The Ides of March.

Made famous in the William Shakespeare play, “Julius Caesar”, the Ides of March became something of an interest of mine.

The “Ides” were originally in the center of every month, in the original Roman calendar. Usually, this was the 15th in the month of March. Other months where it fell on the 15th: May, July, and October. The rest of the calendar months, it was on the 13th day. The Ides were thought to be determined by the Full Moon. It was thought that the Roman calendar started the New Year at the Ides of March on the correspondent Full Moon, as the original calendar may have been tied to the Lunar Cycle rather than the Solar Calendar which came later.

Also used on the Roman calendar were the “Nones” which were used for the 5th or 7th days of the month, depending on the length of the month, and the “Kalends”, which were the 1st of the following months. The Roman months, days were not counted sequentially as we do today, they were referenced from these fixed points in the month.

It is interesting that if were to consider the importance of the Ides of March in Roman culture, even without reference to the assassination of Caesar, it was also a day of pomp and religious ceremonies.

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The interesting thing about the play and story of “Julius Caesar”,

Was that after the assassination of Caesar, during the time of crisis in what WAS the Roman Republic, the ensuing battles. After these battles were over, Rome became more an empire, and less a free society. Not a very fitting celebration for the start of a new year!

There is also a Full Moon the following day (on the 16th of March, this year). This may be a great time to finally see the wonders of Spring coming into your life, and feeling the energies of Life and vitality stir within you. So this year’s “Ides of March” can definitely mean something special for those who wish to work with these lively energies!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye


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