Before You Begin….

Fallen Furies

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The theories of magick can be diverse and mean something different to each and every one of us.  For me, there are two distinctions when thinking and dealing with magick, receiving psychic energy and performing magick.  When using intuition concerning magick, there are levels of communication within yourself to consider.  The first is the idea of being psychic or empathetic to others around you and the second is being aware of your thoughts, wishes and desires.  When I use the term psychic, what I’m referring to isn’t reading a crystal ball and predicting the future to amaze your friends at the carnival, I’m referring to the thoughts and ideas of others on a metaphysical level.  This can also be seen the ability to become empathetic and internalize their energy to feel a stronger connection.  This is equivalent to listening to subtle energies and becoming aware of the influence of others.

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