The Power of the Heart. A Gift from God. Part IV

In this installment, some other info about the Heart, and working it together with the Powers of Mind and Spirit, for a great balance of energies and more-powerful effects.

One simple exercise to start off with,

Is “putting yourself in someone else’s shoes”. Some seem to forget this very basic idea, and what a messed up world that has resulted from this on-going serious lack. It is the idea of seeing one go through a crisis, whether a personal one or a common crisis (one that is also affecting others – such as social issues, political issues, etc.), and imagining yourself in that predicament. This is sometimes a very hard thing to do, because we often get so self-involved in purely our own matters (whether trivial or not) to the point that all we see is our own problem(s).

When trying to contemplate what the other may be going through (and I did say, “may be”), we may have to work on “putting our own self-interests aside” for the moment so that we are not distracted from what we are observing. Now, each of us, as human beings, can imagine the world and the life we have in it, and what it means to us. We can easily (hopefully) imagine what we expect to experience, what we may learn, and how our deeds and actions may result and/or effect our surroundings, other human beings, and even pending events.

So, this is an exercise in trying to put the world in to as broad a perspective, as we possibly can, without so much of the “me factor” involved. When we see someone else in distressed, what is our normal reaction, and how do we “normally” respond upon seeing this? Being aware of our normal response, and what could or should be the natural response, is one way of looking at how we deal with these things we witness. Does “our normal” response match or resonate with what should be the natural response towards the other? If not, then it is on ourselves, who have some work to do. As a social species (or “gregarious species”), we have a certain social bond with those who are a part of our community. It does not take any written “laws” or enforced “social codes” to realize that we are of the same community, and probably have some reasonable expectation of being able to live peacefully within this same community. Anything that unnecessarily makes any of us less safe and feel less peaceful within our community, especially due to one or more issues that have arbitrarily created these “stressors” that severely hamper one’s peaceful state of mind. (Usually, one or more family-related problems comes to the very top of one’s priorities.)

One very good way of helping a situation, may be to “break the ice” with a greeting or asking if everything is okay. (I’m assuming that the latter part of that suggestion would be well-timed and fitted for what one is observing.) Sometimes, you may get a fairly meek answer, or perhaps none at all. Best to not “pry” or push any issue or attention his/her way. Just smile and wish them well. Sometimes, this can be a beginning of “healing” for the other. Other times, just doing, with a smile and love in the heart, is enough.

Where “Good-Samaritanism” takes a back seat.

How we used to judge our cultures, was based on the commonsense Good Samaritan Principles. The story of the Samaritans came from the Bible, as it relates to what we mean when we use the term “Good Samaritan” as relating to any good deed or actions that help, and perhaps benefit, another – without expectation of a return in like and in kind from the one receiving the help. Such acts of charity and kindness that are done out of love and respect for the other, are the hallmarks of a “Good Society” based on good, solid principles. They are also principles that were well-known by the ancient peoples, and were very much encouraged in their cultures and traditions. It was also in those ancient times, that respect for one another was also very high. “Crime” was very rarely, if ever, encountered or experienced in those communities.

When our modern societies started drifting away from these ancient principles, and getting blindsided by commercialism, hyper-mercantilism, and “selfism” is when our societies started falling away from the Natural principles of respect for one another. In the same blow, these same societies on this downward drift started experiencing an increase in criminal behaviors, corruption, and a severe “cold-detachment” from one another. We even have societies that seem to unjustly punish acts of Good Samaritanism, as practiced by even the individuals within those societies! All that can result, is a gradual degradation of the societal values, to be replaced by the newer, self-destructive values of “self above all others”. Many of today’s churches, temples, businesses, academic offices, and especially office of political power have all played a part in the destruction of these fine, ancient values and principles that have served mankind so well in the past.

Why we need to return to the Ancient Values and Natural Principles of Brotherhood and Sisterhood of mankind.

The one thing I have had to learn, years ago, was that in order for one to be able to capably Love others as he/she wished to be Loved, is to start by looking at yourself. You, yourself, are as much a creature of your creator as everything else also is. You, yourself, as a creature of your creator, the one you can not necessarily name or quantify, because It defies form, defies definition. By the same breath, Love defies definition, and defies limitation. (Sounds very much like of the unnameable-creator!) Shouldn’t our Love for one another also be reflective of the limitlessness and without definition aspect? Well, at least it should when it comes to you truly loving yourself.

Generally, since the start of the imperial behaviors of many of the early churches and fledgling political systems, one of the most effective ways of gaining control of the masses – was to get them ashamed of themselves and each other – even if simply, for “Being Human”! The thought-controllers had it in their designs to get the people to feel ashamed of being who and what they really were. The church dogmas constantly preach that “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God”. They also constantly preach, “All were born into sin and are condemned to die.” – WOW! Those were pretty sobering and profound words! Not only that, but also thought patterns that often lead to depression, angst, and many of the resulting self-destructive behaviors. No WONDER many of those “churchified-societies” became so murderous and destructive, all supposedly in the name of their God(s)! Perhaps, if Divine Self-Love and Love, unconditional, for all others were preached instead, and guided by their gentle words, many of these imperial conquests may have never been started in the first place.

THEN, we have the later political systems (many of which were merely extensions of the greedy “mercantile-class”s power) and their constant siege of fear-and-loathing of “those people” (my own personal umbrage) – to further their importance of “Fear-motivation” instead of Love-Motivation. I have identified three motivating factors that are very powerful with the backing of certain emotions. A) Love Motivation, B) Anger Motivation, and C) Fear Motivation. I have found that it is these three particular states of emotions that are the most powerful, and have largely been the most effective upon and against various human populations (with exception of Love, if it is True – “All things done purely from Love, usually benefit All.”)

The expert use of Fear by tyrants and other despotic regimes, is as old as human “civilization” itself.

It is one of the most active, effective, and enduring “tools” in a tyrant’s political “toolbox”. Getting the populace fearful of everything the tyrant wants the populace to be fearful of, is a most effective strategy to gain control of the hearts and minds of the people. A people wholly fearful, are a people who are ready to cede their personal sovereignty to which ever “savior” is brought before them. (I am not sure where to source this, but it is something I just now came up with.) – Fear paralyses the rational mind, and clouds one’s clear vision.

The expert use of Anger and Outrage, can have very fearful consequences too!

The problem with Anger-driven actions is usually the case when they result in the serious injury and/or death of the unintended “targets”. A political system, upon wishing to commence a war against some perceived enemy, becomes very adept at exploiting the national fears and angst, by getting the populace to direct its collective-anger towards that adversary. This takes a bit of work, to get the public into the state of mind, that the ruling political system retains some modicum of control over, but is able to use the public’s rage to further its own political causes. Such campaigns, reliant on the public’s blind anger, often result in many such unintended consequences and the infamous “collateral damage” that is written off as a “fact of life” by the warfare-powers.

Identifying how to begin reclaiming our own power.

With both the fear-based and anger-based controls, the common link between them is the individual’s seeming lack of self-control, and the ruling political systems’ expert use of these high-powered emotions, to retain their controls over the people. The simple solution, though often hard to comprehend and put into real practice, is to regain our own self-control. One of those means is to return to truly Loving ourselves as to who and what we truly are. We are human beings. We are intelligent. We are creative. We are very much like our Creator (whoever or whatever one may think of as such). We are capable of greatness, without all the needless violence and bloodshed out of blind fear and blind anger. We are, who we are, and what we are – without question – we Love that which and who we are. If more people in the world went back to taking this as an affirmative, and a dedicated self-affirmation, the world would begin change back towards it natural balance. The people in it would find more reason to regain respect of and for each other as well as themselves.

The next (and final) installment:

I would like to give a few more-detailed exercises and project ideas for working with rebuilding our own Heart-Power, and how to really make it work for us. This would also help us to learn to rediscover our own “inner-peace”. If we have our inner-peace, and we learn how to almost instantly recall it when needed, we have a very valuable tool that will most helpful, especially for dealing with anxious situations up to the moment. It is also a great way to get into practice in dealing with tense situations with another (like the Wife, Mother, etc.) that may arise. Being able to calmly defuse a situation by first calming yourself, is vital to maintaining healthy, strong relationships with others, and perhaps keeping YOU from doing something that you may forever regret ever doing!

Be of Peaceful and Sound Mind!

Rev. Jim (Dragon’s Eye)
Founder, Temple of The Ancient Dragons


Love to hear your thoughts.

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