Another End of Another “Solar Year” – The Winter Solstice, A Time for Reflection.

As we draw close to the end of another year,

I mark this spot as being just less than a week from the Winter Solstice, which is to be December 21st, this year (2013). To me, it is the end of the “Times of Stillness”, the end of the out-dated, and the arrival of new ideas, new beginnings. Whereas others may say to make their “New Year’s Resolutions”, just before the New Year (for them, January 1st) – My New Year is considered at the Winter Solstice for the very good reason that it is The Longest Night of the year – and the beginning rebirth of the Solar.

Samhain was considered, by some of the earlier cultures, to be the “New Year” because it marked the end of the growing and harvest seasons.

To me, it began the “Times of Stillness”, which would last until the Winter Solstice. This is my time where all things pursued, through magic, spirit-workings, and elsewise, were to be done in the spirit of remembrance of those long-departed, and in the spirit of “A Time for Reflection”. – This is where I begin the process of detaching from the previous year’s “baggage”, and prepare to bring in the new. (That’s Oct 31st to Dec 21st – A good period of rest for the Soul).

Come the Solstice Night,

We plan on attending a special occasion, to honor those whom we have known, who have passed on this previous year. It is rightfully-called, “The Longest Night” – and it is held for the community’s homeless and formerly-homeless Souls. How unfortunate that such a gathering, which has gone on for a number of years now (I have forgotten how many?!?), sees ONLY those of us who were close to the homeless community consistently attend these events! When we go home, after the ceremony, sometimes the two of us will discuss some of what we experienced that night, and we may even recall, from our memories, those dreaded days we, ourselves, were “on the streets”. We also reflect upon where we are at, now, compared to those earlier times when we seemed to have no other solutions or options.

At home,

I will probably light an incense at my altar (my “temple”) and sit for a quiet meditation. I wish to finalize the final-clearing of the old, out-dated thoughts, pains, and whatever have you – and look forward to beginning the New Year (post-Solstice) with a fresh perspective, and perhaps a few new, revolutionary ideas! Thus, my resolutions are made and set long before the Dec 31st “customary” date.

The Winter Solstice is a great time to set into motion, those things you wish to accomplish and/or achieve the following year(s).

Another interesting thing about this time of year:

About the eve of the 24th of December, into the early morning hours of the 25th, the three bright stars in a row of Orion’s belt arise from the horizon to the East, at virtually the same point where the Sun shall arise! – This may also explain why “Christmas” (or “Christ’s Mass”) is celebrated at this date, instead of the true birthday of the Christian Deity (which was more in the fall – the time of the ripening of the Figs) – and where the tale of the “Three Wise Men” visited what would be the place of the “Birth of the Son (Sun?)” ? A good video to check out is “Pharmacratic Inquisition”. I found it to be a breath-taking analysis of the obvious Astrological links to some of the Abrahamic Celebrations and Lore. Though most devout Christians, Catholics, and other Abrahamites may disagree, on accord with their doctrines, the historic and analytical significances and coincidences ARE astonishing.

So, I wish to extend a Merry Christmas, Happy Yule (or Jul), or whatever name for this special time of year you may know it by; Be it my blessings to all, regardless of religious persuasion, faith, or by any other belief. Let this time of year be an equally-mindful time to reflect on where we have all been, and where we are headed while moving into the New Year!

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye
Founder and Chief-Elder, Temple of The Ancient Dragons.


Love to hear your thoughts.

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