VIDEO Why Is MB Obama Kicking the Door Mad? – Birth Cert Forgery To Grand Jury?

Should not matter whether you worship the God of Abraham, of Mohammed, or any or all of the other deities, or even none at all. THIS is a serious enough issue that ALL should take keen interest in. If the powers-that-be can get away with this in these united States, they can get away with anything!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye

Reclaim Our Republic

-Report: Federal Judge To Submit Obama Birth Certificate Forgery Evidence To Grand Jury
-U.S. Constitution Closing In On Barack Obama: Barry Soetoro’s Identity Fraud.

-Poll: 71% Wish They’d Not Voted For Obama

The Actual reasons could be many, let me list a few: Could it be that 71% who voted to reelect Obama wish they had not; Could it be that Obama’s many policies are failures; Could it be that now major Liberal newspapers are opposed to Dictatorship in Obama’s many Executive Orders; Could it be that his and George Soros’s plans to bring down the lawfully elected government in the Ukraine have been Exposed; Could it be that the Criminal actions regarding his Birth Certificate have been referred to a Grand Jury; Could it be that he and Hillary Clinton are being criminally charged with crimes relating to Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorist activities in Egypt; Could it be that…

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