The Power of the Heart. A Gift from God. Part V

At last, the final installment of this mini-series!

This one will probably be a little short as I aim to provide a few simple ideas and examples of what one may do in order to begin the process of reclaiming one’s own “Heart-Power”. Plus, I AM a little “rusty” on some details as I have not actively pursued my “art” for some time.

A few pointers to help one get started. These are several aspects that are always good for one to improve upon:

  1. Learn to be more forgiving of yourself, and of others – especially if their actions were purely out of ignorance or were innocent errors in judgment,
  2. Practice patience and perseverance – Any job rushed, is a job that is guaranteed to not be done properly or at best,
  3. All things done, should be mindful of and powered by – Love,
  4. Acknowledge that you are never truly alone, even if there is no one else to be seen,
  5. The old “Golden Rule” STILL applies to everyday life, “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto You”,
  6. In the heat of an emotionally-tense moment: Stop for a moment, and take a deep breath before proceeding,
  7. It may take “Two to tango”, but only ONE to decide to do something else,

This little “short list” is just as an example that I like to apply to daily life. I am sure there is more that can be suggested for a list such as this one.

Regular “quiet time” and meditation is perhaps one of the best exercises I can think of,

For those who are looking for a simple, free way to relieve stress and clear the mind of all confusion. It may be best to first concentrate on NOT concentrating on anything at all. Take a quiet fifteen to twenty minutes (or longer, if you are so inclined) in a sterile environment (by this, I mean lacking all of the usual distractions such as surrounding noises, flashing lights, etc.) to relax comfortably and seek the calmness and quietness of the moment. (Suggested position would be sitting up straight in a chair with adequate lower-back support.) – For some, the counting of complete breath-cycles (quietly) at their natural breathing rhythms may aid one into slipping into that quiet state of silent-consciousness, hopefully while still wide awake.

Probably one of the hardest habits to break, is to let go of old, past injuries.

We have all probably been guilty of this, one time or another. We have the tendency to “hold grudges”; old hurt feelings over previously-experienced situations where we were, or simply felt, “victimized” by another. This is where being of a more-forgiving nature begins to work its magic. It is also one of the most important steps to self-healing.

As a wise old woman once said, when she was asked how it was she lived so long:

(1) Love yourself and others, without condition, (2) Be forgiving, (3) Let go of your stress (live as stress-free as possible).

Though, this was a rather short list of “requirements”, she meant every word of it, and lived it as her own. By the way, she lived to well over one-hundred-ten years when she was interviewed. However, notice that “forgiveness” was one of her important principles for leading a healthy, long life. Forgiveness means letting go of the past mistakes you have made, and letting go of those trespasses that were done against you. If they are in the past, and you are still alive, then there is no need to continue carrying them upon your shoulders!

Manifest Love is perhaps one of the most important energies for Life.

It is very possible for one to die, literally, from a severe lack of Love. It is the life-blood of virtually everything in existence. Even when one may be by him/herself at any given time, he/she can still possess ample and fluid love for him/herself.  We often hear of the case of someone “dying from a broken heart”. This is more common in long-term marriages where the couple have been together for many years. The surviving spouse sometimes departs us within weeks, months, or just a few years from the time the other dies. This is sometimes seen in nature with the more monogamous species who have one mate for life. Love is THAT powerful and THAT necessary for Life as we know it.

Manifest Love is also very capable of speeding up the healing process of virtually any illness; whether physical, emotional, and spiritual. This should be considered a well-known truth, that spans across the ages. Even our ancient ancestors knew of the importance of Love.

Stress, as we all should know, is a leading contributor to serious health problems, and shortened life-spans.

It is perhaps one of the most effective means of reducing our body’s immune system responses. It can also manifest as other illnesses and “syndromes”. One of the more common I am very aware of is constant diarrhea, stomach ulcers, and general digestive system disruptions.

Constant and sustained stress also disrupts our cognitive processes (should be obvious), detracts from our abilities to concentrate and focus, and also can manifest in migraines (which would add to the difficulty of concentration). The brain is also where stress can wreak havoc by maintaining higher-than-normal levels of endorphins, cortisols, and other powerful, steroidal hormones. Stress IS a motivator, but its prolonged effects are often disastrous to your overall health!

A few suggestions on how to start the positive changes in your life:

  1. Taking a daily walk outdoors is a great way to “get out of the house” for a bit. It is also a great way to reintroduce yourself to Nature and the natural world (especially if you live in the “city”, but have access to more-natural surroundings nearby.)
  2. Going to bed with a prayer is as old as mankind’s idea of spirituality. It pre-dates many of today’s religions. It does not have to be towards any God or anything spiritual. It can be dedicated to yourself! – A night-time prayer can basically consist of something like: ” As I end another day and find myself to peace, I see myself as best as I be, may I sleep a restful sleep and wake the next morning, improving upon myself better than I was today!
  3. A good morning prayer can be the way to start off on a great day too: ” As I rise this morning to greet the Sun, I see myself as improved over before, I look forward to today as new things to be seen, That I shall be my best – regardless what others may say!
  4. Treating yourself, once in a while, to something special, and being thankful for what you have, should be a pleasurable experience. It is also a way to congratulate yourself for the growing you have experienced.
  5. Being thankful for all of these experiences (both the favorable, and the not-so-favorable-but-valuable experiences) is how we acknowledge that we have learned something from them.
  6. Maintain a personal journal or diary. It is a great way to track how far you have come and how much you have grown since the start of your “journey”. Keeping fairly accurate details of each experience and record becomes an invaluable assessment tool of your personal growth.
  7. Always love yourself, regardless of your perceived faults, and without worries about others (often shallow) opinions of you. This does not mean to exclusion of others (as in the case of narcissism), but as basis to also love others. If you are “different” (as we all should expect to be – unique to each other), be proud of it! Mankind was never intended to fit into someone else’s mold.

I hope this mini-series of articles was enlightening and useful. I base all of it from my own personal understandings and experiences. I have no officiating “degrees” in anything, and have no other credentials other than by fact of being ordained (not through any seminary). This is all based on what I have observed and instinctively (and intuitively) learned. Life can be a great teacher, for those who are willing to learn from it. Therefore, I am a student of Life!

– Rev. Athauliz “Dragon’s Eye” Firestorm,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon,
Temple of The Ancient Dragons


Love to hear your thoughts.

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