrived “hate-campaigns”, is an old one.

Much about the early “churches” and their political sway has been conveniently forgotten by today’s standards. The imperial churches, and their contrived “kingdoms” and empires, have contributed much to the constant suffering of death and destruction to many peoples and cultures. One common extreme: Total annihilation of the conquered cultures – all powered through fear and loathing, and bolstered by doctrinally-programmed hatred. The various political systems that rose up over the years, have taken on very similar doctrines and methods to further their pursuits of greater power. “Fear” of those who were “different”, was most useful and most effective in accomplishing these ends. Today is NO DIFFERENT!


Most (if not nearly all) of the “civil rights” movements have gained such a reputation, and “credibility” that are at best – questionable, or at worst – very dangerous. One very obvious sign of many of these “civil-rights” groups’ having a credibility problem: How wealthy they have become, even in spite of adverse economic conditions. Many of these groups have very quickly become worth multiple millions, even though their “clients” may have not seen much assistance that equates to the actual spending of vast sums of money.

Where the mere annoyance of a “race-baiting” organization, with its attendant “spokesperson” or “chairperson” speaking on its behalf, becomes a far more dangerous organization that threatens the very basic liberties of a free people, is when it effectively becomes a “partner” with the power-hungry political system. Such an arrangement, much as many of the “public-private partnerships” we are constantly exposed to, becomes riddled with the problems of “conflicts of interest”, influence-peddling, vote-rigging, and many other devious criminal acts that would be grounds for long-term imprisonment to any private citizen who chose to do the same! Yet, these “civil-rights groups” are also in the position, by such a partnership, to craft, draft, write, and then push bills for legislation – so that they become law which affects the day-to-day lives of the people; Often, at great expense to the people’s liberties.

* * *

March 22, 2014

In 1996, USA Today called the SPLC “the nation’s richest civil rights organization” with a $68 million bank account. It’s now grown to $224 million.

This article was posted: Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 11:48 am

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As the previous few paragraphs AND video clip demonstrate,

There is “Big Money” in hate-campaigning, and great opportunities to become even more powerful and wealthier. All one has to look towards, is Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and likenesses. They are easily worth millions, and are very good salesmen and influence-peddlers, all because they can keep up the onus of “racism”! Many a fine business has been ruined on account of their predatory hate-profiteering practices!

We should all be very concerned when it is our “law-enforcement” and other organs of government who are taking their “cues” from such predatory and destructive organizations. The “Missouri Information Analysis Center” (or “MIAC” – for short) released a very disturbing document to the Department of Homeland Security (a very questionable and unneeded agency for a free society), detailing many different categories and groups of people to be designated as “extremists” and/or (suspected) “terrorists”. This to include those who champion individual liberty and freedom (as our Nation’s Founders are thought to have intended), private property rights, and EVEN those who merely “believe” there is too much government interference in our day-to-day personal lives (as a “bad thing”, okay?).

Here is what I am talking about: (from )

Link from scribd: (“MIAC” Report)

These only serve as ONE example of institutionalized-hatred of specific groups for political purposes (mainly, supportive of the growing power of the political system). There were other such documents crafted and released across the country. The law-enforcement of the State of Virginia were give a similar draft with very much the same classifications of people and groups who were deemed “dangerous” and “possibly violent extremists”. Maricopa County, Arizona, also had a similar document released to “law-enforcement” detailing the same scare-mongering by demonizing patriotic and freedom-loving groups as “terrorists” and extremists. It even included specifics that described those who were responsible for the birth of our nation: The Founding Fathers!

The common thread behind ALL of these “reports” and policy papers:

They were all “researched” and compiled by none other than: The Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti-Defamation League, the Simon Weisenthal Center, and their “partners” – Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense and its constituent “sub-departments”, the Internal Revenue Service, Department of State of the United states, Department of Justice, National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, Naval Intelligence, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, and this mysterious “Office of Special Plans”.

A not so obvious ring-leader in all of this:

The American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (A.I.P.A.C.) – the most powerful lobbying group in the United States. A.I.P.A.C. has been very instrumental, and effective, in the (s)election of our candidates in office, and having some measure of control over our nation’s foreign policy. A.I.P.A.C. has also been very effective in maintaining constant smear-campaigns against its ideological adversaries. Such an organization with a very narrow focus towards American life should be, incidentally, registered as a foreign organization or agent of a foreign power – NOT a domestic organization!


The Question: ” ¿Qui Bono?

So, let the labels begin if some folks insist!!! I really care not for meaningless labels, coming from those too fearful and hateful towards the truth.

( Seems there are some looking for a reason to complain about the “improper characters” being used in this common motto (in Greek), so I made the changes here to accommodate and address those sensitivities! )

– Rev. Athauliz “Dragon’s Eye” Firestorm,
Temple of The Ancient Dragons


Love to hear your thoughts.

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