Nourishing the Promises of Tomorrow.

Whereas most may frown or feel “blah” when they experience rainy weather, this time of year.


In my neck-o’-the-woods, the early spring rains come as a very important blessing and an equally important reminder of the cycles and needs of Nature. With Imbolc gone and passed, comes the anticipation of Spring and all of the goodness it brings with it. Much of this possible, only by adequate water from the Winter and early Spring months.

Our previous two years were very dry and very choked with lots of smoke from the many wildfires. Last year particularly, the “Fire season” started about a month and a half earlier than usual. This makes much of the available camping grounds NOT available for the remainder of the season; all due to the fires.


These late Winter and early Spring rains come as bountiful blessings as the snows of the Winter did. This accumulation of moisture is very important to all of us, especially in the high deserts like up in the Inter-Mountain areas. So, maybe a thought or two about the importance of Nature’s bounty; be it of grains and fruits, right down to the amount of rain and snow! These rainy days are what nourish and nurture the promises of tomorrow: A beautiful Spring!

” Be Blessed, Always! ”

Rev. Athauliz “Dragon’s Eye” Firestorm,
Founder and Chief-Elder,

Revealing the Divine within All Things, Great and Small


2 thoughts on “Nourishing the Promises of Tomorrow.

  1. I find that it depends on the storm itself as to whether I’ll feel blah or energized. Some storms carry a decisively depressed energy! My partner and I can get sad in advance of a storm front, but sometimes we get edgy or really, really happy. We’ve noticed this over time and keep track of it now.


    • Well,
      The point of the post was in looking past the “depressing feeling” of the storms and looking towards the fact that in order for a beautiful Spring to become possible, we need to bear with Nature’s answering the needs for such a Spring. I know I can get very groggy and oftentimes, quite sore and stiff (no thanks to arthritis and an old back injury) when the weather is about to drastically change. However, such is usually quite temporary like growing pains; We learn to appreciate them (the rains and storms) as necessities in order to experience something greater.
      In my area, these spring rains and late snows are quite necessary, else we would be in for another early, long fire-season!
      Peace be to you and yours this late Winter Season. Spring is soon to arrive.
      – Rev. Dragon’s Eye


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