The Right of Choice Lives On!

Freedom to Choose

So interesting that,

So many in this country have been snowed into thinking that government-mandated individual-participation (and only SELECTIVELY applied and enforced) in a commercialized health program is such a good thing for America. This was a socialist’s “wet dream” upon the United States of America; “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”. The first thing out of the lips from many who would argue FOR it is something like, “Everyone needs to ‘take responsibility’ for their part in the ‘public’s health’.” – Funny thing, I thought the idea of a truly free nation, was that each and every member of it, takes responsibility for HIS OWN health? WHY do we need to continue this idea of a “shared burden” (shared pain), enforced by an increasingly-unaccountable “government”, in order to remain something of a “strong nation”?

Since the passage of the “Affordable Care Act”,

Insurance premiums for many more than quadrupled even BEFORE the “individual mandate” was to become active law! For many others, they saw their existing insurance program (policy) suddenly canceled, all on the guise that their policies did NOT meet the “federal minimum requirements” (whatever they are, from day-to-day). This left these folks in the direction of having to find another “acceptable” policy, often at greatly-increased rates and fees.

Further injury to the already gravely-weak economy:

The ACA has borne out, even further, that it is also very costly to the business economy. Many businesses (mainly from small-to-medium-sized businesses) were already encountering the realities of increasing expenses upon them, for simply doing business. Many businesses have gone to the point of laying off much of their workforce, and reducing the scheduled employable hours of others. This having a severe net loss of private-sector jobs in the U.S. Like our fragile economy could sustain even more costly pressures from onerous “mandates” by government.

So HOW do these folks so LOVE “Obamacare”,

When very few of them have actually taken any time to actually READ and UNDERSTAND the ACA (which was kept secret from the public until AFTER it was passed in both Houses and signed by the POTUS)??? THEN, what about the over fifty-thousand-lines of the corresponding Code of Federal Regulations (the REAL area of enforcement and application of this “law”) that came about later? Has any of these ACA-Lovers even bothered to dig into the monstrosity of the corresponding CFR (again, Code of Federal Regulations)?

I’m sorry, folks but,

It is NOT the “government’s” job to enforce some perceived “shared responsibility” upon all of us; especially when it involves significant increases in costs and onerous burdens upon all of us. This has to be one of the most monstrous wealth-redistribution schemes that has been pushed upon the American public, with very little of the public actual knowledge, let alone input, before making it “law”! What’s more, it does NOT cover many life-saving/enhancing procedures, it does NOT cover any of the “alternative therapies” (especially ones that actually WORK), but covers virtually every method and call for abortions (regardless of need), “death-with-dignity” cases (doctor-assisted human-euthanasia [more like sanctioned murder]), and various other destructive and unnecessary medical procedures that we should NOT be forced to support in the first place!


It is NOT “government’s” job to force the people’s participation in ANY economic, commercial health-system, for any perceived notion of “public welfare” (which the pseudo-legals have done well to twist in favor of their programs). It is about the individual’s choice. The dreaded ACA takes AWAY that individual choice, and replaces it with an individual MANDATE. When you have mandated participation, by “government”, you have the drastic increases in prices, costs, fees, etc. we see now! All bureaucratic regulation does is strangle the competition in such an industry, and then the cartelization of it by those with the deepest pockets. We, The People, all lose in the end!

– Rev. Athauliz “Dragon’s Eye” Firestorm,
Founder, Temple of The Ancient Dragons



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